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poor driving

I would like to complain of extremely dangerous driver you have he over took use over speed limit at the end of dual carriageway and nearly caused serious accident I took picture of the culprit bus it been forwarded on to traffic police he needs to be reprimanded he has a responsibility for paying customers and for due care and attention on our motorways and respect other road users I would appreciate national holidays take note you have a dangerous driver on your books this was 16 December at 10.00 on our way to York from Scarborough

poor driving

our holiday

we went on spectacular party break on 20/12/2019 to the marine hotel (Llandudno), we were promised a Christmas dinner on one of the nights as advertised on your website. Friday night service was
very chaotic, very slow people were queuing to be seated at 6pm.
the food was poor quality, we didn't get our sweet, waited half an hour. and gave up, there was little choice, the staff did what they had to do just but were not helpful, and made no effort, nothing festive
about the break apart from a tree, no decorations, second night no
Christmas dinner, people were in uproar, they said we never promised but the website did. we have been there before but will not go back there, we might go with national again somewhere else, if you acknowledge our complaint, and don't just fob it off, we are loyal customers and deserve better service. you will get a few complaints I bet . the staff did the bear minimum and looked miserable. no carols, a couple of things on the wall but that was it. we are not happy to say the least.
we have not received a 10% leaflet since August.


On the 12th of November I travelled with you on a 2 day holiday to London to visit the Tutankhamen exhibition. After getting up at 5am to get on the coach at Middlesbrough bus station at 6.30 am, we were then told we had to pick up passengers at Whitby which put an extra hour at least on to the journey time. After arriving at Whitby there was nobody there to pick up. The driver then rang his office and was told that the journey from Middlesbrough to Whitby took 2 hours when in fact it only takes 50mins to 1 hour. This resulted in us having to wait at least an hour for the passengers to turn up because of this the journey turned out to be extremely long. Then because of the time we had in London 4hours which personally I could have done without we didn't arrive at the hotel till 20.45 so by that time everybody was exhausted.

Rosalind Davey

Ref. 695869

hotel service

Stan Alderson Vince Archer .Holiday R797052 Sun Hotel Skegness 10 Oct 2019
We expected entertainment at the Hotel, but this was limited to one night the Monday. Tuesday night was mainly a karaoke provided by the barman & ourselves. Wednesday therewas none & the bar was closed at 9.45 supposedly because of lack of custom.Thiursday the concert room did not open at all. We were obliged to go to another hotel on both nights.
the draught beer & lager ran out early Monday evening & the bar was stocked with cans from the local shop which we were over charged for. The draught beer was not available for the rest of the holiday.
The shower in our room was either scolding hot or cold & we were give akey for another room as an alternative ffor wasshing. The wash hand basin was also inadequateonly 15" wide & the bathroom door would not close.
I have just booked a holiday for 8 ai the Higlands Spectacular Celebration 5526N3 I do hope we fare better there. Stan Alderson. [protected]

hotel during stay the sporting lodge inn

Booking ref: R800639#2 12 -13 October 2019. Stayed at the Sporting Lodge Inn at Leigh as part of our tour, to say it was bad was a understatement. First we were given a room which the key wouldn't work, it took half a hour to relocate us to room 602. First the toilet constantly ran with water, the beds were disgusting, stained mattresses and dirty sheets, I had to take them off the bed and use sheets from second bed. The mattress was so worn it dipped in the middle. When we went down for dinner there was not enough tables so had to sit in the bar area, we waited for cutlery about 20 minutes, absolutely shocking. Breakfast was exactly the same, floor had been mopped with wet signs all over, not really practical where elderly people are walking, health and safety was a massive issue. On top of all this the lift was out of order, so people with disabilities were expected to climb three floors, absolutely not acceptable. Please do not use this hotel as part of National Holidays.

hotel during stay the sporting lodge inn
hotel during stay the sporting lodge inn
hotel during stay the sporting lodge inn
hotel during stay the sporting lodge inn
hotel during stay the sporting lodge inn

coach transfer

On the 1st of October 2019 me and my father who is 87 years old booked to go to hull to catch the ferry to brugges we boarded one of your coaches at Ashton U Lyne ol5 --- at 11.30 the driver scared us half to death he was driving way to close to other vehicles in the pouring rain the spray of the traffic was horrendous I drove buses for 10 years and I feel this drivers actions is a accident waiting to happen I am not one to complain but feel i have to this journey took us until 4.30 so you except going to ur the houses is this a acceptable amount of time ??? .Also on our return one of your coaches was waiting to take us back to Ashton u Lyne i am On crutches and classed as disabled i have spinal arthritis we took ages getting through passport control and the driver was loading the coach i asked him if I could have a quick ciggie he said no I want to get home and am not waiting for you to have a cig he was so rude and both me and my father was shocked at his tone and rudeness he could have just said in a civil tone that he was in a hurry and I would have understood more than most how tight there schedules are .I struggled enough getting on the coach to begin with and none of your drivers lowers the steps for me .So altogether we both had a bad experience and feel like we won't be traveling on your coaches again the second drivers registration was Nh18egh miss Jacqueline Powell email [protected] address 22 cambourn road Hattersly hyde sk143dl phone number [protected]

horse of the year show,5/6th october. 2 adults, carole and lynne edmenson. holiday inn, great barr.

