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an awful company

I sent this email to Bluegreen, they deleted it and never read it, I just thought I'd post it here, maybe someone at Bluegreen will read it and I hope others take note

Hello Candace (a Bluegreen customer Service agent)
Thank you for your reply, sorry for the delay in replying
I recently stayed at the Fountains at Oasis Lakes, Orlando (10/03/2008 - 10/18/2008)
I tried to fill out the online comment card, but it wouldn't accept my room or reservation number
I used to own an apartment there
I couldn't use my apartment due to the strange way my points were allocated, so I used the RCI website and saved my points and then booked my vacation
I was quite surprised how things had changed there and how some things haven't changed

When we tried to check in, they couldn't find our reservation and we were sent away until 4pm and for them to find our reservation (this was very unusual, the last time we used our apartment, the staff were very helpful and let us store our luggage, and check in as soon as an apartment was available)

When we did arrive back at 4pm, there was none of the cheerful staff from my last visit, it was a rather surly greeting (but this maybe due to the fact we had an exchange)

We got to our apartment and it smelt extremely musty, but that wasn't a big problem, we just aired out the room, opening the balcony doors, we showed our friends around, and while they were very pleased with it, I noticed the furniture and fittings hadn't been upgraded and was worn in places (the furniture was exactly the same as when I first bought it in 1995, What have you spent the maintenance money on ? Certainly not on upgrading or purchasing new furniture or carpets

Anyway, as the day passed and we made our self at home, I saw that you had an in room connection for my laptop, that was very good, but as I found out, the service wasn't very good, I had to phone every day to get a connection, but that wasn't a problem, I could save my work until the reconnection was made, but it was very irksome and annoying to call every day (I am a maintenance manager at Heathrow and needed to keep in touch with on going projects)

We had to ask for a repair in the master bedroom for a ceiling fan, it took 4 days and several phone calls to get it repaired, even though we were told on the first day it was repaired and every day, The electrician eventually turned up at 10pm, one night and repaired it then (I asked for it to be done then as nothing seemed to happen in the daytime while we were out

During the second week a problem developed with the fridge, but wasn't a major problem, we asked if someone could look at it, but no one ever turned up and I never got any message left on the telephone

We had some new balcony furniture left for us, we never got any message that it would be done (but it was a lot better than the cheap plastic stuff we had) and my friends were rather perturbed that someone could just walk in at nearly anytime (the towels and bedding were changed, but nothing like the service I had previously enjoyed when I was an owner there

I went to a 'presentation' while I was there, I didn't want any tickets, or money from it, I just wanted to voice my concerns, and let the sales staff know how my feelings were when I bought (what I thought was an extra week) these points, my week that I had enjoyed for many years was now converted to points, and the so called bonus weeks I was given was useless, as I couldn't use them or book anything for 30 days before travel (very nice if I wanted an out of the way place that no one else wanted )

The sales staff weren't interested in my concerns or what I had to say to them and how things had changed (my week to points and how I couldn't use my apartment) and after 30-40 minutes I was asked to leave, and was told if I said anything to other people staying there or other purchasers, I would be asked to leave the resort, I agreed not to speak to other resort owners, I didn't want to be thrown out with no other hotel booked and I didn't want to embarrass my friends

I didn't find any of the staff helpful and the amenities hadn't changed since my last visit (2 years previously) I found the staff would only do just enough to get by with

I had several packages delivered to The Fountains during my 2 week stay, I never got an phone calls saying they had arrived, I only got that information from the sender

When we were leaving the resort, I spoke to the front desk and told them that I was expecting 2 more packages, that hadn't arrived, and would they forward them on to me in the UK, I gave them my email address, my home address, my contact telephone number

The man on the front desk went away to confirm that this would be okay and record my details, he came back and assured me that it would be fine, and they would forward them on to me, and if any further charges were due I would pay them, if they would let me know what they were via email

I have contacted the senders of the packages, they have arrived, but for some reason they have lost one, (I have had emails to that effect from Philip Russell) I'm still waiting for them to arrive (these have now arrived, it took a month to arrive though, I actually received them today)

It was certainly a different place from when I was an owner, I'm glad I have sold my points, I know I lost money by doing so, BUT I have purchased another weeks vacation from another seller and another resort

There always was a problem with BlueGreen when I tried to book anything, and when I did manage to book anything I always found myself disappointed with my accommodation and the staff (we stayed at the BlueGreen resort in Las Vegas, this was out of the way and was nothing more than a bunch of tower blocks, with no staff in attendance at the pool and there were several drunks and broken bottles around, but I didn't say anything as the drunks were English, and I certainly didn't want to be associated with them

All in all, I found my last stay at the Fountains a very disappointing experience, and I'm glad I wont be staying there or using it in the future

I know now I am no longer a owner or member of BlueGreen, that my email or views wont make any difference to the way the resort is run or the state of the furniture or decoration of the rooms or the attitude of the staff, BlueGreen are only there to make money, and care very little about ex members/owners, after all there will be other people going to the 'presentations' and making purchases, I just felt I had to make my views known

IF I had bought an extra week and not been persuaded by the sales staff to convert to points, I would still be an owner, but I wouldn't go back to The Fountains again (even when it is completed)

I'm really glad I dont have anything further to do with Bluegreen, their customer service leaves much to be desired, in fact they are rude, and not helpful in the slightest

  • An
    angryandupset Dec 29, 2009

    Please let us know how you got out of Bluegreen. Thank you very much !

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We re in a financial crisis, my husband has been laid off and our income is now 1/3 what it was. contacted...

refuse to help

My husband just got laid off and I contacted the mortage department for some help. We asked if they could refinace at a lower rate (now 10.25%) so we could get a lower more manageable payment. They refused to help and would rather take you into forclosure than to help you keep things good with them. The man was very nice but said Bluegreen policy doesn't allow you to be refinaced with them you would have to go to an outside source which is impossible because no on will finance a timeshare!! So he said that if I would go with out paying for 5 months they would forclose and that would stay on our record for seven years, rather than help. My advice is to never buy a timeshare because it isn't actual property that is of value to you!!


