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Bluegreen Vacations / Resorts / lies, misrepresentations, and no help

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A few years back, My father (Paul Hawkins) took me and my sister (both adults), and our husbands to Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge for a vacation. Beforehand, he signed up for the 90 minute presentation to get a free room for us. He told them it would be 5 people and they assured him they would take care of the accommodations. When we arrived at the hotel, we were told to go elsewhere to sign in. We had LOADS of trouble finding the place to go. When we finally got back to the hotel, we were told it was one room with 2 full size beds for FIVE people. My father, who financed the rest of the trip, had to pay $20 to rent a COT to sleep on. (We could have just gotten rooms elsewhere for a little bit more!)

He went on his own to the presentation while the rest of us roamed around downtown Gatlinburg. We had told him to be wary of their sell-tactics but he fell prey to it. They had told him if he signed up that day, he'd get a 3 day weekend free in October to come back. Well who wouldn't want to be able to bring his kids back again?! So he signed up and started paying the ridiculous amount per month (despite the fact that he's a disabled veteran, living alone) We tried calling both in September AND October to setup the vacation but everywhere we called, we got passed on to someone else because they all conveniently didn't know what we were talking about when referring to the free 3-day weekend in October. We let it go...a few months down the road he had me call to see if they had any locations in the Washington, D.C. area because he wanted to take us there to see the historic sites. They wouldn't speak to me as I wasn't a club member. I asked if they could just tell me if they had any locations there and didn't get an answer. So I dug out the catalog and found the locations we were interested in, then sat by while my father called. They were NOT helpful at all. After a 20 minute conversation of just trying to find out if we could get a booking somewhere in the D.C. area, we finally just gave up. Several other calls to try and book at different locations, have all ended the same way- FRUSTRATION and wondering why he was paying for vacations he wasn't getting!

Now fast forward about a year and a half after he first signed up...he changed bank accounts and didn't bother to change his auto-pay information for Blue Green. He didn't think it was worth it. Here it is this long and not a single vacation has come through for us. He went the other day to see about getting himself a new automobile and was turned down based on bad credit...the only thing on the credit report- BLUE GREEN. He had not even thought about it being a problem. I mean, after all, he's paid thousands of dollars to them already and not gotten a single thing out of it.

So, now he's having me look into class-action suits because he is extremely unhappy with his experience with them. I can't say I blame him. It wasn't even my money but it makes me angry!

Feel free to contact me if you have any info about law suits or other action against Blue Green Resorts.

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  • Jn
      7th of Feb, 2008
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    We were the sucker that followed your father. WE went to Branson, MO for a 2 day vacation in August of 2007, before heading to my cousins wedding in Joplin, MO.
    We went to buy tickets for a show at an outlet/Visitiors center and were given FREE tickets to Silver Dollar City, if we would participate in a quick 90 min. presentation on Bluegreen at the Falls resort. We reluctantly agreed and were met by sales people.
    As the presentation went on we were told all this wonderful things bluegreen would do for you. You could go on vacations, pay less than other people, cruises would be cheap as well and they could sell your unused points to differ and pay for your maintenace fees as well.
    Well, needless to say we feel for it hook, line and sinker. After we got home we tried to look at information again, because questions and doubts started in our minds....Unfortunately, the time for us to get out of Bluegreen expired right about the time, they told us they would no longer sell the points for us, that we had to use the people they recommended.
    We are talking to an attorney at present to see what can be done. Just beware when they sale you stuff, check out ebay and see how many people are trying to sell their Bluegreen points and Bluegreen holdings, that tells you the real story.

