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desceptive bussness practices

• I have repeatedly told Bluegreen to cancel this contract by sending written correspondence (see...

purchasing timeshare

This company has a great hook to get you excited about owning timeshare! But be careful!! Once you own you can't ever get a reservation at the resort you want at the times you want. You never purchase enough points and after 3 years I have only been able to use it once! The saving grace is their partnership with RCI. You can transfer your points to RCI and try and get a week with one of their resorts. Again it is difficult because they book up quickly and you have to know how to transfer and so on. Bluegreen also financed my timeshare and charged unbelievable interest rates; they promised that if I wasn't satisfied they would resell the property for me and that was a total lie! I am now stuck paying for something that I can't seem to enjoy and can't seem to sell. If you want to purchase timeshare I would just purchase directly with RCI and avoid BlueGreen. At this point I am not even sure timeshare is worth owning at all.




On Oct 23 my wife and I sat through a presentation at Wisconsin Dells to be informed about the recent update...

5 day cooling off

My family went to a timeshare meeting at Christmas Mtn in Wisc Dells. Everything sounded great, we bought a 10, 000 point package, but after we got back to the hotel room, something just bothered me all night about getting excited and signing without even thinking about our decision. I, like many others, checked online and looked at some of the reviews, which were mostly negative. We decided to send a certified and registered letter (we sent both, just in case) stating we want to cancel our contract and wanted a refund 2 days later.

I have to admit I was very nervous during the next couple of weeks waiting for a response. I did call a contract attorney just in case. I called them 10 days after I sent the letter and they were actually very nice, stating they had received my letter and had processed the refund. I received it a week later, with no problems.

Today my husband answered a call from Christmas Mtn. asking why we changed our minds (we did this at the end of July, by the way), he told them the truth and again they were very nice.

Just thought I would post this because I could never find anyone who had received a refund, only people who had cancelled their contract.

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    Concerned customers Jul 01, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Glad to hear this. We just went through their sales pitch. It all sounded great the way they portrayed it. So we signed on for a smaller package and then got home and did some research. We were terrified with what we found. I immediately sent a letter cretified mail to cancel. I then read reviews of people who had trouble cancelling. I have then wrote a second letter that I had notarized and sent certified mail. This was all done well within our 10 grace period as outlined in our contract. I am now waiting to see my fate with this company that I have read so many terrible things about. I have never seen a company with so many unsatisfied costumers. I think the Nazi's got better reviews.

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  • Lm
    Lmbnj Jan 26, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I signed up for 9000 points while on vacation in Aruba. Later decided this wasn't something I should rush into while on vacation. I wrote the letter and returned the packaged to them in person and they immediately refunded my money. They were very nice about it. It just didn't feel right to buy it.

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    Wondering 2015 Jun 29, 2015

    Thanks just brought a timeshare and wondering if we should cancel. Too many bad reviews and scared it will just get worst.

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trying to sell shares

I am a silver member of blue green, I can no lomger keep up the maintance fees as I am living on a fixed income ihave been trying to get rid of the time share points or deeds for two years now. i have been scamed by two different companys for $1200 and$800 with them saying they would sell my time share points . nothing has ever happened with either one of them there is no help from blue green at all. they dont even want to know me having envested over $46000 there should be some way that blue green should be made to buy it all back at a fair price . i shouldn, t have to go into forcluser just to get away from blue green and lose my good credit rating for 7 years. b blue green said they would help me rent my time shares but I got NO help that way neither.there is no way out of this commement.except die.

bluegreen lied to us big time - it a scam

In 2007 summer, we stayed in a hotel next to Blue green’s facility in Myrtle Beach, SC – to be...

tired of calls

I get a call about every 3 weeks from a company associated with Bass Pro, wanting me to believe I've won a vacation...I am so tired of the rude annoying sales tactics. But you know what I'm the most tired of? Knowing that you, Bass Pro, could care less that a customer of yours is being harrassed. Wow really makes me want to spend my money in your store. No one from Gander Mountain calls me...guess I'll have to go there instead. Seriously though, have your ### sales team stop calling me. And don't give me the crap line about them not being associated with you. You let them in your store and allowed them to set up a table to confront your customers. Bottom line, you're involved and it's your responsibility to stop it.