  • Ta
    Tanya Nov 17, 2008

    Hello, we are in just about the same situation as you. My husbands working hours have been cut back. We have a mortgage for our Bluegreen points through the company. But, with the maintenance fees going up and our income going down...we are in trouble. We are considering closing our bank acount down so that Bluegreen can not deduct any more monthly payments. We just want out!! What has been paid will be lost. We understand that. But, the monthly payment to Bluegreen is a nice chunk of change, that could be used to buy groceries or pay the heating bill. We just don't want to be sued by Bluegreen for not paying them. And then end up having to pay anyway. What do you advise. I'm totally unsure of what to do.

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  • Ta
    tandt7800 Apr 08, 2010

    I was just told the same thing yesterday. My husband and I were talked into this 4 years ago and now we can't get out og it. The maintenance fee are out of this world. The bill always comes in Nov. When I tried to call to have the date changed they said no. So I have been paying them late every year, but this year was the worst. Money has been tight so I paid them half of what I owed and when I went to pay the other half they sent it into collection. Plus added other $110 for that. When I called to see what I could do they said that I should have called and asked about a payment plan. I have called around to many different companys to sell the timeshare but they want at least $600 to list it. Anyone else having any luck.

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  • Sh
    shu Apr 14, 2010

    There is an attorney currently taking names of Bluegreen owners who are seeking justice for being scammed. Contact [email protected] for details.

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not being able to use our points

When we purchased our timeshare, everything seemed great. I explained that I was a Teacher and that I can...

scamming too many consumers

Attorney General Corbett announces lawsuits against Florida timeshare & vacation companies accused of advertising, real estate, and telemarketing violations

HARRISBURG - Attorney General Tom Corbett today announced lawsuits today against four Florida-based companies accused of illegally marketing vacation packages, using "free" airline ticket offers and other worthless prizes to lure consumers into aggressive and deceptive timeshare presentations.

Corbett said consumer protection lawsuits were filed against Bluegreen Corporation, Bluegreen Resorts, Bluegreen Vacations Unlimited, Inc. and Great Vacations Destinations, Inc., all of Boca Raton, Florida. Bluegreen contacted consumers by phone and through kiosks at shopping malls, fairs, and festivals throughout Pennsylvania, and also operates full-time sales facilities in Hershey and King of Prussia.

"Virtually any consumer with a checkbook and a pulse allegedly qualified as a 'winner' in these promotions, " Corbett said. "Unsuspecting consumers who believed they were contest winners were actually drawn into a high pressure bait-and-switch campaign designed to push timeshare vacation packages costing thousands of dollars."

Corbett said more than 5, 700 Pennsylvania residents purchased Bluegreen timeshares, with many paying $20, 000 to $40, 000 or more for packages that violated Pennsylvania's Consumer Protection Law, the Real Estate Licensing and Registration Act, the Telemarketer Registration Act and other consumer regulations.

Phony Prizes
Corbett said that Bluegreen representatives allegedly called consumers who believed they were entering contests and other promotions promising cars, cash and vacations.

According to the lawsuit, consumers were told that they had not won the "grand prize, " but had been selected to receive other items, like free airline tickets. Consumers were also promised free gasoline and meals when they collected their prize, if they attended a 90 minute timeshare presentation.

Corbett said the lawsuit alleges that consumers who were contacted by Bluegreen were not actually randomly selected prize winners. Instead, virtually everyone who entered the contests was contacted and falsely told that they were a prize winner.

In one case, Corbett said a consumer informed a Bluegreen representative that the person they were trying to reach did not live at that address. The consumer was told that it wasn't a problem - they would give her a prize too.

High Pressure Sales and False Advertising
Corbett said that in order to collect their "prizes, " consumers were required to schedule an appointment with a Bluegreen sales representative. In some cases, consumers who believed they would be attending a 90 minute timeshare presentation were actually subjected to relentless marketing pitches that lasted five hours or more.

According to the lawsuit, numerous deceptive statements were made to consumers during these presentations in an effort to get them to sign contracts immediately, including phony claims that prices would increase the next day, misrepresentations about when and where consumers could travel if they made a purchase and false statements about certain fees being waived.

Corbett said that some consumers bought vacation programs because they were told they were entitled to a one-week stay in Hawaii, only to learn afterward that the program they purchased could not be used in Hawaii.

According to the lawsuit, consumers who sat through the timeshare presentations received "prizes" that were nothing like what they had been promised. The "four free airline tickets" were actually booklets that offered two airline tickets with each hotel room reserved, at high prices, in a limited number of cities. In some situations, consumers were required to commit to a 10 night stay at overpriced hotel rates before being able to select a local airport for their flight.

Corbett said "free" gasoline and meals that consumers were promised turned out to be coupons or certificates with lengthy terms and conditions. For instance, consumers who were promised $40 in free gas were required to submit written requests to obtain a series of gas coupons. The coupons required consumers to pay for their gas first and then mail a receipt for reimbursement, with each coupon limited to a $5 purchase, with no more than one purchase per month.

Illegal Contracts
Corbett's said contracts used by Bluegreen failed to properly inform consumers of their right to cancel their purchase. Pennsylvania law requires that consumers have five days to cancel any timeshare or campground purchase. Bluegreen is also accused of violating a state law that requires all consumer contracts to be written in easy-to-understand terms.

Do Not Call Violations
According to the lawsuit, Bluegreen made numerous calls to consumers who were on Pennsylvania's Do Not Call list, allegedly basing those calls on referrals from other customers. Additionally, the companies are accused of making repeated calls to consumers who clearly told them not to call again.

"Bluegreen took advantage of hardworking Pennsylvania residents eager to find an affordable getaway, " Corbett said. "Using deceptive contests, relentless sales presentations and misleading contracts, consumers were pressured into paying thousands of dollars for vacation packages that don't meet their needs or their budgets."

