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[Resolved] / bad service

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My complaint is because works with a hotel by the name of Bungalowpark Domaine de Chodes in Belgium, which apart from being of awful quality, also rips off their customers. In the confirmation they sent me they said that the credit card was only for reservation, and that they wouldn't apply payment. Then they asked for a wire transfer. I sent the wire transfer, and immediately after they charged my credit card. In that sense they charged me twice. During my unfortunate stay at the hotel I tried to get reimbursement and they gave me the runaround, it is 6 months later, and now they tell me that the rate was wrong... Clearly this is a fraud. My complaint is that should make a more thorough due diligence of the hotels they provide access to on their site. In this case I was robbed. Will never use again, and recommend that people be aware that the quality of the hotels they provide in very questionable.

  • Resolution statement

    Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.

  • Customer Care's Response, Jun 28, 2011

    Dear Joseph, Your feedback is very important to us, we have sent you a direct message and are looking into this for you. Kind regards, Your Team

  • Customer Care's Response, Jan 08, 2013

    Hi Raygromer,

    I am sorry to hear that the Parayso Hotel charged you incorrectly and would like to get to the bottom of this.
    Could you please post your booking number and I will investigate this matter.

    Thanks in advance,

    Tal Team

  • Customer Care's Response, Jan 09, 2013

    Hi Ray,

    Thank you for the information above.
    I contacted the relevant department and one of my specialized colleagues will contact you via phoneemail.
    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Have a good day !


    Tal Team

  • Customer Care's Response, Feb 17, 2013

    Hello Weah,
    I am sorry to hear about the issue you had at the hotel.
    Please note that you can call us any time in a situation like this. When you made your booking it was instantly confirmed and also sent to the hotel. If they cannot honor your reservation, they should let us know and assist you in finding a proper alternative.
    Could you please post your booking number so I can investigate it for you?
    Thanks in advance,
    Jasmine - Team

  • Customer Care's Response, May 18, 2013

    Hi Nelsonof,
    I am sorry to hear you feel this way. Please provide me the bookingnumber of this guest, and I will be happy to investigate what happened. If there is anything else I can assist you with, please let me know by sending an e-mail to customer.[protected]
    Kind Regards,
    Angela - Team

  • Customer Care's Response, May 19, 2013

    Hello Nelson, I am sorry to hear you feel this way.
    Please note that our mutual guests have the right to leave their personal opinion about their stay at an specific property booked through We do not encourage hotels to contact guests directly regarding their review, however if you disagree you can contact us and we will be glad to investigate why the guest felt that way.
    Regarding the cancellation for the double room, can you please provide me with the guest's Booking number to verify this further for you ?
    Lissa - Team

  • Customer Care's Response, Jul 19, 2013

    Hello hatebookingcom,

    I am sorry to hear you feel this way about the issues you have had.
    I would like to help you regarding this matter. Can you please provide me with your Booking number?

    Lissa - Team

  • Customer Care's Response, Jul 22, 2013

    Hi again.

    You can also send us a private message with your booking number so that I can look into the issue. Posting your booking number in public is safe as you also need a PIN code in order to log-in to your profile or to be able to check your reservation.
    I would like to follow up on this.

    Konstantina - Team

  • Customer Care's Response, Jul 22, 2013


    Customer Service may be dealing with this, however, without your booking number I cannot access your information to investigate. In regards to your second question, consumers have the right to share there opinions. We do try to address all consumer complaints, and would like to assist you. Kindly provide your booking number for me.

    Regards, Andrea Team

  • Customer Care's Response, Jul 23, 2013

    Hi there,
    I'm very sorry to hear you feel this way. Unfortunately, in order to investigate what has happened I would need to have your reservation number. As soon as you post it, I will ensure that your case is investigated thoroughly and you are contacted shortly by our specialised team. Also, we sincerely appreciate the feedback from our customers. With the help of feedback such as yours we are striving to make the necessary improvements, with the aim of providing an increased quality Customer experience and increase our service standards. Again, I would like to apologise for any inconvenience you have faced. Should you wish to accept my assistance so we can get to the bottom of this, please post your reservation number.
    Regards, Sergejs Team

  • Customer Care's Response, Jul 24, 2013

    We have been unable to answer your question of why our customer service is not dealing with this already because you have not provided us with your booking number to verify if they are dealing with it or not.
    This matter can be investigated and resolved once you provide with the information we need.