We also have had several problems with bluegreen, Also cannot get loged into there web-site??Is there any one else who cannot not get loged in for some reason??

  • Ji
    Jillmad Jun 19, 2009

    I have had this Stupid time share for 4yrs and still have not been on a vacation yet. If you do not book it at exactly 11month ahead you get nothing... I have wasted so much money and time and I get nothing in return. They lie at the presentation. Lied that I can pay 39, 49 and 59 for a day at any BLUEGREEN resort. Well only like 3 or 4 will split a week up. so YOu can't do that. They told use we can come to 4 update presentations a year and our maintance fees would be paid off. Yeah right...TOld us we would get a cruise week if we bought that day. Well that disappeared, it never made it to our car. HUmmmmm. I want to use to, but I don't want to go to ###uptown, nowhere. I want to go to FL... Can I nOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I would never buy from this lieing peice of ###. You should not either. Oh yeah they told me that most had children activities(day camps) I think there are 2 or 3 that do.

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bad company to work for.

I recently work for this company. Its a bad company to work for!!! they told me that they had a open door policy and when I came and told them and gave them my feedback I got fired!!! They are so nonprofessional and they said all they care is about the owners, when the reality is that they only care about making money... I felt so discriminated for being a minority. Everybody is entitled to their own opinion that is why this is a free country!!!
They are a bunch of liers... Thank god I'm not a part of that company anymore.

  • It
    itsmejan Jan 12, 2009

    I Bluegreen did me a great diservice. They constantly change the rules, to suit them. I would love to know what I could expect frpm a foreclosure.

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rude sales reps

sales rep and manager were extremly rude and very disrespectful to my family once they found out we were not interested in the time share product.
we were invited to a time share presentation with the company and once we arrived the pressure to commit to purchase was high. I wanted to see the product/offerings before commiting. Once the video/presentation was complete the sales rep took us out to see the property and made us very uneasy with his demands that we had to purchase today. Once we reviewed the offer my family and I decided the product was not right for us and so we informed the sales rep at which point became very irrate, loud and out right rude.We explained that the 16% interest rate was not right for us and we could not purchase his product. several times he walked away for 20mins at a time leaving us and coming back to pressure us to buy again.After about the fourth no, He explained to us that we should have never come on the tour and that we were taking food out of his families mouth by not buying right then. He also questioned our values and stated " he didn't know how people like us could sleep at night". It was in very poor taste and after this experience I will never purchase from blue green.

bad customer service

I am a Bluegreen owner and was sold a bill of goods that never came to fruition. Dealing with them is very frustrating and most recently they made promises to set up a Traveler Plus account and never did it and i have to keep calling back.

Being a Bluegreen owner is one of the worst experinece of my life. Many of the properties are usb standard and i have been trying to sell my ownership for 3 years and no one will even consider it.

I was told i could use my points to find renters and that never happened either. Sooner or later businesses need to start operating with integrity.

  • Do
    donna pot. Jun 30, 2010

    we own a timeshare in Va. with Bluegreen. It was owned by another company 20 years ago when we bought it. We do not have points . we have what is called flex time and they do not sell it like that anymore. we can use multiple weeks and we love it.For the last couple of years we have been pressured into converting our ownership into points which we refuse to do. They will not allow us to use any of their other timeshares because we do not have the points. Our timeshare is payed for( which 7 or8 years ago when we were making the last payment, they tried to tell us we had another 5 years!. luckily i had the original mortgage agreement) but because of owners who have not payed their maintanance fees and caused bluegreen to be in debt, we, along with other owners who always pay their mainainance fees, were charged an extra 800.00 special fee. They charged us an additional 50.00 fee because they "allowed" us to pay this in installments. We actually love our timeshare, but have written to the attorney general's office and our timeshare owner board with no response. We feel the extra maintainance fee is very unfair, but I think timeshares are free to increase or add extra fees whenever they want. We will not give up what we already have but would never buy points or anything else from Bluegreen.