Corbett said the lawsuits seek restitution for consumers who suffered financial losses because of these deceptive or illegal practices.

Additionally, Corbett says the lawsuit asks the court to void all illegal consumer contracts and give consumers the right to cancel any agreement that did not include the state-required notice of cancellation.

The lawsuit also seeks up to $1, 000 in civil penalties for each violation of the Consumer Protection Law, or up to $3, 000 for each violation involving a senior citizen.

The lawsuits were filed in Commonwealth Court, in Harrisburg, by Senior Deputy Attorney General David Sumner of the Attorney General's Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Corbett says the investigation began after consumers contacted his office to report these practices. He encouraged other consumers who have problems with Bluegreen to file a complaint by calling the Attorney General's Consumer Protection Hotline at [protected] or submit an online consumer complaint.

A personal note from the filer of this new info:
PLEASE DO THIS AT ONCE- this may be a time sensitive issue. You may be able to recover ALL or at least part of the money that you've lost to these scammers. I'm SO GLAD that the Atty. General in PA is intent on holding this company responsible for it's deceptive business practices. Good luck to those of you who have fallen victim to Bluegreen. I hope the outcome is to your satisfaction
Many Blessings,
Robin A. Collins

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Buying a timeshare has been THE biggest mistake of my life. In the sales pitch room, I felt like I was being...

poor customer service

When purchased, I selected the auto withdrawal from my account. Evidently, they didn't get all of the information at the time. They failed to withdraw the monthly fee, then increased the interest percentage (and the amount) and said there was nothing that they would do because they sent me two letters that I should have responded to. They said that they did what they were supposed to do and that I was at fault.

They don't know the first thing about customer service. I am very very sorry that I ever got involved with these scam artists.

  • Ro
    RobinAnn Collins Nov 02, 2008

    Please file a complaint with your local Attorney General's Office. If enough people do this, they will be forced to look into Bluegreen's business practices. Then, they will probably file suit against them just at Tom Corbett's Office did here in Pennsylvania.
    I believe there is also one underway in Michigan. File papers with the BBB also, just make sure that you follow-up with them and sent in all required paperwork. The BBB is a paid for endorsement. It is not EARNED as they would lead us all to believe. So, when you find that someone is a member of the BBB, don't be impressed. They PAID much money for that membership! Isn't that a shame?
    But, file a complaint anyway. You have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time and if enough consumers do this they will HAVE to respond as they did in PA

    I wish you the best of luck, always!

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  • Lo
    London-Ky Dec 24, 2009

    We recently went to Laurel Crest for a couple of days away, and to be with family and friends, and of course shop. My step-daughter owns a timeshare there. She booked 6 units for the family3 months ago. We thought we would be all together.WRONG.We were all in seperate buildings. So to eat together, we had to carry our hot food past 2 other building. We didn't have an ice machine in our building. The one in the closest building was tore up. The chlorine in the pool was so strong that the childrens eyes were hurting and burning.( we all know you can't keep children out of the indoor pool, if there is one around). The rules state that you can't have a skate board on the property. Yet at different times all night long you could hear them rolling up and down the walkway. You could hear televisions allnight. We even heard someone next door snoring. But in spite of all the aggravation, we still had a good time.

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fraud and scam

I've been a Bluegreen owner for almost 5 years and my Mant. fees have gone up every year. Last year they went up from $700.00 a year to $1, 100.00 a year and this year to $1, 230.00 I'm so fed-up with this that I'm going to sell this mess but who would buy it. I haven't been able to get a real answer as to why they go up every year but I'm sure Bluegreen isn't going to change a thing. They just keep gouging us with lame excuses. Pissed off in MI. Dave C.

  • Pe
    Pearl Nov 13, 2008

    Good luck in selling, we have ours listed with 5 different firms that said " Oh Bluegreen is very desirable and we can probably sell it in 90 days or less!!" Well that was 2 years ago and not one nibble. I agree with the maint. fees ours are now up to 1443.00 with no explaination!! I entered a complaint about them not helping you when in need like the sweet talkers said they would!!

    Hopefully these comments will keep someone else from making the same mistakes we have.

    Best of luck to yo

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  • So
    Solomon & Penny Dec 01, 2008

    Do Not Buy unless you want to be sorry.

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  • Sh
    shu Apr 14, 2010

    Bluegreen is singly the most unethical, immoral and desestible company in business today. Their sales sluts will use high pressure and out right lies to sucker people in. Then...after you've signed your name to their contract you discover on page 4 of the public offering Bluegreen is not liable for any promises made by their sales agents. Unbelievable. These parasites are without questions the lowest form of trash.

    You will not get any of what your told, or shown your going to get...none of it.

    They will steal your money and if you refuse to pay they will ruin your credit and threat YOU with legal action...that is incredible. What a band of puss trolls.

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good company

We have been owners with Bluegreen Resorts for 7 years. We could not be more satisfied with this company and it is everything that it claims to be. you do have to know the rules and book your trips in advance since availability during peak seasons is limited. We could never stay at the really nice resorts because they were just to expensive! The bluegreen places are beautiful and so clean! tons of activities for the kids and the staff members are top notch!

As far as the sales presentations, they are certainly pushy but they are just doing their job! you have to learn to be firm and say no when something is out of your reach! Just say no! works for me! I just go to get my free gifts! we have never stayed or been trapped by then for more than 80-90 minutes. I just use that time to catch up on all the changes and new properties! I have given travel gifts to my parents and my in-laws for christmas gifts, and traded using RCI with no trouble whatsoever!

Good luck and happy travels with Bluegreen!