    Have a nice day,
    Lissa Team

  • Customer Care's Response, Jul 29, 2013

    Hi Valerie,
    I was really sorry to read your comment as we certainly don’t want any of our customers to feel this way.
    Could you please provide me with your reservation number? I would like to get to the bottom of this.
    Regards, Tal Team

  • Customer Care's Response, Oct 18, 2013

    Hi Valerie,
    I am sorry to hear about this.
    I do not locate a date on your post, so I apologize if this issue has been resolved.
    Anytime there is a discrepancy between the amount the hotel advertises on our site and the amount the guest was charged, does try to assist the guest it getting a refund.
    I have checked the hotels bookings and was not able to locate a booking for you.
    Can you provide your booking number so that I can look into this?
    You can post it here or email me at customer.[protected]

    Kristen Team

  • Customer Care's Response, Apr 17, 2014

    Hello Jennifer,

    Sorry to hear of any trouble you have had. All hotels choose what forms of payment they will accept. I would like to check into this matter for you to ensure the hotels payment policies are being displayed on the website. Can you please post your booking number or email it to customer.[protected]

    Regards, Andrea Customer Service Team

  • Customer Care's Response, Apr 29, 2014


    I am very sorry to hear that the hotel could not honor your confirmed booking and did not relocate you to another property of the same standard. The hotel is responsible for maintaining their availability. The hotel should not have charged you if they were not able to provide you a room for your stay. I would like to help by looking into this matter for you. Can you please post your booking number or email it to customer.[protected] referencing this post and I will be in contact via phone or email.

    Regards, Andrea Customer Service Team

  • Customer Care's Response, May 04, 2014

    Hello Bruce,
    I am sorry to hear about this.
    While requires a valid credit card to make a booking, does not charge guests (a booking fee or process payment). All details are forwarded to the hotel, who will process payment within the terms of the booking, as selected by the guest while booking. However, as noted on every hotels booking page, each hotel reserves the right to pre authorize the provided credit card. A pre authorization does not remove funds from your account, but can create a hold on a specified amount. I would like to look into this further for you. Can you please provide your booking number? You can post it here, or email me at customer.[protected] Please be sure to mention this post.

    Kristen Customer Service Team

  • Customer Care's Response, Aug 06, 2014

    Hi Angela,

    I have located your reservation and I can see that my colleague has been in contact with the hotel and they have confirmed the incorrect information was listed. We are trying to resolve this for you, but were informed we will need to speak to the manager in the morning. You will be contacted as soon as an update is received.

    Regards, Kelly Customer Service Team

  • Customer Care's Response, Sep 10, 2014



    I'm sorry to hear you feel that way. If there is a particular reservation that you have had issues with, I'd like to help. Please provide your booking number if this is the case.

    Regards, Kelly Customer Service Team

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  • Lo
      12th of Sep, 2008

    I received atrocious service from I received 2 confirmations of my booking for the Scarisbrick Hotel, only to receive a phone call the next day to say that I could not have everything that I had booked for. The guy I spoke to was originally polite until I told him I was not happy. He became very rude and actually laughed at me when I said that it wasn't fair. He said that there was some technical hitch with the website and laughed at me because I should have realised that there was a mistake when I booked! Very rude and I definitely would not book with them in the future! To book with the hotel itself is the best option!

    +1 Votes
  • Al
      12th of Sep, 2008

    I made reservation with for a seaview room at victoria hotel, Sunny Beach, Bulgaria. At the hotel they offered room with no view on first floor. I know they should give us sea view room or get in touch and tell me that they don't offer sea view rooms to, instead of making the reservation and giving their worst rooms. There was an argument with front desk personel the manager didn't show up on call. They just wanted to sell their cheap room for a price of a regular room. Had to switch hotel on next day and my vacation with my wife was ruined. I've sent e-mail to but nothing happened. Couldn't even fill a complain to web site cause its up to the hotel if they don't let you write you cant do it. Well it's my first and last experience.

