Bob's Discount Furniture / bob's furniture - entire organization is horrible

I just had to cancel a $900 order because the website inverted my phone number. No one at my local store would help me. The receptionist, Kristen, was rude and left me on hold for 20 minutes until a colleague accidentally picked up the line. The store manager, Jeff, hung up on me. He agreed to cancel my order, but wouldnt give me a confirmation number. I called the corporate offices and could get a live person despite 15 tries at 3 different numbers. This is the absolute worst service I've ever received. I don't know yet if they will refund my money because they won't give me a confirmation. Trying to get any customer service is difficult and the website is terrible. I'm extremely unhappy with my entire experience with Bob's Discount Furniture.

Mar 13, 2017

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