  • Pe
    Pearl Nov 13, 2008

    I am glad to see someone happy with bluegreen, you have to be the first I have seen. I am trying to sell my points because I can no longer afford all the fees. We tried to get it refinance due to my husband getting laid off but they won't help, they would rather go into foreclosure than help us out, so if you know someone that would like to purchase 26, 000 points we will give them a heck of a deal. We have it listed with 5 different companies to try to sell but in 2 years not a single nibble!!! so I am offering you or anyone you know that would like to become part of the "Bluegreen Experience" 26000 points for $32000.00 that is only $1.23 per point, a heck of a deal if you can afford it and will use it. let our loss be a joy for someone else!! We can even get them financing at @ 7% with one of the companies we have it listed with! (but they won't refi to us ;(

    Didn't do this to harrass you, just thought the help of a happy member would be better than a business!!

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  • My
    Mysti Nov 24, 2008

    After all the BAD reviews, I have to wonder...are you really owners???or could you possibly be part of their company???

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  • Ba
    Barbara Hoskins Feb 10, 2009

    Hey!!! This ferdinand person who has no complaints about bluegreen,
    obviously doesn't mind paying outrageous amounts of money for their
    week. Maybe they will be posting their complaint next time their maintenance goes up to over $1200 for one year, we can get 2 weeks in a villa for this price. I agree with Mysti, i think this person might be a Bluegreen sales person.

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  • Rs
    rste May 03, 2010

    This person is definitely a Bluegreen employee.

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  • Ha
    Happy Owners Jul 03, 2015

    We have also been Bluegreen owners for more than 10 years and couldn't be happier. I agree, you have to know the rules and use them, but we have taken more trips and had such great accommodations that we would not have been able to afford otherwise. We have given many trips to our family members as well with our points. Our son and daughter-in-law have been to Aruba twice on Bluegreen points, we have traded Bluegreen points for RCI points and stayed at some of their facilities. We have used our Choice Privileges opportunities with points. We could not be happier with our purchase into Bluegreen. I am so sorry that so many people here feel they have had such an awful experience. These experiences do not sound anything like the experiences we have had. I am NOT a Bluegreen Employee, just an owner for more than 10 years.

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scam and lies

This past June, my husband and I went with our four young children to the "Fishing Store" (a.k.a. Bass Pro...

awful company

My husband and I attended a bluegreen tour and presentation as a favor to friends who are already member...


Beware of the Visitors Center in TN- the salesmen are waiting for you...they entice you with free tickets to see a show etc...We were totally naive! I really don't know how these salesmen sleep at night because it is really a farce.

Too many rules apply and of course you come to realize this after your purchase. The salesman left out huge details on how the point system really works. Just keep in mind the maintenance fees come around fast- $500/year for a TS that hardly has availability- you may as well spend this money on somewhere you really would like to go!

  • Lo
    Lord Mankinholes Sep 12, 2008

    wrong again about availabilty
    all owners can make reservations for 2 days upwards 11 months out

    The Mf are in fact one of the lowest in the TS industry

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  • Ba
    Barbara Hoskins Feb 10, 2009

    WRONG AGAIN about main /fees they are scandalously high,
    Who do you work for then, NOT BLUEGREEN by any chance.

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  • Lo
    Lord Mankinholes Jul 10, 2009


    you seem to be missinformed on many things

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  • Sh
    shu Apr 13, 2010

    Lord Buttholes...You ARE an employee, and a septic dweller. My sound just like an 'fing Bluegreen advertisment. Proof positive you are one of the coven you ###.

    I've spent days, weeks, and months trying to get something for the money I've wasted on this nightmare. So have hundreds of other victims.

    FACTS ARE FACTS YOU LOSER...WHY ELSE WOULD YOU COME TO THIS SITE. You've made 26 posts here at this site alone under this ONE pseudoname playing cheerleader for Bluegreen. You make me sick you lying piece of feces.

    Yeah, right, your not a sales whore. Sure. Your just here because you love Bluegreen. 26 posts...and your not a sales slut???? Bull S#$t... You really are a sad, sad, sad human.

    The only people who could love the company are the gutter trash that get the opportunity through Bluegreen to steal from hard working people. The Yahoo Group is nothing more than a bait and switch mechanism for the snakes that work this scam.

    Liars, Thiefs, Parasites and ###. That is all they are...that is all you are.

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  • Lo
    Lord Mankinholes Apr 18, 2010


    come on we all know that you can now cut and paste.

    but even that is the same old Bull

    lots of words no real facts

    no idea of how the system works

    and more comments than me lol

    but get typing Robin

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  • Sh
    shu Apr 19, 2010

    Hey's is going!
    I see your over here at spewing more of your Bluegreen lies.
    Copy and Paste this you septic dweller.
    I find it hilarious that your profile says you live in England. Hahaha...PROOF POSITIVE BUTTHOLES HERE IS A PAID BLUEGREEN EMPLOYEE!!!

    lots of words no real facts: FACT: Bluegreen has a Better Business Bureau Rating of "F" in West FL Where Headquarters is.

    no idea of how the system works: FACT: Here's how the system works A$$ Hole - BG makes promises they know they can't keep, unsuspecting people purchase what they have been told is the next great thing in Vacationing, people then discover they CANT go where they want when they want, they CANT sell it back to Bluegreen, Their Fees go up every year by 15-20%.

    Copy and Paste this you ###.

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  • Lo
    Lord Mankinholes Apr 19, 2010


    good to see you have no had to cut copy and pasting again

    My fees did not go up 15-20% maybe its because I am an English person lol, they went up 10%

    Maybe in your (sandwich short of a picnic ) fantasy world your day to day running costs never go up in your spetic tank land.

    The fact is you dont know what you are talking about and by the response you never will do.

    Keep taking the pills and the men with the straight jacket will be along soon.

    keep smileing and have a nice day

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  • Sh
    shu May 24, 2010

    Well...I discovered the deal with these Bluegreen cheerleaders.
    Ever wondered why someone would come to a consumer complaints site and cheer on the bad guys, the rip off artists, scamsters, crooks and thieves (Bluegreen). I just didn't get it...until I did some research. These guys are paid "REPUTATION DEFENDERS". Companies pay these dirt bags to scour the internet and DEFEND thier practices.
    Proof: Google the following words "reputation defense".

