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Bluegreen Vacations / Awful company

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I am very upset. I booked a Blue Green vacation when approached by a salesperson at the Bass Pro Shop in Auburn Hills, Mi. They told me I could do it for $59 and then get two $25 gift cards when I got to the resort of choice. Because we cant afford to fly anywhere I rushed home and booked Boyne - Avalanche Bay for Dec 22 & 23 2008 knowing that hotels book up fast, we booked this the weekend of Fathers Day 08, in June.

In mid Nov. I got a package confirming our travel plans, 2 nights, indoor water park, etc. This whole trip would have really only cost us $9 since we were getting the 2 gift cards. We were so excited, they said we would have to go through a 90 min time share presentation and that was it.

So on Dec 1, I got a call around 8:30 PM stating that they pulled their Bluegreen company out of that hotel and that we can no longer visit there. We could use our trip to go to Orlando, Vegas or the Winsc. Dells. All in which we would have to fly, as we live in Michigan! Plus my parents like 1 hr. from Boyne, so we were going to do 2 nights there and then head to my parents house for Christmas.

Now our plans and our mini vac. our ruined. We were all excited about it, especially our 4 year old. We have had a HORRIBLE year, and this was the 1 thing we were looking forward to, a little pampering at a CHEAP hotel with the states largest indoor waterpark, we cant afford to do these things with our son, so we were happy to be able to do something like this for him. It was actually a FATHERS DAY gift for my husband, it killed me to have to tell him that we cant go now. I am having surgery at the end of the weak, and my husband is getting laid off on Dec 11, this would have been a GREAT relaxation for us, and we have been telling everyone that we are going, now we look like SMUCKS. We have not had any vacations this year, except 2 nights camping, 1 that we slept in the car, because it was raining. So gee thanks Blue Green, for NOTHING.

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  • Ga
      26th of Feb, 2009
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    I had the same issue happen to me and my wife. We planned a vacation in November to go to Gatlinburg in Feb. We just got back this past weekend. It was supposed to be last Wed and Thurs night, but they couldn't put us up at that time, we didn't find this out until the middle of Jan. I did complain because we had made reservations and it was a poor practice to decline a reserved room to a possible sales prospect. Finally they worked things out, they put us in their Laurel Crest resort and changed the times to Sat and Sun evening. Typically there is an additional charge for booking on the weekend, but they waved the fee and put us up.

    Personally, I have read where others have had a bad experience w/Bluegreen, but I wonder how many ever post when they have a good experience? Not many obviously which is why I am posting here. Yes, it was unfortunate for me and my wife to have to reschedule a few days ahead due to an unforseen issue with our reservation, but they worked it out for us. We had a wonderful time.

    While I am not making excuses for bad experiences in the past with other individuals, consider this... The rooms and resorts that BlueGreen opens up to vacationers and prospective sales are the same resorts and rooms that the current BlueGreen owners and members, who have paid their money use when they vacation. While the happiness of a prospective buyer is important to BlueGreen, I'm sure that the owners and its members happiness is much more important and must take priority. It could be that your reservation had to be bumped because of an increase of owners and members who reserved after you. It is unfortunate, but an issue that BlueGreen has to handle the best way they can to keep their clients happy first, prospects happy second. Remembering that without the prospects, there may not be any sales, but without the existing clientbase, there is no BlueGreen.

    This was the first vacation we spent with BlueGreen and listened to the sales pitch. We aren't a rich family, we make just below the national average, we don't have a lot of debt, so we made a small purchase of 7, 000 points for now and may increase later. The savings far outweigh the payment considering that you are buying into a points concept that lasts the rest of your life. My wife and I talked about it, we have a 3 year old and a 1 year old, this was our first vacation in years, and we asked ourselves why, was it the time or money? It was the money, this program allows us pay a little up front and get back a whole bunch later. Now that the money isn't an issue, rest assured we'll make the time to vacation, Orlando and Disney here we come...

    We had no pushy salesmen or women, the sales manager was extremly nice and said up front several times during the presentation, this isn't a program for everyone, if you struggle to make payments on a house, a car, a credit card, or food for you and your kids, this program isn't for you and we don't want you to buy now, we want you to take care of home first, then vacation later. He even used examples...

    Considering that you get a free vacation, all expenses paid to listen to an 1.5 to 2 hour presentation, it is a pretty good deal. Remember, you're a guest of BlueGreen and its members, so don't treat it as if you're already a member. Wanna complain because your reservation wasn't honored as a guest on the same level as a member, become a member, then have a right to complain. ;) Otherwise take the good with the bad...

    As a new BlueGreen member, but a guest and prospective member who stayed in their resorts for a 2 night 3 day vacation, I suggest you give it a shot... Remember, everyone complains when things go wrong, but not everyone speaks up with things go right... There are only 3 or 4 stories I've found that were negative towards the BlueGreen guest vacation, neither of them, in my opinion, seem to warrant bad mouthing the company, unexpected issues? Sure, but nothing so bad it should scare anyone away from at least taking a great free vacation.

    Good Luck,

  • Ja
      1st of Mar, 2009
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    As a member I was able to make a quick date resevation at the Fountins in Florida and then change it to a handicapped room as the other person was handicapped and in a wheelchair. They treated us like royality and met our every need . Boyne is a very hard reservation to make for the members. If there is any way poss try another vac spot.

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