This break was made difficult for me because my limitations were not catered for.When booked, 26 th February, I made clear I was disabled and could only manage a few steps.Your agent arranged for me to take my mobility scooter which I was very grateful for, also, if no lift at hotel an accessible room would be booked.Our room was down 2 flights of stairs and about as far away from reception as could be.As we were leaving for the show within 25 minutes and I was in a distressed state, in agony and exhausted, there wasn't time to ask for a change of room.At the Show, our tickets were YE, right at the top row.A Steward saw it was impossible for me and took us to the booking office where, very kindly they swapped our tickets for accessible seating.Again I had told your agent I could only manage a few steps and was assured if this wasn't the case I would get accessible seats.If possible, I try to stay with the others and use disabled facilities when and where I need to.My complaint is that my needs, fully explained, were not taken into account making my trip unnecessarily stressful.The driver was helpful and courteous.Thankyou Carole Edmenson.


Recently booked a 3 day get away with my sisters Friday 27th sep the Saturday we was due to go to liver pool for the day after everyone was seated on the coach the driver asked everyone to get off the coach has he was at the wrong hotel. So we waited a hour and half at the hotel for the same driver to turn up and tell us someone has taken his passengers from another hotel so he had to take us... So we didn't get the full day in Liverpool.. The day to come home the coach should of picked us up at 1pm but it never arrived we got told it was because of a accident on the motorway but we was left 4 and half hours.. We had to pay for drinks and food at hotel my sisters birthday was the Sunday she had to cancel her party that was arranged has we couldn't get home.. The holiday was great but on both days the coaches was horrendous.. If 1 day was delayed that would of been acceptable but not both days.. Why was other hotels picked up at 1 o'clock but our hotel was left... We stayed at the Prince of Wales hotel in Southport.. We wanted to book another get away but with the messing about we had with the travel we are not too sure..we paid all together £405 but can't justify that amount now with getting messed around Yours sincerely Gillian Powell 7 greaves avenue lupset Wakefield wf2 8ay [protected] ref number R760751 #1
Tour ref number 5332H 1

national holidays are not paid by the company

598299 Hello sir, I am pramod abhyankar, work as a fire & safety officer in modern veer security force (msf), this doesn't pay for national holidays like independence day, republican...

hotel trecarn torquay (national holidays)

I are currently staying at this hotel on a 5 day break with my husband
The holiday was bought as a gift for my husbands 70th Birthday from our two daughters.
The hotel is disgusting!
We arrived to be shuttled through a rear entrance which was absolutely filthy with an absolutely awful damp smell. We were given our keys and directed back to the rear stairwell which again was disgusting
The food is frozen The bar is supposedly maned from 11am til 11pm but at 5 pm we had to go looking for service.
We have dealt with 3 drivers from the beginning with all being quite rude and sorting the trips was organised chaos this morning.
The most disappointing fact is our daughters spent a lot of money on this break and we feel guilty by having to lie to them as we feel dreadful for them wasting their hard earned money
I await your response
Regretfully yours
Sheila Wilson

britannia hotel coventry hill hotel rye hill cv5 9ph

My booking ref No R761398#1 to Stratford & the cotswolds villages, I was expecting to stay in Stratford at a hotel there but we ended up in the not very nice hotel 50 mins away. The hotel was badly in need of refurbishment, carpets, decor etc. The food was not very good until our last meal on Tuesday night. Shortage of staff did not help. It also seemed to be a drop off point for Emigrants before being moved on elsewhere. This upset older ladies travelling on their own. On a plus side Paul our driver was very good.