  • Lo
      11th of Apr, 2008
    -1 Votes

    yet another on here trying to get a freebie, and coming unstuck.
    As for changing bank account and not changing his payment details amonts to fraud and you should be ashamed of yourseleves for allowing him to commit a criminal offence which should have landed him in jail.
    What did he expect if you dont pay your bills then you will get a bad credit rating after all its not Rocket science is it

  • Ro
      28th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Hey Phil aka Smithiekid- Here is proof that you are a lying sack of crap. FINALLY some help for people who desperately need it:

    Attorney General Corbett announces lawsuits against Florida timeshare & vacation companies accused of advertising, real estate, and telemarketing violations

    HARRISBURG - Attorney General Tom Corbett today announced lawsuits today against four Florida-based companies accused of illegally marketing vacation packages, using "free" airline ticket offers and other worthless prizes to lure consumers into aggressive and deceptive timeshare presentations.

    Corbett said consumer protection lawsuits were filed against Bluegreen Corporation, Bluegreen Resorts, Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. and Great Vacations Destinations, Inc., all of Boca Raton, Florida. Bluegreen contacted consumers by phone and through kiosks at shopping malls, fairs, and festivals throughout Pennsylvania, and also operates full-time sales facilities in Hershey and King of Prussia.

    "Virtually any consumer with a checkbook and a pulse allegedly qualified as a 'winner' in these promotions, " Corbett said. "Unsuspecting consumers who believed they were contest winners were actually drawn into a high pressure bait-and-switch campaign designed to push timeshare vacation packages costing thousands of dollars."

    Corbett said more than 5, 700 Pennsylvania residents purchased Bluegreen timeshares, with many paying $20, 000 to $40, 000 or more for packages that violated Pennsylvania's Consumer Protection Law, the Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act, the Telemarketer Registration Act and other consumer regulations.

    Phony Prizes
    Corbett said that Bluegreen representatives allegedly called consumers who believed they were entering contests and other promotions promising cars, cash and vacations.

    According to the lawsuit, consumers were told that they had not won the "grand prize, " but had been selected to receive other items, like free airline tickets. Consumers were also promised free gasoline and meals when they collected their prize, if they attended a 90 minute timeshare presentation.

    Corbett said the lawsuit alleges that consumers who were contacted by Bluegreen were not actually randomly selected prize winners. Instead, virtually everyone who entered the contests was contacted and falsely told that they were a prize winner.

    In one case, Corbett said a consumer informed a Bluegreen representative that the person they were trying to reach did not live at that address. The consumer was told that it wasn't a problem - they would give her a prize too.

    High Pressure Sales and False Advertising
    Corbett said that in order to collect their "prizes, " consumers were required to schedule an appointment with a Bluegreen sales representative. In some cases, consumers who believed they would be attending a 90 minute timeshare presentation were actually subjected to relentless marketing pitches that lasted five hours or more.

    According to the lawsuit, numerous deceptive statements were made to consumers during these presentations in an effort to get them to sign contracts immediately, including phony claims that prices would increase the next day, misrepresentations about when and where consumers could travel if they made a purchase and false statements about certain fees being waived.

    Corbett said that some consumers bought vacation programs because they were told they were entitled to a one-week stay in Hawaii, only to learn afterward that the program they purchased could not be used in Hawaii.

    According to the lawsuit, consumers who sat through the timeshare presentations received "prizes" that were nothing like what they had been promised. The "four free airline tickets" were actually booklets that offered two airline tickets with each hotel room reserved, at high prices, in a limited number of cities. In some situations, consumers were required to commit to a 10 night stay at overpriced hotel rates before being able to select a local airport for their flight.

    Corbett said "free" gasoline and meals that consumers were promised turned out to be coupons or certificates with lengthy terms and conditions. For instance, consumers who were promised $40 in free gas were required to submit written requests to obtain a series of gas coupons. The coupons required consumers to pay for their gas first and then mail a receipt for reimbursement, with each coupon limited to a $5 purchase, with no more than one purchase per month.

    Illegal Contracts
    Corbett's said contracts used by Bluegreen failed to properly inform consumers of their right to cancel their purchase. Pennsylvania law requires that consumers have five days to cancel any timeshare or campground purchase. Bluegreen is also accused of violating a state law that requires all consumer contracts to be written in easy-to-understand terms.