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  • Ca
      24th of Feb, 2010

    I booked a hotel through and, even though on the page it clearly says "If cancelled up to 1 day before the date of arrival, no fee will be charged", my credit card was charged the full price, months in advance of my stay. Supposedly somewhere it said that the room is "non-refundable", what ever that is supposed to mean. I was very careful to check the policy on cancellation, which clearly stated that I have until the day before the reservation to cancel. I saw no mention of being charged right away and not being able to make ANY changes to my reservation. It is deceitful and dishonest and misleading to do this. I will NEVER book through again. Their customer service emails basically say that they do not give a damn.

    +2 Votes
  • Su
      27th of Mar, 2010

    I received a great rate on the Amalfi Hotel in Chicago, which the hotel honored. However, when I received the rate confirmation from, the "Total cost of this room" wasn't really the total. After reading the fine print, I realized that it probably didn't include hotel tax. I called and asked for the real total. First, she couldn't tell me, then she came up with a figure that was about $20 more. I think she tried to manually calculate it and did poor math. Knowing how high hotel taxes are, I wasn't surprised when the Amalfi hotel charged me more than $100 more for the room to cover the taxes. Conclusion: Don't trust the total given in the reservation details, or what you hear from their customer service representative over the phone.

    +1 Votes
  • An
      12th of Aug, 2010

    I concur with the above complaints about I hate a horrible experience at the Bucoleon Palace hotel in Istanbul, Turkey. I became extremely sick after eating their "authentic" Turkish breakfast and started to vomit. I vomitted 5 times within the next 2 hours and had to check out.

    The hotel manager is a liar! He said it was up to the "travel agency" ( and that he was obligated to charge me the full amount for 2 nights stay since I had booked through a travel agency, even though I had only stayed one night.

    I called the next day and they said it was up to the hotel how much to charge me or if I was to get any refund. I told them that the hotel manager told me otherwise but said this is not the truth. I checked out at 2:30 pm in the afternoon so it wasn't an extremely late check out. My room was over the front desk so I am sure they heard my throwing up several times since the sound insulation at that hotel sucks! was useless for me as far as service went. They offered to call and speak to the manager of the hotel. They had no luck. I asked them to email me that I had contacted them about this since I was filing a claim with my travel insurance. After I got home from my trip I checked my emails and instead of them sending me a message that I had contacted them and they were trying to contact the hotel I get a message saying that if I don't cancel in 2 days prior that I can get charged the whole amount.

    On my 2nd or 3rd call to (while I was still on my trip) an operator told this to me. I told them that I did not cancel! I only left early because I got sick at their hotel. Basically the operator told me the same thing. That is is up to the hotel. Everyone wants to pass the buck! They could not even offer me a future credit to use their company again due to my horrible experience.

    Bucoleon Palace Hotel even lied and I have the email proof. They said they did not charge me the whole amount for my stay, which is BS because I have the receipt from when my credit card was swiped showing the whole amount was charged. I emailed this info. to but they did not seem to care and the response I got was not satisfactory.

    Furthermore I was supposed to get an email to comment on my stay. I never got it until I emailed asking for my comment email to rate the hotel. I was honest in my rating and comments (new hotel, avoid the food, manager is a liar), but never posted it! I will never use them again nor will I ever stay at the bucoleon palace hotel in Istanbul again.

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  • Le
      20th of Aug, 2010 finally posted my complaint about the hotel but they did not offer me any consideration for my problem with this booking. I may use again but next time if I have any problem I will make sure to clear it up before I leave the hotel otherwise I will not leave their lobby until it is resolved, unless I am feeling so sick like I was at the Bucoleon Palace hotel.

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  • Ow
      7th of Sep, 2010

    We also had a negative experience with this company. We booked in February and our credit card was charged immediately, strangley by - not sure how this worked.

    When we arrived at the DaysInn Fallsview Hotel in Niagara Falls, they wouldn't believe we had already paid and charged us again. They said it was impossible for them or the booking agent to charge our bank card.
    We were given a room as far away from everything as possible, right by the pump filter which droned all night. The carpets were filthy, there was rubbish behind the bedside table, and the TV remote didn't work.

