Bob Evans Farms / service and food quality in branson mo.

Nov 18/17 6p.m
Place was not full maybe 8 tables with customers..the hosts looked around the place to see where she could seat us as if none in sight an yes I know they have to give to waitress equally...i told her booth or somewhere off to side she sat us in middle room an ignored us when we asked to sit over to was lukewarm an hashbrowns uncooked told her she said sorry but never offered to make right which was ok the time it took to get our food was half hour 45 min breakfast food shouldn't take that long we an one other table she had...biscuts were hard the longer they set the harder they got...ehen we went to pay we told manager how food was she was hateful then when our card didn't go through we said hey will just pay cash she agruged an insisted to run card again...we said we will not be back ever...its sad that Bob Evans had gone to he'll in a hand bag there..dirty tables that should of been cleaned...hosted as I said had more then plenty tables opened all over she made others wait so she could clean a table then sat them elsewhere
Totally disappointed in the service

Nov 18, 2017

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