    Do Not Call Violations
    According to the lawsuit, Bluegreen made numerous calls to consumers who were on Pennsylvania's Do Not Call list, allegedly basing those calls on referrals from other customers. Additionally, the companies are accused of making repeated calls to consumers who clearly told them not to call again.

    "Bluegreen took advantage of hardworking Pennsylvania residents eager to find an affordable getaway, " Corbett said. "Using deceptive contests, relentless sales presentations and misleading contracts, consumers were pressured into paying thousands of dollars for vacation packages that don't meet their needs or their budgets."

    Corbett said the lawsuits seek restitution for consumers who suffered financial losses because of these deceptive or illegal practices.

    Additionally, Corbett says the lawsuit asks the court to void all illegal consumer contracts and give consumers the right to cancel any agreement that did not include the state-required notice of cancellation.

    The lawsuit also seeks up to $1, 000 in civil penalties for each violation of the Consumer Protection Law, or up to $3, 000 for each violation involving a senior citizen.

    The lawsuits were filed in Commonwealth Court, in Harrisburg, by Senior Deputy Attorney General David Sumner of the Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection.

    Corbett says the investigation began after consumers contacted his office to report these practices. He encouraged other consumers who have problems with Bluegreen to file a complaint by calling the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-441-2555 or submit an online consumer complaint.

    Corbett offered the following tips to consumers considering a timeshare:

  • Lo
      28th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Good Morning,

    not need to use such words I could well answer you back in the same manner but then that would just put me on the same level as you, and boy I would not like to go that low.

    It still does not answer the questions of why these people go to a timeshare presentation in the first place
    Call it timeshare vacation club holiday club these are all terms all the big companies use)

    It does not answer the question why these people suddenly loss the use of their legs and can't get up and walk out.

    It does not answer the question why they sign a contract and do not read it.

    Yes I may keep going on about them signing because that is what they did and now they are owners of Bluegreen points .
    What I do try to do is to advice them to join the Group on yahoo and LEARN how to use the points to there advantage and yes many have joined and many have now become happy owners.

    What YOU do is jump up and down shout scam when you have no idea what the hell you are on about.

    I am trying to help them understand you are just saying they have wasted their money but you have never come up with a valued reason for you statment.
    You have nothing to back it up and again I say you have no idea how things work

    I am telling the truch you are just as bad as some of the salesmen YOU lie through your backteeth since you Know nothing of hoe the BGVC operates and what you can do.

    Only last week san owner who is a member of the yahoo group shared we us how he had manged to get 6 weeks out of his 7000 points buy exchanging etc.

    So you see it does work and people have and do get more out of it then they first thought.

    I am sorry for those who run into problems but that is not the fault of the product.
    I tell the truth of how much you can get resale for your points the price is better than most timeshare resale.

    We all get these kind of calls even though they should not cold call but come on thats life deal with it dont go running to a lawyer.
    The US is the home of timeshare so why have you no idea of how it works, I still find this very strange.

  • Ro
      29th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Did you even bother to read ANYTHING that I just posted?? What is really wrong with you? Why can't you just be honest and admit that people were lied to- hence THE LAWSUIT!! Did you read it?? It explains in greater detail than I'm willing to post at this time. By the way, I know EXACTLY how it works and it DOES NOT work for most people!! Except you and the few others who've bought the most points. I will no longer defend my actions to you- the above LAWSUIT filed by the ATTORNEY GENERAL IN PA. says it all. I think he just might have a couple more brain cells than you! Afterall, any grown man who refers to themselves as "smithiekid" must have a whole lot of issues. PS The amount of time you spend defending these ruthless idiots all over the pages of the consumer websites could be put to better use. Such as, taking care of your sick wife- she needs you more than Bluegreen!
    BTW: I do not now nor did I ever have anything to personally gain for these postings. I NEVER purchased anything whatsoever from Bluegreen. I attended one of their presentations recently and was appaulled at their behavior. I did some research and HERE I AM. I'm trying to help people who have been victimized so deeply by this company- THAT IS ALL!!