    Unfortunately the bankcard statement showing the transaction was left at home, so we had to wait until we returned to send the hotel a copy to enable a refund of the extra payment. All our emails to this hotel have been returned undelivered, so we haven't been able to prove the payment was made.

    I'd suggest no-one use - try Expedia. need to be investigated by the Fraud Squad.

    0 Votes
  • Ar
      9th of Sep, 2010

    I was robbed by !

    I placed an order through, but did not get confirmation email for this order.
    a day later a called agent, asking why I did not get confirmation email. He told me that there was technical problem with my order, and I should place a new order.
    Therefore I have placed another order, for the very same hotel.

    Coming back home from the vacation, I figured out my credit card was charged twice ! Asking for a refund gave me a chilled response. They remove all responsibility from them and asked me to ask refund from the hotel!
    Apparently, there was a typo in the e-mail address I gave on my 1st order. The fact that I have contaced did not make any difference for this company. The fact that received error messages saying the email address is wrong did lit a ny red light for the company. They had my credit card number and that's what was important.

    I will never never again booking with They take no responsibility for their mistakes, and live you alone to cope with the travel agency/hotel to whom they gave your credit card !

    Stay away from !


    +1 Votes
  • Jn
      28th of Sep, 2010

    i had problem with with my booking, they sent me confirmation of my booking together with a man's name that i don't even know. this has caused so much problem with my partner, he thought i was going on holiday with someone in secrect, this kind of mistakes are really bad...i doubt the company's credit...;

    0 Votes
  • Or
      11th of Dec, 2010

    I have been using for more than 10 years and have made countless reservations and (free) cancellations, always checking the cancellation policy carefully before making the booking. Recently I was incorrectly charged by Hotel Saini in Stresa, Italy for a reservation that was cancelled in time. I tried to convince the hotel to refund the money but was continually put off on various excuses. Only after contacting by email, the matter was handled relatively quickly and after about a month more than 91% of the amount was refunded directly to my bank account. I am now tryimg to obtain the remaining 19 Euro, but I feel that the treatment by was quick, courteous and professional!

    +1 Votes
  • Ch
      3rd of May, 2011

    I used to book hotels with The latest holiday was in venice. We booked hotel helvetia, Lido venice via This hotel tried to rip us by charging our credit card for something that we did not do. They charged us for breaking a sink in our room no.29. The problem is, we paid our 2 nights stayed by cash a day before our departured. The hotel is sucks. the bill only gave to us in the following day and when we checked out in the early morning ( we mentioned to the staff about checking out in the early morning a day before), they did not checked the room due to lack of chambermaid. The chambermaid was clocked in at 8 am and we departed on 7am. In the afternoon on the same day, the hotel sent us an email saying that we have done damaged to their sink. This is ridiculous. They simply charged us Euro 190 for something that we did not do. They supposed to check the room so this matter would not arise afther that. They made the false allegation. I guess the chambermaid did break the sink but claimed it was our fault. The funny thing was, the hotel proposed us to claim from our insurance when they sent the bill. I can sense insurance fraud in this matter. We felt cheated by the helvetia hotel in lido, venice and we left a genuine comment that sent by after staying at the hotel. The saddest thing was, only displayed ou name not the review because the review was a negative comments. We do not want the next guests to experience like we were with this hotel that was why we put the comments on site. But, booking .com was not fair to us and not transparent enough. I checked the other guests previous comments at this hotel via and most of them have been hidden (i guess they put the negative comments as well) . So, next time better book the hotel via the hotel web itself and do not book any hotels with the reviews that do not displayed. has cheated in this matter! so does the helvetia hotel.Stay away from this hotel and the web of!

    0 Votes
  • Jo
      26th of Jun, 2011

    I asked for a room upgrade at the holiday inn resort at the dead sea, Jordan, 15 minutes after the reservation was done my tequest was denide, I think they should have made the change as I requested, specially in regards of the short time this was asked for, I think this was bad service on their part

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  • Fo
      1st of Jul, 2011

    To all the donkys there @ airtel
    This is really pathetic service you are providing to your customers.
    Bloody, even though we recharge the account of airtel TV still d amount has not been updated in your system & we r unable to watch.
    When tried to call customer care after following all the information, giving all details, long waiting time &
    punching all the numbers asked by IVR when the times comes to speak your another donky (executive), line automatically get disconnected.
    Like your airtel mobile service this is much more worse service u r offering
    It seems now we have to throw this connection as well
    Really regretted to be your customer