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  • Ga
    gapeachdnc Oct 22, 2012

    I have a timeshare with Bluegreen which I never use. I have tried to sell/rent it with sellmytimeshare with no results. I see that there are hundrends for sale with bluegreen on the web. Once you have one of these you cannot get rid of them. If anyone reads this and wants to buy mine just go to and look for my AD in M.Bch. S.C. and send me an email. I paid $12, 000 for this condo and will give you a deal on it.

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bluegreen time share

In 2007 we went on the vacation to Myrtle Beach, on the street we were stopped and offered to go lo listen 90 minutes presentation about time share for 100.00. 100.00 dollars check for more fun sounded good and we agreed. Presentation was not even close to 90 minutes, try more like 5-6 hours. After we were told about the whole point system, we can go anywhere we want, of course within hotels they owe, even Europe - sales price was over 20, 000.00 It was way out of our price range, plus it was nothing we were interested in, we didn't want to get stuck with long term contract. We refused, sales person got the manager William, who made it sound like he was making us a very good deal - sales price about 16, 000.00 of course for less points, and they will buy it back when we don't want it anymore. The sales person (do not remember gentleman's name) was telling us about the resort in Key West, where he was taking his mom and dad in a couple of weeks, that he is very happy with his points, (apparently he can buy them for the discount as an employee). We told them we are not interested, it's still out of our price range, we were interfered in investments. The last thing we had to do to get that 100.00 check was to take a tour to check the hotel out, we were brought to one of the rooms, which was nice. We told to sales person and sales manager that we are not interested in taking our vacation that way. Once again sales manager William Barnes (we still have his card) came to us and was telling what a great investment it is, that they would actually rent our points. Besides, right cross the street from Harbour Lights, there was amusement park being built, so according sales people, after amusement park built our time share would double in value. He said that lots of people buy it as an investment, because Bluegreen would rent our points during important events for 30% commission and we would keep 70%. We got interested, investment, making money - renting our points, rent money would cover maintenance fees (they "forgot" to mention that they reserve the right to increase every year) and monthly loan payments, and within couple of years we would be able to make some profit. But it was way too expensive. They reduced the price couple more time, till we got offered 8, 000 points every other year for 9, 350.00 dollars, but we had to give them I believe it was 800.00 check the same day, unfortunately it was affordable and we gave in, when instead we should have ran away. We gave them 800.00 check, the closing process took about 10 minutes, we were rushed through everything, the lady asked us and gave something to sign that buying it doesn't put financial burden on us, at the time it didn't. Anyway we were told they will buy it back, when we don't want it anymore. We signed for automatic monthly payment debit, because sending payment by mail would cost us more. Couple of month later we decided to sell our time share. I emailed them asking to take time share back. Respond was that they don't offer resale program and we should contact Pinnacle Vacation, they will sell it for us. We did contact Pinnacle vacation and we have our time share for sale almost 2 years. Besides Pinnacle Vacation is the only company that Bluegreen authorize to sell through are able to transfer certain benefits are personal to each owner, namely membership in the Bluegreen VIP Program, including Basic membership (Bonus Time and Day Use at Club Component Sites). I paid over six hundred dollars to a company called to sell our time share while we are arguing with Bluegreen. They don't even call us back. They took our money but we get nothing in return. I filed a report with the Better Business Bureau, but due to the contract where the promise of buying back our time share obviously is not included they refuse to do anything for us. I started doing some research. There are lots of complaints in www.[redacted].com about the way Bluegreen Corporation's sales people trick unknowing customers into buying their time shares. I read numerous complaints online about Bluegreen, turns out lots of people are going trough the same thing. One gentlemen mentioned that disappointed customers should file complain with the Federal Trade Commission, I called them and reported the unfair sales tactics and lies they say to customers. FTC told me I should file a complain with Consumer Protection Agency, I did do that too. I don't care we have sign the contract, but we signed it under duress. What we were told we are buying and what we got is not the same thing. We bought because sales people told us Bluegreen will buy it back. They used unfair tactics and misled us. I even emailed to the president of ARDA (American Real Estate Development Association) that Bluegreen belongs to. I even emailed to Mr. Maloney, CEO of Bluegreen. Next step is to get more attention from government, to go more public. Please look at the link below on youtube website, under name timesharenightmares.
If you feel you got misled and uninformed about Bluegreen time share, when you were purchasing it, please join us in fight against Bluegreen and their deceptive sales practises. Please post your story on you tube, and if you need more information or have any questions, please email me at: [protected]
We have couple of lawyers looking into having mass lawsuit against Bluegreen, if you want to join, please let me know. And there is a website for unfortunate time share owners on the way.
Thank you