standard of hotel and drivers attitude

We stayed at Hotel Trecarn which was advertised as a holiday to Torquay but was actually in Babbacombe and needed a local bus ride to get to Torquay.We feel this is false advertising and is misleading customers.The Trecarn is NOT up to the standard usually offered by National, cold soup, dirty cutlery, laundery being wheeled in and out of the dining room during meal times.The only decent meal was breakfast!No help for elderly and frail pensioners with their baggage to get to a room which the lift did not stop at.On the day of the sea and rail trip we were directed to the wrong bus by a Caledonian coach travel driver and many older people were confused after being ORDERED about by a coach driver.I must stress this was not John who drove us there and back.I think this mans name was Paul but can not be sure.A badly disabled man was told he could not go when his carer had been told at the time of booking that he could.We had many stairs to climb to get to our room and we found the lack of a lift very frustrating and painful.We were part of a party of Six and were not able to dine together at ANY meal and many times we were split into THREE tables.After using National many times and being well satisfied we know this is the worst ever.We travelled 9th September and have another trip booked in October but we will NOT go the Trecarn again.This hotel is simply not up to yours or our standards.

major unjustified/unreasonable owner reaction. august 23/24 2019

We are a married couple aged 82, and this trip was on medical grounds for my wife to recouperate from six operations in the past 18 months, and less serious conditions for...

whole package

National Holidays Yorkshire Wildlife park/Flamingo Land 31/8 - 01/09 Driver went to the wrong resort on wrong date So 4 hours in Flamingo Land instead of 8 & vice versa for...

trip to skegness

driver slow and killling time on way to skegness hotel the queens in need of revamp and it cost me £30 pr person more and there was 4 of us, than it did for those staying at the...

holiday to scarborough

Went to Scarborough 26th August 3 nights, when arriving at the hotel the driver informed us that Elaine would specify certain aspects of the trip one being the pick up time . She expressed 4 times that we must be ready in the foyer for 12 o clock and there was also a notice at reception desk all week furthermore pushing this point. The destination as in Scarborough is an amazing the place, the hotel the Grand needs a lot of work and I wouldn't stay there again. Come the day to travel home my mother who has joint problems and my child are all waiting with the rest of the people at 12 and the coach was a no show . After half an hour with my mum now in pain after being stood and my daughter cold we go back inside and others shortly follow, multiple people ring National Holidays getting varying information back, 1 the pick up time was always 13.30 and they have no idea we're we got that information from, 2 there has been a mix up with the driver and will be there for 14.00, 3 there had been a crash on the motorway and they will be at least 50 minutes . This really spoilt our trip we could of made the most of our last day and gone and done something if we were aware it was going to be such a late pick up as the drive arrived 14.15 so we sat around for 2 hours 15 it was a very long frustrating day. When the driver arrived he was very arrogant no apology and said he had no idea where we given that information and didn't diffuse the situation at all. The information was from staff working for national holidays and we have the poster which was up saying 12 pickup all week. Very dissatisfied with miss information and customer care.

holiday to scarborough

the grand hotel scarborough

Arrived at the grand hotel Scarborough Monday 19th August 11.30am rooms not ready til 3pm. No towels or hot drink facilities sorted at reception 30 mins later.Wednesday 21st water...

no swimming pool

Holiday reference number : R732451

On booking the holiday with hays travel Washington Galleries Tyne and Wear, I was informed by the travel agent that was a swimming pool in the hotel named Risboro in Llandudno. When we arrived we asked what time the pool was open until and we were informed that there was no swimming pool in the hotel. They then told us we could use the swimming pool at a near hotel named Chats Worth, which was a 15 minute walk and at a cost of £3 each. There was also another couple on the same holiday that were also informed that there was a pool at the hotel. Thanks Could this be looked into thanks.

hotel britannia north staffs

What has possessed National Holidays to use this Hotel ?? I have used this company many times and never been disappointed..however this has now lost my faith in you're company .
Our room which was for myself and 2 grandchildren had 2 double beds one covered in dried blood stains ..walls, carpet and bathroom all filthy !
Ancient windows unable to close as catches broken and door lock loose, on complaining the reception staff did not seem shocked and gave us another room ...slightly better but very tired and dirty bathroom which i cleaned myself ! !
On to dinner Inedible and nothing at all for children bearing in mind this was a kids tour..the guests with kids ended up to going out to find something suitable in a very unsavoury area being approached by people outside of hotel asking for money etc !!
All of the people we spoke too were of the same opinion ...would appreciate a reply as soon as possible as this has totally ruined our normally positive experience of hour company

4 days to skipton, southport and the lakes

The Britannia hotel in Wigan is the worst hotel I have ever stayed in. The rooms are very basic and in need of renovation. The food is totally inedible. After two days you changed the coach and driver for your benefit. The second coach is not even a national holidays coach so there is no Wifi. Which you advertise on your holidays. I have been on numerous tours before, but after this one I will not be going on any more.

