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Bluegreen Vacation Club / change the rules

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I purchased a timeshare thru Bluegreen. I bought 6000 points, which at the time would get me a 1 bedroom condo at any of Bluegreen's resorts. I was assured at the time of purchase that 6000 points would always be enough to get a 1 bedroom at any resort at peak time. I was also assured that any new resort brought into the Bluegreen portfolio would not be more then 6000 points. I was told that in the event 1 bedrooms became more costly, I would be "gifted" the additional points to be able to continue reserving a 1 bedroom unit. ALL OF THAT WAS A COMPLETE LIE!! The new resorts that are added are usually take more points then 6000. At some of the existing resorts, Bluegeen has added "high red" and "leaf" seasons. Red was the highest season when I purchased. Now, my points won't even allow me to reserve at the older resorts during "High red" and "Leaf" seasons. My points have become useless in many ways. Be very aware of these guys willingness to say anything to make a sale and then change the rules afterward. I have contacted everyone that will listen within the Bluegreen Corporation and gotten nowhere. Basically once they have the sale and your money, you are no longer important to them.

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  • Lo
      11th of May, 2011
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    mmmmmmmmmm it makes me question is No Timeshare a honest person?

  • Lo
      11th of May, 2011
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    all I can say is we must have had a honest salesperson, but we also did ask how many points it took to the places we wanted to go

  • Pr
      8th of May, 2011
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    r u sure

  • Lo
      8th of May, 2011
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    jjbbb please explain yourself a little better You say you have upgraded to Bronze with Bluegreen developer points ? then you say 2 yrs later they changed the rule
    Please explain what rule they changed the only one i know of is that points bought of ebay etc do not count towards premier status only developer points can now do that.

    No Timshare, did you not ask to see the points charts for the resorts before you bought them I would have thought that would have been one of the first question, we knew right from the start a summer week at The Fountains needed 16000 points

  • Jj
      2nd of May, 2011
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    We upgraded to a bronze membership because the Bluegreen sales person promised we'd have more points to take better vacations. After spending another $15, 000 two years later we are unable to do this. Bluegreen has changed the rules with no "grandfather clause". Don't be fooled. DON'T BUY BLUEGREEN. Bait and Switch. HORRIBLE, don't waste your money and be disappointed!

  • Bi
      18th of Aug, 2010
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    if blue green and these other timeshares are so great why is it so hard to sell when you don, t want it anymore. If they are so good why cann, t the timeshare company get set up to buy it back.

  • Ba
      12th of Feb, 2009
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    Hey Happy bunny, what a load of rubbish you talk. My Maintenance fee is £800 for one year, i can book 2 weeks in a fab 5 bedroom villa for this price, not some dive that you are making out it would be. Please get your facts right.
    And before you make your way to work at bluegreen, make sure the lies that you are asked to tell are believable. FOOL

  • Bi
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    Lets get a few things right please

    You are not limted to certain properties you can not suse saved points for high red weeks which is fair to all owners.

    Availabilty is not a problem infact at the AGM it was stated that most reservations are made at the 4 month out point.

    If you did not pay for MF how would you pay the resort staff and pay for the upkeep of the resorts

    The Mf do go up but then again dont your own energy insurance bills go up

    Again availability is not a problem so what is with the problem with having to wait till your membership comes thro whint 30/45 days.

    Why would uyou need a calculator how can you get 4 weeks accom for 4 in a property with kitchen living room bedroom bathroom for $1600

    All i can say is keep paying you hotel fees and in 20-30 yrs time lets see who comes out on top

    And lastly the industry reckons that BG are a very well managed company but then you know better.

    After owning TS for 9 years we are at breakeven point so we are looking forward to jumping on the gravy train now and watching you mugs spay higher and higher hotel bills for less and less service.

    you have read 50 comments mmmmmmm not a lot from 190, 000 owners.

    Its only crap if you dont know how to use the system thank god some of us do and then thank god folks like you dont.

    Enjoy your stay in second rate hotels because your will not be able to avoid 5 star accom on what your are prepared to pay.

  • Ka
      1st of Dec, 2008
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    We just returned from one of Bluegreen's promotional tours in Myrtle Beach, SC. It sounded really, really good and we want to take vacations together as a family so it seemed like a fantastic deal. The tour lasted over 4 hours - most of which was spent "negotiating" the terms of the agreement. We eventually tired out and purchased 8000 points with minimal money down. All the while, we were a bit unsure if we were getting the "big picture." After reading the reviews, some of the discrepancies (in the presentation/tour) and the total truth are as follows:

    1.) Although unused points roll over each year, it is now our understanding that the rolled over points only purchase certain types of properties. In other words, you can't stay anywhere with rolled over points and are limited to certain properties!!!

    2.) Availability is a major complication for most existing owners!

    3.) For the amount of money spent on the downpayment, as well as the monthly payments and maintenance fees (oh, by the way, the maintenance fees are not set in stone and can & will go up without notice) fees, one could stay in a nice hotel of choice.

    4.) The maintenance fees are a life-long commitment - even after the agreement has been fully paid, owners must still "maintain" their property with yearly fees!

    5.) We do not feel we were outright lied to during the presentation/tour. However, we were not told everything and much of the material we were given (large books and tons of written fineprint) was too extensive to read on the spot - it is set up this way to reel people in - in our opinion.

    6.) We realized what a scam and waste of money this program really is and are getting out during the five day recession period which varies by state (or the five days that follow our contractual agreement/purchase).

    7.) Members cannot check the "availability" of any properties until AFTER members receive their official ownership number, which is obviously mailed out AFTER the recession period has also ended.

    8.) The member who posted high remarks and has 45000 points needs to purchase a freaking calculator! For the money he/she spends on those 45000 points every year, he/she could stay in 5 star hotels, if not purchase a resort! Puhlease, dude, we aren't stupid! You're clearly part of the Bluegreen propaganda network so enjoy those pre-paid, all-inclusive vacations and your bag of 45000 points! Most of us folks with that kind of cash would do better to stash that money in a short-term interest bearing account, save it up, and then take a fantastic vacation (or more) each year on the interest alone!

    All in all, this plan sounds great - but after reading nearly 50 reviews dating back to 2006 - it seems really obvious that this company is very poorly managed. We also read somewhere today that another company is interested in buying Bluegreen, which speaks very loudly of the overall financial condition of the company itself. It's a crap of a program so buyers please, please beware. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true!

  • Fr
      19th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Well the solution is obvious if you want to enjoy bluegreen to its full potential and it is an amazing vacation club, you need to buy more points. 6000 points is usless, I have 45000 I can take 3-4 great vacations a year.

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