  • Lg
    lgoldy2 Oct 08, 2010

    we purchased from this company in 2006, all lies every bit of what we were told nothing but lies .. even worse we wanted to cancel they told us we had 24 hours come to find out last year that in fact you have 3 full days ! maint fees keep going up from 400 promised amount to 1200 this year ! if you default on your maint fees they will put you in collections and your credit will be ruined ... you can never get a reservation when you want you have to do it when they have "space " in the mean time they rent out space to places like RCI . .. this has gone from being what we thought a smart purchase for our family to a burden and nightmare of lies upon lies ..

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lack of professionalism

We signed up for a few different raffle "getaways" at a children's expo in February. This particular one we paid a discounted price and were aware was a time share or something.

We just came home from a BlueGreen presentation. We did not purchase and as someone else posted, I have to wonder if they dragged out our tour because after the Presentation we said it wasn't something we are interested in at this time. I specifically told the representative that we had to be out by 2pm (which would cover the 2hrs. maximum we were told the presentation would take) because our children had an appointment. We did not get out until 3pm. and the kids missed their lessons that we had paid for. This alone demonstrates a lack of respect for us and our time.

The sales representative was new, so we don't fault her for inexperience. Her superior however was a bit rude and I was turned off immediately. She also went online and pulled up customer complaints about the "vacation club" that we just purchased (from the same expo). Much like the ones I see about BlueGreen on this site. Did she really think that trying to make me feel bad about my past choices was going to sell me on Buying with BlueGreen?

Also, the discounted trip was not at a BlueGreen resort but at a Hotel. Why was that? We did not experience BlueGreen in anyway except the sales presentation. Maybe that was a good thing.

We had a good time at our 2 day getaway, too bad it ended on a sour note.

lies and illegal means

Here's the basic run down of what my husband and I were told during our Bluegreen presentation. (If you can believe it, I've shortened this by a lot)

We were told how Bluegreen was a great investment. (A timeshare cannot be legally advertised as an investment). We were also told that a their timeshare was a tax write off, because we were owning actual property and paying taxes on the property. (Timeshares and all expenses can not be used for tax purposes).

The "deal" was only good for that day. That we wouldn't be allowed to come back for a few years using this example, "Imagine you were selling a car, and you paid potential buyers $50 dollars to test drive it. You wouldn’t want someone coming back again and again just test driving your car and you having to pay $50.00 over and over again." (Hey guess what, they can't do this either)

(Anything to make a sale), We were also told that the points never expired.We were told this lie because our dream vacation was to take a cruise but couldn't afford 18k points a year to go on one. (Not only do they expire after 2 years, after the 1st year the points are worth less. You can no longer use them for 'hot' seasons)

Maintenace fees are based on the number of points we have, so they will never raise. Saying, "If we paid $400.00 in fees, than our children would only pay $400.00 when we passed it on to them." (Another blatant lie. They are raised yearly.)

They didn't give us any time to review the contracts which they are obligated to do. Lied how much our monthly payments would be, and never, not once informed us about "Club Dues". (Which by omitting the information, puts them in the wrong.)

Bluegreen is a member of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA)We have filed a complaint with them, which I encourage everyone else who has been lied to by this company to do as well. Here is a list of codes the Bluegreen broke with us.

Code of Ethics III.C.1-2 - 1. Must not convey false, untrue, deceptive, or misleading information through statements, testimonials, photographs, graphics, or other means; and 2. Must not omit material information without which the solicitations or sales information would be deceptive or misleading, or which would affect consumer decision making.