    [censor] working for [censor].

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I have a problem with the attitudes of the customer service department when I called about maint. fees. The maintenance fees are outrageous per year!!! You can't expect me to believe that the maintenance on my timeshare is that much per year. Especially when I'm not the only one that stays in the timeshare and I only stay once a year. I have had nothing but bad experiences with Bluegreen since we bought our timeshare and I can't wait to sell it!!! You hodoo'd me once but you won't do it again It's not fair that I can't use my points until my maintenance fees are paid if I pay my monthly payment.

  • Lo
    Lord Mankinholes Sep 12, 2008

    It is completly fair that you are unable to use your points if you have not paid your MF.
    Why should other owners pay for you to use our resorts
    your MF for 2008 were a flat $290 + $0.0335 per point

    By the way you will get around 30 to 50 cents per point if you want to sell

    How many have you got

    Mind you if you dont pay your MF then you cant sell
    maybe BG will foreclose on you

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  • Sh
    shu May 27, 2010

    Well...I discovered the deal with these Bluegreen cheerleaders.
    Ever wondered why someone would come to a consumer complaints site and cheer on the bad guys, the rip off artists, scamsters, crooks and thieves (Bluegreen). I just didn't get it...until I did some research. These guys are paid "REPUTATION DEFENDERS". Companies pay these dirt bags to scour the internet and DEFEND thier practices.
    Proof: Google the following words "reputation defense".

    [censor] working for [censor]

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My husband and I bought and paid off bluegreen resort points. Every time we try to reserve our week, we are always told the resorts are all full and we can take our vacation on days they have openings. We have to basically plan a vacation when they say we can stay at their resorts. If we call a year out, they say it's too early. If we call 2 months out, as suggested by the bookers, the resorts are full. We were reassured that due to the numerous properties all resorts owners would never have problems booking. This is annoying because before purchasing we specifically asked about availability within their resorts and now feel we have been lied too.

  • Lo
    Lord Mankinholes Sep 12, 2008

    The one thing about any point based TS system is the felxability to be able to plan ahead.
    All owners can make a resevation for 2 days and upwards 11 months out and that is the reason you need to plan
    If you can not or not willing to plan then TS is not for you
    Since each owners points are deeded to a specifc week and unit it is impossible for BG to oversell.
    2 months out and you will have very little choice unless you are going to travel in the off peak season

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  • Sh
    shu Aug 17, 2009

    100% fact. Believe every word of it.

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  • Sh
    shu May 27, 2010

    Well...I discovered the deal with these Bluegreen cheerleaders.
    Ever wondered why someone would come to a consumer complaints site and cheer on the bad guys, the rip off artists, scamsters, crooks and thieves (Bluegreen). I just didn't get it...until I did some research. These guys are paid "REPUTATION DEFENDERS". Companies pay these dirt bags to scour the internet and DEFEND thier practices.
    Proof: Google the following words "reputation defense".

    [censor] working for [censor]

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do not buy from them

Do not...I NOT buy a Bluegreen timeshare under any conditions. No matter how sweet it may sound, it is a rip-off. My wife and I bought one, and we are in a continual state of regret about it. It is virtually impossible to sell (the same amount of points we bought for $10, 000 are selling for about $3, 000 online), plus we have yearly fees of about $700 that must be paid for us to even be able to keep using it.

Here are some of the things you may not hear while you're in a Bluegreen presentation... we didn't:

-each year you will have to pay both "maintenance fees" and "club dues, " which for us amount to over $700. If you don't pay, you can't use any of your points at all until you do pay.

-many of the resorts they tell you about can only be booked in 7-day increments, which means you'll take that trip and no others for two years because you'll use up all your points on that single trip.

-we just found this one out... if you don't have the points, you can't book a trip... for example, we get 12, 000 new points in July, so I called to book something in August. Well, I can't do that until I "have the points." Of course, by the time the points actually show up, all the places will be booked for the summer. We're all paid up on maintenance fees and club dues, so we will definitely get the points, but too bad... we have to wait. The person on the phone even sympathized with me and said he understood what I was saying, but too bad.

-they say they will help you rent your timeshare, but this is a joke. Your timeshare will never rent for anything near what you need to maintain the fees on it, much less pay it off.

-take a look at this web site to see what points are actually worth if you buy them on eBay: If you really desperately want Bluegreen points, don't buy them from Bluegreen.

-they tell you that you can book things just a day or two in advance, but this is almost never possible in real life. Things are booked up months in advance.

Owning a Bluegreen timeshare is like a weight that you have to drag around with you for the rest of your life. There are many places that will rent timeshares if you like that kind of thing, and you can usually get them fairly cheap and without any obligation for the future. When I imagine paying $700 a year for the rest of my life, it feels amazingly scary. Don't do it. You're locking yourself into something that will never end when there is absolutely no need to do so.

They give you the free trip, then take advantage of how little you've researched timeshares when you're in the presentation. They tell you this price can only be offered this one time, and that you can't take another trip. It's all cheap sales techniques, and they wouldn't be necessary if it were something people really benefited from.

We even looked on the internet during our sales presentation... if only I had come across a letter like this, we probably wouldn't have bought, and we'd be much better off. At least take a few days to think about it. If they can't give you that long to think, they're tricking you anyway.

Buying a Bluegreen timeshare is a terrible decision. They, like many salespeople, will tell you whatever you want to hear to get you to buy, knowing that they will not personally be accountable for any misrepresentations of the truth later on.

One thing they promised us is that we could rent our timeshare. Now they've done away with that aspect as well, so you either use it, keep paying about $700 in fees each year along with whatever you paid originally, or you just lose the points. Every letter we receive is something else they're taking away from us.

