Bluegreen Timeshares / broke the law

The Fountains, Orlando, FL, United States

After spending 5 hours with the sales lady and her boss, we bought. They just would not take no for an anwer. I was promised everything you can think of, even to call 48 hrs in advance and could get in The Fountains at anytime with no blackout dates. This even meant July 4th, New Years, etc. I am self-employed and only take long weekend vacations. Never do I take a week or two. Usually Thursday thru Sunday. I have tried on 5 occasions to book something and was actually laughed at. The lady said I would have to call at least 11 months in advance just to get into The Fountains. I got an invitation to go to Branson for a free weekend. They actually just wanted to sell me more points. While with the sales lady, I mentioned that I had forgotten my Kahlua for my coffee. She immediately said she could not do anything else with me. What I found out is "No BlueGreen employee is to accept a signature on a binding contract if they have knowledge of client drinking alcohol". They broke the law in Florida, as they knew I was drinking Kahlua the day I purchased as well. I have filed complaints everywhere. Now at the Attorney General in Oklahoma. Have not gotten anything done. All the Government Agencies are a big joke. Looking for an attorney that can help me if this doesn't work. If anyone has any information that can help, please contact me at wildwild.[protected]

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