Code of Ethics V.B.4 - 4. Limited Time Offers. Representations must not be made that the current terms of an offer will not be available at a future time unless those representations are factual.

Code of Ethics V.B.5.b-c. - b. Must be consistent with information and disclosures provided in the Sales Information; and c. The consumer must be provided with a reasonable opportunity to review the contract documents in writing at time of sale before signing.

Code of Ethics V.B.9.- 9. Sales Presentation. Verbal representations must be consistent with information contained in sales documents, contracts and written disclosures

We are currently in dispute over our contract and are working very hard to get it canceled.

Bluegreen's main line for everything that happened to us is, either "The contract says ..." or they "deny any verbal ...". However, they're mortgage department called us, and wondered why we were unhappy. And after telling the lady some of the lies, she interrupted me to say, "That's just the 'Sales Pitch'." Proving that it's a widespread, acceptable practice among Bluegreen.

If you are happy with them, I'm happy for you. I understand we signed a contract, however when fraud is used to trick a person into signing a contract, we can dispute it, which we are doing wholeheartedly. I will say the resort we stayed at was very nice. Clean, comfortable and large.

  • Do
    Don/Ida May 20, 2010

    I am curious to find out if your complaint to the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) helped or simply filed away? I have to agree with you on the Ethics issue. I ran across the same difficulties from on person to the next, each wanting to inform me that they had the correct information. We bought and paid for 10, 000 points and I have used the points as they should be used, but my concern is the some day my points won't be enough to cover a weeks vacation and the club dues continue to go up year after year. In comparison, I would have been able to reserve a nice room and vacation for same amount of money I have invested in future vacations. My purchase was intended to be good investment in my families fun, but has turned into a yearly management process documenting and calculating how long it will take before I can get a retun on my investment.


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  • Wo
    wood 234 May 26, 2010

    ya this blue green is a bunch off ### they said they had tons of places to stay hardly any and it takes way to many points to stay any where in july when id like to take vacation it just tiks me off i told em they could keep all i paid if they would just cancel in good terms i havent even used mine cause theres no avalibility or i dont have enough points and it all cost money they say u only pay one thing yearly and you payment it cost to stay there is club dues and other stuff ya it aint worht it save ur money BLUEGREEN SUCKS

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  • Ge
    George3 May 29, 2010

    I have been a Blue Green Owner for a few years - and I have had only great experience with them. The resorts are first rate.. their customer service is always great. And they continue to expand the number and locations of the resorts their own or run.

    The concept of Blue-Green points isn't always easy to get - but once you understand it - with a little planning (you can book your vacations nearly a year in advance. If you wait too long - there many not be any rooms free).

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  • Lg
    lgoldy2 Oct 08, 2010


    would you like to purchase more points because i have 20 thousand of them to sell ! since you think its such a wonderful experience ... and what a deal i will give you in 2006 i paid 20, 000 for them today i will sell to you for 11, ooo ! my main fees went from 400 to a whooping 1200 not bad wouldnt you say ? and u can vacation a year out if you can get the reservations but remember you need to be a year ahead on fees to do so ... and maybe at one of the lovely 5 star places they have you can find male body hair in your bed and soda stains in on the carpet like i did .. oh and maybe if you lucky your point s will go far enough to have you stay at a nice place .. or maybe not you can stay at the same resort that someone who paid 1 grand gets to stay if your lucky to get reservations ... and yes George they do continue to expand their wallets on the lies they tell the people comming to make a purchase .. what bought you 20 thousand points a couple of years ago cannot get you accom in top new resorts ... bluegreen is a lie an illusion ...