  • Ro
      29th of Oct, 2008
    +1 Votes

    You better start looking for another timeshare company to love. Bluegreen stocks just fell AGAIN. And Diamond Resorts can't secure the financing to buy them out. The worthless CEO is taking 1.6 million dollars of your money EVERY year just to run this failing company into the ground. That coupled with all of the pending LAWSUITS against them ( not just in PA folks!) rumor has it that their days are numbered. For more info just go to the discussion boards on Yahoo. GEEZ- Lil' Phil, what will you do with your days then??

  • Lo
      30th of Oct, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Name calling from a "lady" with a mans name thats rich
    If you really must know its a famiy nickname given to all of us by my Aunt (god rest her soul) many many years ago, even my son uses it in his email as well

    You still have no idea of how the vacation club is run and yet you still jump up and down.

    All stocks are up and down or have you not noticed (by the way they are up 13% today)

    you are a very bitter person and I do wonder what you connection is with all this.

    It seems that you must be paid by some rival corperation and since you are not n owner you have gone to a great deal of trouble considering you don't have the time in your very busy life.

    What is your hidden agenda

    You are not helping anybody let alone those who have signed a contract

    if you think you are then sorry it just in your mind

    I will not be replying to anymore of your vile posts and its not because you are correct in what you say its just that I do find that your mind is to twisted and bitter for you to even understand what you are complaining about.

    Your only defense is to mock handicapped people and name call these are just the rantings of a very sad twisted mind.

    You have not come up with anything to help infact all these postings of yours are old news I first time I saw this lawsuit in PA was the day it came out so you adding it to all the complaint sites just shows that you are way behind the times .

  • Ro
      2nd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    No comment on the suit?? WHY not?? C'mon- Lame a**- let's hear it- What do you think of it??

    I know- you just can't take it anymore. Can't take the heat- GET OUT OF THE KITCHEN!!
    You are the one that started all of this, not me, by the way! Iam the wife of an Attorney and all I see everyday is these big corporations trying to take advantage of the little guy and frankly, I'm sick of it. My husband also does many cases pro bono.
    Talk about being behind the times- huh! You live in the UK-enough said!!
    In response to your next lie- I have NEVER made fun of ANY handicapped person in my life. Here is what I actually said; I think your time would be better spent taking care of your sickly wife instead of posting all of your idiotic [censored] on these consumer websites- SHE NEEDS YOU MORE THAN BLUEGREEN!!

    So, YES I AM HELPING PEOPLE-With NOTHING to personally gain whatsoever.
    And NO, I DO NOT work for ANY timeshare Co. I wouldn't be associated with this type of ###-now or ever! NO THANKS!
    Do they give you a free upgrade or more points for each posting? What's the deal?

    Another newsflash- I've had personal thank-you's sent to my e-mail from people who felt as if they had nowhere to turn. I directed them to their local Attorney General's office. I told them if they felt taken advantage of by Bluegreen then there was something that they could do. Our Atty. Gen. in PA responded to MANY consumer complaints and so will theirs. (provided enough people file complaints)
    And no matter how busy I am, I ALWAYS have the time to help people-unlike you. All you can do is belittle them and tell them how stupid they are. YOU ARE THE STUPID ONE.

    Talk about twisted baby, you take the cake!! You are so close-minded it's pitiful!
    And your grammer and spelling are deplorable. Did you make it to the 8th grade? My guess would be, NO. That's probably why you work in a Textile factory. I can tell from all of your postings that your I.Q. is probably around 28 somewhere.


    File a complaint with your local ATTY, GEN'S office. Because if enough consumers do this they WILL take action. They did in PA and are in the process of investigating in several other states.