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  • Ju
      13th of Aug, 2011

    As a customer service employee for this company, I disagree with the complaint. We try to maintain a neutral relationship to make sure both the hotel and guest are happy. We do NOT charge credit cards. They are up to the hotel to charge. If they charge it incorrectly, we are at their mercy as much as the guest is, begging for the guest to be refunded. In reply to your complaint...we have hundreds of THOUSANDS of hotels working with us. Unfortunately, it's just not a possibility to have someone physically check out each hotel personally. We do close hotels that receive a lot of negative comments and complaints. I'm sorry to hear about everyone's negative experiences, but please keep in mind, just because you had a bad experience with the hotel doesn't mean we are at fault either. Honestly, I've worked a ton of crappy customer service jobs. The kind where you dread getting out of your car in the parking lot, your managers don't give a flying crap about you, where you can be fired at any given moment without notice...Needless to say, I've never worked for a more enjoyable and articulate company, who really prides themselves on making sure the customer is satisfied as well as the hotels. is an extremely reputable affiliate with Priceline and I'm proud to be an employee and help fine people every day such as yourselves.

    0 Votes
  • Ma
      3rd of Jun, 2012

    Id like to warn your readers about a hotel in Barcelona called medium city carrer nicaragua 47 which claims to be 4 Star but in reality is more like a 2 Star and for me represented very poor value for money remember the name an avoid it if you can, Marcais, Eireann.

    -1 Votes
  • Ba
      18th of Jun, 2012

    Key words -, complain, worst system, no responsibility

    I know it is a long comment but i think it will useful to understand worst system on is the worst travel agency in the world with no responsibility to their customers. Their system is to send the booking detail including customers' credit card detail to the hotel. Yes, it looks like the system is convenience to customers that put credit card for guarantee their booking with no charge and only pay the fee on arrival date. However, the system is good only for good hotel, not every hotel. The reason is the hotel can charge your credit card with the amount that you never know until the card is charged. And the worst point is you will not get the receipt from the hotel. Also will never know that hotel charges the customers until they get the confirmation from their customers. So, you think about you travel in the region and you book 2-4 hotels from and give your credit card detail to 2-4 hotels that they can charge your credit card any time. So, as I said before, if you book with good hotel, this system works but if you book with bad hotel, you will find bad experience like me.

    Next, the next worst system is no refund policy to show because is not charged you money. So, it sounds good but in reality it is the worst. Thinking about you have to deal with refund policy from each hotel. It maybe 15 days, a month, or 2 months or u will never get your refund. has no policy to protect their customer from refund policy.

    Next, the next worst system of customer service, when you call customer service, you have to talk with new operator every time because they don't have the internal line. So, you have to explain your situation again and again. Moreover, you will get reply call when they said they will call u back. And no way to talk with the same operator.

    For my case, I book the hotels with and it has no problem until I book "Youth Venice Home Hostel" by After I book this hotel, the hotel charged my credit card immediately on the same day with the different name from hotel name. So, I call my bank to confirm about the charge and the answer is yes, it already charged. So, I contact hotel and and also make cancellation immediately. And the answer is it is not a charged, it is pre-authotized and it means only "block" the credit card. However, I confirm that it is a "Charged" not "Blocked" so I email 3-4 mails to but no one reply my mail.

    So, I call them in the morning, they ask me to print the statement or take screen picture on my statement. So, I use internet banking to show the statement. After they receive my statement, they contact hotel and the hotel answer that they only block and will unblock in the future which is not indicate when the hotel will unblock. So, I reply mail to confirm that it is "Charged" not "Blocked". At the same time, I contact hotel to refund my account, and they ask me the bank name, also ask me to contact to contact him. So I do all as he wants.