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  • De
    Denny Feasby Oct 14, 2013

    Here is a chat I just had with the money sucking company:

    Gloria : [3:22:34 PM] Hello, my name is Gloria. It will be my pleasure to assist you today! How can I help?
    Dennis: [3:24:31 PM] I just tried to book a 5 night stay in Branson for Dec 21-26 for a 2 bedroom unit and the system tells me I do not have enough points. My account has 9, 125 and the pontes total needed is 6, 450
    Gloria : [3:24:56 PM] Hello Mr. Feasby, please let me take a look at your Points.
    [3:26:04 PM] Right now you have 9, 000 Points that are good through October 31, 2013.
    Dennis: [3:27:53 PM] I understand that, but I have paid almost $1, 000 for those points and since we made the contract last year our circumstances have changed and will not be able to use them before Dec. Surely Bluegreen is not in the business of cheating people out of $1, 000 are they?
    Gloria : [3:28:03 PM] In order to use those Points, your reservation would have to check in by that date.
    [3:28:42 PM] I understand that, but the Points are good for one year and they have been on the account since 11/01/12.
    Dennis: [3:29:44 PM] So, what you are telling me is to bad so sad but you are just out the $1, 000 who cares about your change in circumstances.
    Gloria : [3:30:35 PM] The other option you could look into would be exchanging the Points with RCI.
    Dennis: [3:31:45 PM] Again, spending more money...the worst decision I ever made was buying a vacation plan from bluegreen 10 years ago and it just keeps getting worse.
    Gloria : [3:33:35 PM] I'm sorry Mr. Feasby, you can contact Vacation Services to see and see if an exception can be made.
    Dennis: [3:34:54 PM] Bluegeen never makes exceptions but I'll try can you give me their #? I already know that I have been taken yet again the this money sucking company but I'll try.
    Gloria : [3:35:41 PM] You will want to contact 800.456.2582, option 2.

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rude behavious

We went for a 90 min tour in williamsburg, va hat turned out t be 2, 5 h. all that sucked I was happy that at least we got 100.00 reward for that. the guy was really nice and scared as it was his 2nd time or something so i think he was not experienced thats why he wasnt rude and sticky. but his manager oh my god he was a real b...rude, lier, unprofessional. when he heard that we wouldnt buy it he was so pissed off and that actually m made me smile because a second before he was leaking our as... but actually thats fun to remember.


We went to a presentation at Christmas Mountain Village, in Wisconsin Dells, WI. While there we sat for a 1 hour presentation and half hour tour of the resort. During that presentation the speaker, Blake K., said several things that made buying their timeshare sound very appealing. He said what a great investment it would be because it was something that would increase in value as the years passed, because as the years went by it would cost more for new people to buy their timeshare, increasing our points value. That it was something we could proudly pass on to our children.

He also said we would only be allowed to buy the timeshare that day because it cost Bluegreen around $500.00 every time they had people come for their presentation. He gave an example saying “Imagine you were selling a car, and you paid potential buyers $50 dollars to test drive it. You wouldn’t want someone coming back again and again just test driving your car and you having to pay $50.00 over and over again.”

At the time we did not know that these were lies. It had made sense to us at the time. We did not know it was illegal to claim a timeshare as an investment, nor did we know that they couldn’t force a limited time offer on their timeshare as they had led us to believe.

After the presentation and tour we had a sit down with the speaker Blake K. and his sales manager Mark Halfpenny. During this sit down, even more lies were told to us.

We had told them we would want enough points to be able to take 2-3 long weekends a year. (Thursday night though Sunday morning or a Friday night to Monday morning). Mainly during Spring and Fall. We understood that summer would cost more points and we had no desire to travel during winter. They told us that 7, 000 points every other year would be plenty, since we didn’t want to travel during the “red” season.

Also we had recently purchased a house, and were concerned about having another payment. We were told that owning a timeshare is a tax write off, because we were buying actual property, and paying taxes on the property. We were given 6 months of no interest and after the APR kicked in the payments would be no higher that $150.00.

We were asked what kind of dream vacation we had wanted. And we replied “A week long cruise in the Caribbean”. These vacations started at 18, 000 points. We knew 7, 000 points every other year wouldn’t be enough to take our dream vacation. Mark Halfpenny said, “You can just save your points till you have enough to go.” I then specifically asked, “Do the points ever expire?” He replied; “No. You can save them for 6 years without a worry.”

Never once were Club Dues mentioned. Not during the presentation, tour or sit down. We were told about maintenance fees, but never about Club Dues. Blake K. said that Maintenance fees covered the taxes on our property and the upkeep of the resorts. And that they were based on how many points we have, so that they would never raise. His example was “If we paid $400.00 in fees, than our children would only pay $400.00 when we passed it on to them.”

