SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / protect scamer againist me

Amsterdam, NL
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I booked and apartment with, it was a new one with no reviews yet

when i arrived the owner told me that price was mistaken and i should pay 30% more

I didn't have a choice and think that I will tell booking they will refund

I discovered that appartment is smaller than what is mentioned in the offer

I sent a complaint to booking, in the same day

later the owner reported that I didn't show!!!

I sent them photos from the apartment itself and sent the receipt

the owner then changed his words and said i came late so he cancelled!!!

then he said he tried to call me and didn't reply his call

I gave them my phone call log which shows that I called him

after all of this, they replied that they can't help me asI arrived late!!! and this receipt is not under the name of the company

Can You imagine this, they allow new owners to scam people just to keep them on the website, although it is crystal clear that he is a thief

what drove me crazy not I payed almost double, but that they will leave the owner on the website to scam other people!!!

Nov 27, 2017

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