hotel access to important areas & food availability

I have just fished an awful stay at The Admanton Country House Prestwick Scotland, I have walking problems & access to the Dining/Entertaiment areas were only accessed by very steep stairs !! I checked with National Holidays who told me this hotel had a lift, I found the lift was on the opposite end of the hotel & was mainly used by service suppliers !! so I had to use these awful stairs every day !! disabled & senior people had to struggle up & down with great difficulty, not good enough & not fit for purpose !! The food on offer in the restaurant was awful & very basic, we had to ask for basic things that ran out !! then have to wait several minutes while the were repenished !! The Entertainment area was below ground level, so more steep stairs to tackle !! it smelt off damp & was cold !! also the Gents toilet was out of order so the men had to use the awful stairs to the upper loos !! plus the rip off bar prices £4 for a lager shandy !!!


I booked a trip to Durham and bemish . On The 3rd of August to 4th . P gaylard ref :R714752#1 . the coach was 3 hours late picking us back up . People were trying to phone help line just kept getting Answer phone . Then when people were finally getting through they were told different times and different stories. It was very stressful waiting in the heat with medical conditions . This spoilt what was a good trip very disappointed

  • Wt
    WTK1 Aug 05, 2019

    I was also on this trip to Durham and Beamish which turned out to be a total fiasco. Fortunately, when the driver eventually turned up he made up for a lot of lost time and we did not need to stop on the way. I don't know how this company manages to exist it is so bad. I know you get what you pay for but reading all the adverse comments and past experience with National, I would never travel with them again if it was free.

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mis sold holiday

We went to Loch Lomond 29th July-1st August 4 day trip. We arrived at the hotel (Adamton Country House) after 5pm after setting off at 8am. We were checked into our room fairly quick. After being in the room for around 10 minutes we had no electrics, had maintenance come, not being able to sort it for then the manger to come and he also couldnt fix the problem, so we had to move rooms as electrics just kept on tripping. Later on in the evening the manager saw me and blamed me for using my phone charger and saying it must be damaged. This was not the case as i recently purchase a new phone. We then got shouted at by the waiting staff as there wasnt any tables left for us to sit and eat. So we left the room and went and paid for a meal so we could sit down. The wednesday morning the intinarary was Loch Lomond, which i was looking forward too as im an explorer love beautiful views. We got 1 hour there and then had to leave to go to glasgow shopping. This is not what i paid £139.00 for. The whole trip was described as seeing the beauitful views of Loch Lomond and the ayrshire coast. we had little time to walk down a dirt track to see part of loch lomond as the driver refused to park in a waiting area closer to the loch. He had driven us up to god knows where saying he would show us a lovely place but didnt let us off the coach that was 45minute drive, which if he didnt do that we could have had that extra time around loch lomond. More than 4 families on the coach were disappointed that we wasnt getting the day at Loch lomond as they had younger children with them, they do not want to go shopping. Me and my partner are so disappointed in the whole experience that this will be our last National trip. The driver (Mark) kept making gender jokes that upset alot of the females on the coach, he was rude and his driving was terrible. He also slammed on in the busy centre on Glasgow causing someone in a small car to bump into the back of the coach causing us all to jerk forward. He also drove on a 60mph road on his phone. I am not happy one bit and feel like I have been conned out of £278.00 as at the time of booking there was also x3 other Scotland trips but I personally picked this one to spend time at Loch Lomond like described. As for the hotels National book, this by far has been the worse I have ever seen. Yes you expect Budget for the price you are paying but this was beyond that. I have never felt this way after my 3 other trips using national. We called National along with another couple and we didn't even get an apology or anything, just to complaint via email. I feel very let down and will be passing this experience on to family and friends who also use National as I do NOT want them conned out of their money like we feel we have been!

  • Ri
    Richy Coleman Oct 02, 2019

    Having sent 3 emails to yourselves regarding our 5day break I find your services mislead and aporling

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holiday service

We got back from a 5 day break from The La Tour Hotel Blackpool on the 26 july 2019 .This was not our 1st choice holiday which should have to Scotland which included 3 days trips out .The holiday to blackpool was a much shorter travelling time and did not have any days out so why was this the same price .The holiday started in Manchester . We should have go the coach at 11.20 and it did not turn up 12.50 .We very disappointed with the meals at the La Tour Hotel the breakfast at the hotel w as totally a disappointing waited ages to get our meals and it was just a plate of mush .Evening was not cooked properly food was hard . The next day we had breakfast again but it was no better after this ate out .The food was terrible .The day we leaving we should have been picked up at 1 .30 and the coach did not come till 3 PM . No even said sorry .I wish for a refund for totally disappointing holiday King Regards Lucy and Robert Simpson

condition of bus

We went for a 4 day trip to Torquay on the 12th -15th of July all was fine until we got to Woodhead services in Sheffield for scheduled stop for driver. We were then told we had...

no response from emails

tional Holidays - Highlands

james armstrong

‎20‎ ‎May at ‎20‎:‎31

To who it may concern,

I would like to make a complaint about my holiday I booked to the highlands. I departed from Heworth Interchange (Gateshead) at 9am on the 10th May and didn't arrive at the hotel until 6-30pm. The driver had told us his sat nav was not working and that he hadn't been to Scotland before, He was taking the wrong roads and this was why the delay was caused. My wife's ankles were all swollen and very sore which was caused by having to sit on the bus for such a long time. We did not get our meal until 7-30pm that night.

