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bluegreen corp is a scam!

Believe all theses stories on here Bluegreen Corp is a scam and thank god I didn't fall for the whole...

lack of ability to use points

We have been Bluegreen owners for several years and have found it extremely difficult to work through the points system. I have plenty of points to make a reservation in June but because those points convert to a different category (i.e. saved!!!) at the end of May, I can't make the reservation. Each time I have tried to use my points, I get a different variable concerning the status of my points! None of this was ever mentioned, let alone explained to us at the time of the presentation.

We have become very frustrated with the whole program and regret ever buying into this company. I think Bluegreen has certainly sold many owners "property" that simply is not there! We have a deed to nowhere!

We like to travel with the grandchildren and since they are in school, that travel usually takes place during the summer months. The Bluegreen Company usually considers that time of year their high red or ultra red season, and it makes using the saved points almost impossible. At the presentation, one of the things we liked about it was the fact that you could accumulate points and save them for a longer vacation or extra rooms. We were not told of the "saved" category and how it worked. We were never informed that we would lose our saved points if they were not used by a deadline.

Up until this point, I have felt that maybe it was my fault for not understanding all of the variables of the complex point system. After reading some of the other complaints, I realize that it was not me, but the fraudulent tactics of Bluegreen. I am quite disappointed with the company and frustrated with the whole process.

If you have any true, reliable advice, or would offer us any reasonable amount for our points, we would love to get out. We were told that there was a company named "Pinnacle" who would sell our points for us, but we've not been able to locate them. Help!!

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    Pat Loney Jul 30, 2007
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    I agree with the complaint against Bluegreen we have been owners before the point system came into existence and have been completely disappointed with the whole point system you can never take a vacation when or where you want to. We too would love to sell our points as they are about useless for our family and the maintenance fees cost more than if we just rented the condo for one week.

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    Jennifer Simon Sep 13, 2007
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    The only thing i know about Pinnacle is they are a collection agency for maintenance fees that are overdue. If you are referred to collectiona they will charge you a penalty of 60% (yes sixty ).what i want to know is if i owe maintenance fees i cant reserve a week, they in turn rent it to someone else and get the proceeds for the rental. So dont get a week , they charge me exhorbitant late fees and they get the money for the rental. Seems to me that if they rent it it should go towards paying my maintainence fees.
    The Florida law that is stated on the maintenence fee paper work states that if the unit is rented the owner should get the proceeds. When i spoke to several customer service reps they responded like I had two heads. . Someone needs to crack down on their unfair and assumedly illegal practices as they are triple dipping!!!!

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    Shirley Alston Sep 19, 2007
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    Thank you for posting your experience on the web. They almost had me. This would hadve been my second ripoff! My husband and I got into Travel More Now and never received any benefit from our $4,000.00. But when I got home from signing up with Mountain Loft in Gatlinburg, TN, I went out on the net to reaserch it. Then I began to comprehend that the 9,000 point I hd bought for $11,000 would not even get me a decent vacation each year. The representative told me I could trade for RCI resorts, no problem. She did not tell me that with 9,000 points, that would be virtually impossible. I cancelled befor the 10 day grace period was up. I am so grateful that I got out. I am a senior (72) on a fixes income. Thanks again!

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    Dewayne Mullins Feb 07, 2008
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    Don't use Pinnacle. They are owned by Bluegreen and your points won't sell. Ours have been there 2 years and all they can say about them not selling is we are asking to much and need to lower our price. I once told them i was not going to lower my price because if they were worth that much when i bought them they should be worth at least that much now. Their response was the market was down and that was not the case. But i guarantee they did not lower their price. I too wish i had never bought. If anyone knows a way out PLEASE let me know.

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    Bxgowner May 01, 2011

    You need to use up your saved points in the beginning of the year. Save your new points. You must specify when making reservations. Furthermore your anniversary date has alot to do with availability. For example if you don't own a VIP level you can book 11months out. Meaning if you get your points on march 1 you can book Out march- january. If your trying to get in June or July you only have 4-5 months priority. Prob won't get into a popular resort. I would suggest changing to a every other year like I did. This will allow you to book 11 months out anytime in a 24 month window and get what you want when you want. My representative is very knowledgeable and has really coached me tge first couple years.

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