    In the evening same day, after I get reply back from that the transaction that I show them is "Unbilled transaction" with not the same hotel name so they ask me real transaction with hotel name. So, I call them and I said I will let my bank investigate this account as cheating transaction because if it not the hotel, I don't know who charged me. So, the operator call hotel for me and ask name of account and the answer is yes, it is a hotel group name. For unbilled transaction, said that it is not real charge and the real charge is billed transaction so they ask me billed transaction. However, is wrong. Unbilled transaction means the credit already charged but the time is not reach due date so it is unbilled transaction. I will make more clear. If you use credit card on 1st June and the cutting date is 15 June. From 1st to 15th June, It will show as unbill transaction and after 16th June, it will show as billed transaction. From this problem, the operator told me she will call hotel and ask that it is "Charged" or "Blocked" and she will call me back in 2 hours. So, I answer that "Charged" or "Blocked" is not main problem, coz the hotel just "Unblocked" or "Refund", the problem will solve. After that, I will her call for 2 hours but it is no call. And I also contact hotel and the answer is hotel already ask to refund my money so everything seems to be good ending.

    On the next day, I call again and new operator pick me call. So, I gave her my booking and ask when I get refund and ask that last night is it has any record of operator talk with hotel about "Charged" or "Blocked" and when I get refund. And the answer is has no right to charge or refund the money, it is the hotel's right. Moreover, she ask me to give her confirmation charged by hotel from my bank. So, I explain her again all situation and it is third time and I ask when I get refund. She answer that She will call hotel and call me back.

    Conclusion, what I want to share is my experience with the worst travel agency. It has many good travel agency in the world and I just want to say why I have to use Also, I read many reviews of complain on and I can conclude that has no right to make refund and it also has to ask from hotel and what if hotel does not want to refund you and find many reasons. For example, when you cancel the booking, hotel said they don't receive your cancellation and charged your credit card as no-show. You have to contact hotel to solve this problem and also but if you use other travel agency, they will solve your problem for u. Thinking about you have to contact small hotel in other country compare with contact big travel agency. Which one is better??

    I still wait call back from but I think they will not call back.

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  • In
      20th of Jun, 2012

    I am a B&B owner that uses You CANNOT get refunds from because they collect a HEFTY commission from US, and do not charge you at all for their services. Be sure to read all the policies you agree to. Better yet, go directly to the lodging's websire and book DIRECTLY with the inn, or call the owner. You will likely be eligible for a lower price, discount, upgrade, etc. Be sure to know what you are agreeing to, deposit-, payment- and refund-wise. Small inns MUST have strict cancellation policies--we can't afford to have rooms sit empty.

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  • Tr
      28th of Aug, 2012 is a joke. I was charged for a "No Show" that was improper and they acted like it was not their fault. DO NOT USE IT unless you have to. Using their system to browse hotels is good though. Then google the hotel and make a reservation yourself. You and the hotel will be happier.

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  • Es
      30th of Aug, 2012

    I booked rooms in business hotel in Plovdiv, Bulgary on August the 12th. The service of the hotel wasn´t excellent but was acceptable. At least everything was clean. My surprise was at breakfast. They served tomato, cucumber, a small package of butter and other of jam, a small piece of cheese ... we did not eat any of these and asked for a cup of milk with coffee to go with the burnt toasts. They gave us a litle cup of milk. When we asked for a second cup of milk, they showed clearly they didn't like it. In the end they charged us extra money for that second cup of milk. I have already travelled around the world and this had never happened to me. I always drink as much milk as I want as I always prefer continental breakfast.
    The waitor whom I talked to about this, was extremely rude and badly mannered. I was confused and amazed with her behaviour. I was never so badly treated by anyone in a hotel. The manager did nothing and the complaints book wasn't real. It was a kind of note book. Anyway I wrote my opinion there. Run away from this hotel and from its terrible service.

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  • In
      5th of Sep, 2012

    YES, understood a small inn must have a cancellation policy, but if someone makes an honest mistate due to MISINformation on listings and calls 5 MINUTES after booking to inform the Inn of the mistake, common decency calls for that Inn owner to practice good customer service at that point. I was refused a cancellation waiver and cdharged the full amount on my credite card for a room that was booked in a city with the same name as the city I had searched for in the U.S. customer service rep then told me how stricts everyone must be with their rules and how the Inn owner had a right to charge me. I am fuming even two days later over this complete lack of decency and plan to disparage the name of and the ELY Guest House in Ely United Kingdom, every chance I get.

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