The most recent thing that happened was that we had tried to rent ours out for 10, 000 points (most of our points) before they decided to stop letting people do that. So I called today, 10 days in advance, to check and make sure it was rented, since this is the cut-off for when I can cancel without losing points. So the guy on the phone told me that yes, it is rented. And I asked, "Well, what happens if the people cancel sometime in the next 10 days?" He said, "We don't have any control over that, sir." And I said, "I understand that, but I don't either. So what happens to my points if they cancel?" And he said, "Well, you lose those points."

So some renter I don't even know can decide to back out at the last minute, and I lose 10, 000 points and don't get to travel or make any money from my timeshare for 2 years! That seems fair...

Everything Bluegreen does seems to be a way to get themselves more money and screw over their "valued customers."

And Bluegreen, if you're reading this, don't bother calling me trying to get me to revoke the complaint... we're trying to sell our timeshare as quickly as we can and hopefully never have any interaction with you for as long as we live.

  • Lo
    Lord Mankinholes Aug 19, 2008

    I see you have nothing new to add to this very old post.
    And vy the way I have told you previously that you can borrow you points once you have paid your MF so when you pay your fees at the end of Oct then phone and borrow your 2009 points and make a reservation you will be 10 months out then

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  • Li
    linda wendolek Sep 18, 2008

    help!!! I am stuck too. There is no way out. I have contacted a lawyer. Email me if you get out.

    God help us all.

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  • De
    deadhorse Aug 15, 2009

    As a former BG employee I'd like to comment on some of your points.
    Let's talk about some of the things you claim to have not heard during the sales presentation.
    Maintenance fees (MF's) and Vacation Club Dues (VCD's): You are not being truthful. You absolutely 100% were told about them. You simply chose not to listen. In fact, your salesman went over a very detailed checklist with you to make sure you understood some key points including MF's and VCD's. You had to initial next to each item and then you signed the bottom of the page. Don't say you didn't. This form is filled out completely by EVERY owner, no exceptions. You could NOT have purchased without it. And of course if you don't pay you can't use the club. If you don't pay your credit card you can't use it, same principal.
    Rentals: Yes you can still rent your timeshare to make money off it. BG no longer does it for you (that program was discontinued for lack of interest). You now have to go thru an outside rental company of your choosing. Some rentals work, others don't. Bottomline, you purchased points so you could go on vacation. If you choose not to and decide you want to rent then you're on your own. It's just a benefit. It's your choise to do it and it does not reflect on BG in any way. And yes, if your renter decides to back out then you are still subject to the normal cancellation policy. Why wouldn't you be? It's YOUR timeshare, you are still responsible.
    Booking a day or two in advance: Yes you can. You can book something checking in the same day. IF it's available. Reservations are ALWAYS based on availability. Common sense tells you that if you're booking last minute then your options are few. It is just so arrogant to think that the company has held inventory aside just for you.
    Bottomline... timeshare is not for everyone. BG is in no way a bad company. It's been my experience that those owners who complain the most are the ones who didn't read their contract and quite honestly had no idea what they were buying.
    As terrible as it sounds the only thing that matters is your contract. Nothing that was said during the sales presentation means anything at all. If it's not in your contract it doesn't exist.
    And let's talk about the high pressure sales. Everyone complains about being sold a timeshare but at what point do you accept responsibility for your own actions. The salesman was not holding a gun to your head. You could have walked out at any time.
    You chose to attend the presentation. YOU chose to purchase. And YOU chose to sign the contracts without reading them.
    And after you purchased you had a rescission period that you could have canceled and gotten a full refund. That rescission period is for you to read over your contract AGAIN and make your final decision.
    I don't mean this to sound harsh but it is what it is. BG is a company. Any companies goal is to make money. They have you sign a contract to protect their interests. You can't just willy nilly decide you're done with a contract because it didn't pan out to what you "wanted" it too.
    Don't buy big ticket items and sign contracts without reading and understanding them.

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contract if valid at this time

I have a contract and I want to know if it is still valid as I purchased it February 2007. Or if I should...

very bad business handling

OK, here is my story. My wife and I went on their tour and for what its worth thought that it was a good deal to get into. After some thought, 45 minutes of financial consulting with my wife, we agreed to a deal with Bluegreen at Mountain Loft Resorts in Gatlinburg, TN on June 14, 2008. We were secure in our decision until we came across this webpage and read the discussions against this resort. After further research of Bluegreen's negative issues and not finding a single positive, we decided to rescind our contract.

We had 10 days from the day of agreement to cancel obligation, so I sent 2 certified letters (one to corporate and one to the Resort). Two weeks later, I called the corporate office and spoke with Owner Services. The associate tells me that they received the letter of cancellation and that the refund will be credited back to our account within 20 or 30 days. That call was made on July 1. In the contract its clearly states, " The refund shall be made with in twenty(20) days after Bluegreen's receipt and acceptance of the notice of cancellation, or within five days of receipt of funds from the Purchaser's Cleared check." Today is the July 28 and no refund. I called today reciting back to the company of their contract and they were speechless. After 10 secs of silence the associate was aware that the refund was issued within 45 days instead of 20. I corrected her again by reciting. They proceeded to give me an Escalation # and said that I would receive a call within 72 hours. If I did not I needed to call back. I'll wait out the 72 hours just to show how cooperative individuals can be; at this rate, they are looking at a lawsuit.

My advice to anyone that deals with this particular resort is stay away. I would go as far to say not give them the pleasure of taking up their offer of the hotel stay and free tickets; it'll be a waste of your time. They're just bad business.

  • Jb
    J BAUM Nov 19, 2008


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  • Ba
    Barbara Hoskins Feb 10, 2009

    Hey!!! why couldn't you have vacations before Bluegreen, all seems a little odd to me.
    I used to have nice holidays at the fountains till we were coaxed into changing to the points system. Now we have maintenance bills of $1, 167.00. How did you manage to get all those vacations, and 2 units as well and another at a different resort, WOW you must be very special because it doesn't happen for anyone else.