    I'm sorry that you all were so deeply vicitmized and I sincerely wish you the best of luck! If I can be of further assistance, Please contact me directly at:

  • Lo
      2nd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Robin dear,

    I dont comment on it since you have said it all,
    All salespersons talk the same talk timeshare to plastic toilet brushes.
    Has a very well informed business man said (and you will know who Robin since you have seen every posting in the world on this subject)
    The product they have signed for is not in question which is what I have said all along.

    Again I wonder what you hidden agenda is, How much money you going to scam out of people who fall for your false concern.

    Come on Robin own up.

  • Lo
      2nd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I have never said my grammar is pefect and spelling never was my top subject.

    Does that make you a better person than me

    Shame on you

    A lot of people make a living out of Textiles

    Why do you knock them, it just shows what kind of person you realy are

    Folks if your not a lawyers wife you may as well be a down and out according to Robin

    So remember all you good folks that work in a factory Robin thins you are thick and of low IQ

    Please remeber than when she trys to run her scam on you

    Help she couldn't help herself out of a paper bag

    By the way Robin I have a degree in Textile Chemistry

    Please take not of Robin she is the only one on the planet that knows anything and us thickies know sod all

  • Ro
      3rd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    us thickies know sod all?? WTF does that mean?? My gosh- you are even dumber than I originally gave you credit. Your degree in Textile Chemistry is so impressive it almost makes me envious. Why did I waste all of my time obtaining my PhD. in Psychology? You couldn't match wits with a knat you fool. You should consider yourself EXTREMELY lucky that you were not one of my students-you wouldn't have made it through the first semester (of high school).

    To correct myself- Not everyone who works in a factory is stupid-JUST YOU!

    Go ahead-now it's your turn- comment on the lawsuit. I've been wanting to hear ALL of Bluesh*t's satisfied customers give their personal response. So, instead of trying to belittle me (can't be done, never has, never will) just comment on the lawsuit.


    PS. There you go- talking out of your a** again. I've said this many times now. Pay really close attention:
    I have nothing to gain from this matter, I'm just trying to give the consumers who were scammed somewhere to turn. ( Their local ATTY. GENERAL'S Office)
    If you still don't get it- just keep re-reading it over and over again. Eventually, it will sink in. Hopefully anyway.

    Lawsuit comments??

  • Ro
      3rd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Oh- nevermind. I just remembered that you are "not responding to any more of my vile posts".
    That was 2 posts ago! I knew that you'd be back and do you know why?
    Because you are a pitiful little creature with a hidden agenda and you will ALWAYS come back for more.
    You are like the flies that swarm over the ###-you swat at them and even injure them, but they keep coming back for more- and so will you phillyboy!

    hahahahah-till we meet again...

  • Lo
      3rd of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes


    You just cant help yourself

    Come on dig that hole deeper

  • Ro
      4th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Just couldn't help yourself- Could 'ya???
    Good-bye, little fly.

  • Lo
      4th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes


    Bye Bye

    It's been so so easy to wind you up

    You bite every time

  • Ro
      4th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I don't think so.

    Remember- your'e the biter and I'm the SWATTER!!

    Bye bye little fly!!

    Better luck next time!

  • Ro
      4th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    You made it so easy-

    Thanks for the fun and

    Thanks for the laughs !!

    (no hard feelings, huh??)

  • Lo
      5th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes


    No hard feelings

    have a nice day

    lets see now you have a new pres. if he can rectify the ### the other one got all of us into


  • Ro
      5th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    What exactly did he get the UK into??

    Please enlighten me.

    All I know is that the US Government, under the direction of President Bush, thwarted hundreds upon hundreds of attacks on the USA and our allies overseas.

    His philosophy is attack them on their soil before they attack us on ours!!
    Do you we really need another 9/11??
    Do you? I think not!

    I personally don't think this one will remain in office for very long. Afterall, he has had over 500 death threats against him and he hasn't even taken office yet!!

    But, I guess we'll see.


  • Bi
      5th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Give it up dude

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