We decided at the time that $150.00 a month for a few years, and than lifelong vacations for a small maintenance fee was great. We could stay at wonderful hotels that would normally cost closer to $250.00 a night for a fraction of the cost, eventually. A lot upfront, but in the long term a great asset to our family.

We agreed and went to sign contracts. At this point we had been there for over 4 hours. Our then 2½ year old son was with us, and he did not want to be with their staff any longer. We were tired and hungry. Our son was tired, hungry, and very irritable. We had to wait around another half hour while they prepared the paper work. By the time we actually sat down with the lady who prepared our paper work we were just ready to go. The only reason we were still there was because we believed what we were told. We honestly felt we were doing something good for our future and our son’s future.

The contract was so big. The lady said she would summarize everything for us. We were under the impression it had to be done that day. We weren’t given the option to sign them later. It was so hard to concentrate on the paperwork by this point. It’s hard enough to understand most legal documents at the best of times. We were tired, hungry, and trying to keep a toddler happy.

In January we scheduled a vacation with Bluegreen, to Christmas Mountain Village for the following June. During that scheduling is when we discovered that the points couldn’t be saved indefinitely. We tried booking online, and though it said we had plenty of points, we were not able to schedule our vacation. We were confused and called Bluegreen, and that’s when they told us we had to use them by a certain point or else they expired. And not only did they expire, points saved for a year, lose value. (Meaning, we could only use saved points for a “low” or “blue/white” season.) So we made the appointment, using as many points as we could so that they would not be wasted.

That February while doing our taxes our tax consultant had no idea what we were talking about, in regards to getting a ‘tax write off’. We have since learned that timeshares and expenses relating to them cannot be used on our taxes.

About a week before our trip we than received a bill for “Club Dues, ” and were bewildered as to what they were. We looked on-line at the Bluegreen website, and found out there was another fee on top of the maintenance fees. We decided to bring the bill with us, to talk with the employees at Christmas Mountain Village.

We have discovered that Bluegreen is a member of the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) and that they agree to abide by ARDA’s code of ethics. The following are codes that Bluegreens employees have broken with us.

Code of Ethics III.C.1-2 - 1. Must not convey false, untrue, deceptive, or misleading information
through statements, testimonials, photographs, graphics, or other means; and
2. Must not omit material information without which the solicitations or sales
information would be deceptive or misleading, or which would affect consumer decision making.
Code of Ethics V.B.4 - 4. Limited Time Offers. Representations must not be made that the current terms of an offer will not be available at a future time unless those representations are factual.
Code of Ethics V.B.5.b-c. - b. Must be consistent with information and disclosures provided in
the Sales Information; and c. The consumer must be provided with a reasonable opportunity to
review the contract documents in writing at time of sale before signing.
Code of Ethics V.B.9.- 9. Sales Presentation. Verbal representations must be consistent with
information contained in sales documents, contracts and written disclosures.

The only good thing I can say about this company is the town home we stayed in was fabulous. The bed was comfortable and clean, the room big and comfy. Doesn't negate the swarm of lies they used. Stay away from them.

If you really want a Bluegreen timeshare, just buy it from one of the hundreds of people trying to get rid of theirs. You can get 11, 000 points for less than 8k.

real estate

I was told the same thing! That the Timeshare was a Real Estate Deed and that it was increase in value! 5 years later, I am still paying for the thing, never used it because I am not allowed to until the HOA's are caught up, and (which btw if you don't pay you can't sell your propert to pay for the HOA's) - now I find out that becuase I own real estate (shocker to me! I thought time shares were a vacation club) if I had written off the interest from the mortage on my taxes, I would NOT be eligible for the first time home buyers's Tax Credit of $8, 000!


maintence fees

Being Held Hostage by Time Share Maintence Fees! If you are considering buying a time share- DON"T! You are...

join me in picketing in las vegas

I can see many of you out there were duped just like me... I am looking for folks to join me in picketing...

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