    Strange VERY strange

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  • Ki
    Kimberly Mar 02, 2009

    We too experienced a similar situation. We were lied to about the services that were available. When it was obvious to us, we called and tried to work everything out. The office in Myrtle Beach agreed that we were told incorrect information on which we made our decision to purchase a trial membership. We were told that we would receive a refund for all monies paid and it has been over 30 days and still no money. We try to call the same people and we sit on the phone for what seems like an eternity. Still my husband sits on the phone as I type. DO NOT buy from this company!!!

    0 Votes
  • Bl
    Bluegreen owner Feb 09, 2015

    The company is a scam. I have been stuck with the misfortune of owning for about 7 years. It can be good a times, but when you have to deal with the corporate side or have an issue that needs to be resolved they give you the run around and hope to loose you with long wait times and not returning calls as they say they will. They also lie and scam to get you to come to owner updates which is really just a sales scam. I haven't had anyone yet actually care or want to tell me whats going on with the company without lying and trying to get or scare me into buying more points to keep the privileges I already have. It is not worth the cost of maintenance fees and mortgage fees. When you look at how much you pay in the long run, you could have booked a nice vacation online from expedia or some other poor timeshare sucker who needs to get rid of some points before they expire. I have owned for a long time and have attended many timeshare tours, they are all the same no matter if they use weeks, points, stars, etc. Visiting other timeshares helps you learn what a scam they all are and what a sucker I am for thinking this was a wonderful vacationing solution.

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change the rules

I purchased a timeshare thru Bluegreen. I bought 6000 points, which at the time would get me a 1 bedroom condo at any of Bluegreen's resorts. I was assured at the time of purchase that 6000 points would always be enough to get a 1 bedroom at any resort at peak time. I was also assured that any new resort brought into the Bluegreen portfolio would not be more then 6000 points. I was told that in the event 1 bedrooms became more costly, I would be "gifted" the additional points to be able to continue reserving a 1 bedroom unit. ALL OF THAT WAS A COMPLETE LIE!! The new resorts that are added are usually take more points then 6000. At some of the existing resorts, Bluegeen has added "high red" and "leaf" seasons. Red was the highest season when I purchased. Now, my points won't even allow me to reserve at the older resorts during "High red" and "Leaf" seasons. My points have become useless in many ways. Be very aware of these guys willingness to say anything to make a sale and then change the rules afterward. I have contacted everyone that will listen within the Bluegreen Corporation and gotten nowhere. Basically once they have the sale and your money, you are no longer important to them.

  • Fr
    Frank Nov 19, 2008

    Well the solution is obvious if you want to enjoy bluegreen to its full potential and it is an amazing vacation club, you need to buy more points. 6000 points is usless, I have 45000 I can take 3-4 great vacations a year.

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  • Ka
    Kathryn Dec 01, 2008

    We just returned from one of Bluegreen's promotional tours in Myrtle Beach, SC. It sounded really, really good and we want to take vacations together as a family so it seemed like a fantastic deal. The tour lasted over 4 hours - most of which was spent "negotiating" the terms of the agreement. We eventually tired out and purchased 8000 points with minimal money down. All the while, we were a bit unsure if we were getting the "big picture." After reading the reviews, some of the discrepancies (in the presentation/tour) and the total truth are as follows:

    1.) Although unused points roll over each year, it is now our understanding that the rolled over points only purchase certain types of properties. In other words, you can't stay anywhere with rolled over points and are limited to certain properties!!!

    2.) Availability is a major complication for most existing owners!

    3.) For the amount of money spent on the downpayment, as well as the monthly payments and maintenance fees (oh, by the way, the maintenance fees are not set in stone and can & will go up without notice) fees, one could stay in a nice hotel of choice.

    4.) The maintenance fees are a life-long commitment - even after the agreement has been fully paid, owners must still "maintain" their property with yearly fees!

    5.) We do not feel we were outright lied to during the presentation/tour. However, we were not told everything and much of the material we were given (large books and tons of written fineprint) was too extensive to read on the spot - it is set up this way to reel people in - in our opinion.

    6.) We realized what a scam and waste of money this program really is and are getting out during the five day recession period which varies by state (or the five days that follow our contractual agreement/purchase).

    7.) Members cannot check the "availability" of any properties until AFTER members receive their official ownership number, which is obviously mailed out AFTER the recession period has also ended.

    8.) The member who posted high remarks and has 45000 points needs to purchase a freaking calculator! For the money he/she spends on those 45000 points every year, he/she could stay in 5 star hotels, if not purchase a resort! Puhlease, dude, we aren't stupid! You're clearly part of the Bluegreen propaganda network so enjoy those pre-paid, all-inclusive vacations and your bag of 45000 points! Most of us folks with that kind of cash would do better to stash that money in a short-term interest bearing account, save it up, and then take a fantastic vacation (or more) each year on the interest alone!

    All in all, this plan sounds great - but after reading nearly 50 reviews dating back to 2006 - it seems really obvious that this company is very poorly managed. We also read somewhere today that another company is interested in buying Bluegreen, which speaks very loudly of the overall financial condition of the company itself. It's a crap of a program so buyers please, please beware. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true!

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  • Bi
    billy Dec 02, 2008

    Lets get a few things right please

    You are not limted to certain properties you can not suse saved points for high red weeks which is fair to all owners.

    Availabilty is not a problem infact at the AGM it was stated that most reservations are made at the 4 month out point.

    If you did not pay for MF how would you pay the resort staff and pay for the upkeep of the resorts

    The Mf do go up but then again dont your own energy insurance bills go up

    Again availability is not a problem so what is with the problem with having to wait till your membership comes thro whint 30/45 days.

    Why would uyou need a calculator how can you get 4 weeks accom for 4 in a property with kitchen living room bedroom bathroom for $1600

    All i can say is keep paying you hotel fees and in 20-30 yrs time lets see who comes out on top

    And lastly the industry reckons that BG are a very well managed company but then you know better.