The next day we went on a steam train, he had to pick us up at Broomhill railway station but when we arrived there was no sign of the bus. At the railway station there was no seating available for me or my wife which caused more distress to my wife's ankles caused by another delay (Approx 1and Half hours) someone spotted the bus about half a mile away across the fields. we had no way of getting in touch with the driver, we waited and waited for the bus which was not getting any closer to the station. The driver didn't arrive at the station as the driver had took the wrong road so we ended up having to walk half a mile to the bus. My wife's feet and ankles were in a lot of great pain' we were the last people to get to the bus due to the stress and pain of this long walk to the bus. The driver had taken a wrong turn when coming to pick us up and therefore he was unable to get any closer the station due to a bridge that he could not cross due to the weight of the bus.

The driver took about an hour trying to turn the bus around because their was no reversing camera and the road was very poor and narrow and dangerous.. bus as well as his Sat Navigation not working which was the reason for the delay again on this day trip out. To add to mine and my wife's stress as we had to walk for half a mile to the bus from the station across the field it started hail stoning.

On the Sunday we were supposed to be going on the Loch Ness Ferry but we couldn't due to my wife being in such great pain with her ankles all sore and swollen from walking long distances to the bus and then being on the bus for a lot longer than we were meant to be.

On the Monday I was so happy to be going home as this whole holiday had been a disaster from start to finish. The driver could hardly see out his window due to his windscreen wash not working leaving his visibility very poor. I can't fault the driver as he done his best considering the condition's of the bus. I blame National Holiday's as this driver was just an agency driver and hadn't been to Scotland before and the faults on the bus such as Sat Navigation and no reverse camera and no windscreen wash working which left the bus unsafe for carrying holiday passengers.

I will never go to Loch Ness again due to the terrible experience me and my wife had gone through and think it is fair to say we should be compensated for our full holiday. We use National holidays every year so it is fair to say we are very loyal to your company and this holiday has been the worst holiday we have experienced.

I look forward to your response. This is the third email sent with no response

Yours sincerely

James Armstrong


james armstrong


britannia hotel barnsley

I stayed at your Bolton hotel From December 30Th until January1St.I am disgusted by The treatment of the head waitress who when I attempted to enter the dining room on the first...

new year in blackpool 3 nights

Myself and 2 friends went on your 3 night New Year Blackpool trip. I asked the driver which hotel we were staying at and was told the Grand. We arrived at the Metropole which is a...

hotel la tour in blackpool

went away in july with national holidays at the la tour hotel in blackpool was lovely so decided to go back in oct food was shocking every night peascarrots and cauliflower with...


Hi I'm sorry for delay but went through national express by error rather than national holiday I'm complaining about a trip my mum age 70 and aunt age 80 who in poor health h may I say booking ref is R464576#1tour number 5422k was hey went to Scarborough on your holiday on 27th August for 4 days everything was great but unfortunately the day they was leaving they had to wait for coach time said 1-15 they waited n waited the coach did not turn up till 3-30 no explanation they couldn move as had to wait now the question is would the coach awaited for them if they was over 2hours late???? It really put a dampener on there little get away sorry about the complaint

excursion not as advertised

Hi my parents both 80 years old have just returned from a weekend break in cologne to see andre rieu, When they booked this break last year when it was first advertised, mum paid...


I have booked a hotel to goa before two months where i did not get the final list of hotels till yesterday 4pm. i asked for the hotels near my place as they are sending me at the...

the hotel service

The service and attitude of staff at evening meal was not good . No idea of customer services especially a girl called Shannon. In the morning we was told to be down for breakfast...


Hotel was absolutely disgusting rooms filthy damp in the bathroom all over the tiles floor and walls smelt really bad bedroom was filthy full of cobwebs and dirty walls radiator...

did not pay for any expenses for membership holders

I am a paid membership holder with the national holidays (Tours & travels service providers) Address: the national holidays, No.22/c7, 3rd floor, 1st avenue, Ashok nagar...