    After owning TS for 9 years we are at breakeven point so we are looking forward to jumping on the gravy train now and watching you mugs spay higher and higher hotel bills for less and less service.

    you have read 50 comments mmmmmmm not a lot from 190, 000 owners.

    Its only crap if you dont know how to use the system thank god some of us do and then thank god folks like you dont.

    Enjoy your stay in second rate hotels because your will not be able to avoid 5 star accom on what your are prepared to pay.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Hoskins Feb 12, 2009

    Hey Happy bunny, what a load of rubbish you talk. My Maintenance fee is £800 for one year, i can book 2 weeks in a fab 5 bedroom villa for this price, not some dive that you are making out it would be. Please get your facts right.
    And before you make your way to work at bluegreen, make sure the lies that you are asked to tell are believable. FOOL

    0 Votes
  • Bi
    bigal21 Aug 18, 2010

    if blue green and these other timeshares are so great why is it so hard to sell when you don, t want it anymore. If they are so good why cann, t the timeshare company get set up to buy it back.

    0 Votes
  • Jj
    jjbbbb May 02, 2011

    We upgraded to a bronze membership because the Bluegreen sales person promised we'd have more points to take better vacations. After spending another $15, 000 two years later we are unable to do this. Bluegreen has changed the rules with no "grandfather clause". Don't be fooled. DON'T BUY BLUEGREEN. Bait and Switch. HORRIBLE, don't waste your money and be disappointed!

    0 Votes
  • Lo
    Lord Mankinholes May 08, 2011

    jjbbb please explain yourself a little better You say you have upgraded to Bronze with Bluegreen developer points ? then you say 2 yrs later they changed the rule
    Please explain what rule they changed the only one i know of is that points bought of ebay etc do not count towards premier status only developer points can now do that.

    No Timshare, did you not ask to see the points charts for the resorts before you bought them I would have thought that would have been one of the first question, we knew right from the start a summer week at The Fountains needed 16000 points

    0 Votes
  • Pr
    priy May 08, 2011

    r u sure

    0 Votes
  • Lo
    Lord Mankinholes May 11, 2011

    all I can say is we must have had a honest salesperson, but we also did ask how many points it took to the places we wanted to go

    0 Votes
  • Lo
    Lord Mankinholes May 11, 2011

    mmmmmmmmmm it makes me question is No Timeshare a honest person?

    0 Votes

ripped me off

Bluegreen stand for complaint. Lanzacna I am behind you 100% bluegreen resorts put my family on 4 July in a dump. I forgot the name of place. But will get that information. The room smell. Dirty bathroom. I couldn't stay, I left. The next day I call reps. they try to give another room next door. I didn't like the place at all. She booked me somewhere else. I don't blame the hotel I stay in I blame bluegreen. they should’ve known what condition the hotel in. the next place wasn't great I paid 185.00 the first night for a room they should have give me my money back. They only give me 25.00 back also I had to buy clean product to clean the last room they booked. From Virginia

  • Cr
    crl Jul 30, 2008

    i went to and event and they told me i won a 3day 2 night stay with their company. today i decided to get online and do some research before i got my hopes up, turns out they have messed over a lot of people and their time share are hard to get rid of once you purchase them... im glad i research before i got in over my head... and i thank you people for warning me about it

    0 Votes
  • Gr
    Greg Aug 23, 2008

    This was probably the Patrick Henry Inn in williamsberg? It is a dump, but don't blame Bluegreen, blame the town of Williamsberg. Bluegreen purchased this property and is developing the land around it. The town made it a condition of the sale that the hotel stay open through 2008. BG wanted to shut it down...but wasn't allowed.

    0 Votes
  • Pj
    PJ Hartenburg Oct 04, 2009

    I've been a Bluegreen owner for 4 years and have loved every minute of it. Like any investment, you must be a student of your investment in order to get the best value from it. You cannot sit back and expect others to fill your pockets with money or to make your vacation wonderful. If you were not happy with the accommodations, I have found that completing the survey at the end of your stay is helpful. No matter what you do you make reservations from time to time even outside of Bluegreen that do not live up to their internet promises. It is likely to happen anywhere to anyone. At least as an owner you have a vested interest in making things better. I've been very happy with the benefits of my membership and have traveled throughout the Carribean and US either with Bluegreen or their sister company RCI. Some are better than others, but had a good time every time.

    0 Votes

they put me in a dump to stay

Bluegreen resorts put my family on 4th of July holiday in a dump of a place. Patrick Henry Inn in Williamsburg Virginia. There was mould on the bathroom floors the ceilings I thought was gonna fall on our heads. The pool stairs shook as you walked down them afraid to go back up... How dare they expect me to buy a resort timeshare when they had the nerve to put us in a place like this for the weekend to stay... I am flabbergasted by this company and will bad mouth this company for as long as I live. Hopefully something good will come out of this message to all who go through bluegreen..

  • Gr
    Greg Aug 23, 2008

    I was there on the July 4th weekend also, and the place is a dump. I am a member, and I did some digging to find out why they were putting people up in that god forsaken place. Its not up to their usual good standards. Turns out, when they bought the property, which included the hotel, the only way the town would approve the sale is if Bluegreen kept the hotel open through the end of 2008. Bluegreen had originally wanted to close it down and rebuild it. They are unable to do this until 2009, and because of the conditions added by Williamsberg, it has to remain open.

    0 Votes
  • Da
    David Nov 05, 2008

    I must say that I agree with you. On October 10th Columbus day weekend my wife and i had a bad stay. The Jacuzzi tub jets put out dead skins cells from a previous person, plus we came back with bed bugs in our suit case . The customer service was not nice about the matter, her words were "why are you calling us now".I will never recconmend the Fountains resort in Orlando to anyone.Go somewhere else.

    0 Votes

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