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Bluegreen Timeshare / timeshare buy back!

1 United States Review updated:

For all of you like myself who bought a timeshare from Bluegreen and was told that they would buy it back if you were unhappy and now you find that what they told you was a lie, I have found a lawyer willing to file a class action suite against Bluegreen. You can contact me with your name, email, etc information and a brief history of your experience with Bluegreen and I will forward the information to you on how to get this process going.

It is about time these people are held accountable. I am now retired and have had my membership for six years. I have never been able to use it. I am banned now because I refuse to pay my maintenance fee.

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  • Fi
      11th of Jul, 2015
    +3 Votes

    Coach I don't think you know how time share works. When you buy a time share you own it. That means that the proof that she is an "employee" means nothing. If she bought a resort, than it is her resort. It is like owning an apartment. I think you should learn more about time share before posting.

  • Sp
      12th of Apr, 2008
    +2 Votes

    Phillip Smith is a fool, and it's not about paying your debt. Bluegreen is a scam as much as the sales people are. I paid for a lawyer to review the contract and it clearly states that what the sales people tell you doesn't matter. He said they can lie their [email protected]#! off and have no repercussions. The contract is filled with verbage that relieves them of liability. Bluegreen will not hold their sales people responsible for their fraudulent and immoral sales practices. Bluegreen used lies to obtain my account information, and abused the privilege to have it. They hide underneath the technical laws of corporate America. They are not an honest corporation, they do not hold to their word, I will never recommend any person to give them their banking information or purchase products from them, and i will participate in any class action suit pending. I want my money and compensation for the fraudulent and immoral sales practices of the Bluegreen staff. They are licensed real estate agents and they have responsibilities and obligations when they sell property honestly. If they do not, that would make them thieves. Being a thief comes with consequences and prosecution eventually, so all you Bluegreen sales agents be advised a big dark cloud is forming over Bluegreen Corporation and you're involved. Chew on that Phillip Smith!

    Best Regards,


  • Th
      19th of Jun, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Misrepresentation is an under statement! I don't know how they sleep at night. We like many others have been dooped into thinking that this was a good thing. Lie after lie after lie. We are considering just letting it go back. From the sounds of it, there is not much more we can do. We have not found a single way to step out. Can't sell it, can't use it when you want cause you can't get in. We have had to pay to stay at a resort that we are not members of because we couldn't get into a Bluegreen resort! Maintanace Fees are sky high they say you can use your points to pay maintance fees but they've changed that now there is a limit on how many and what the points are worth to apply towards the fees. They don't listen when you tell them NO at the updates. They just want to Suck you in DEEPPER. Did I mention We Are NOT HAPPY BLUEGREEN MEMBERS!

  • Ce
      26th of Dec, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Blue green is a rip off they are very high pressure they would not give me and my wife 10 min to read over what we was signing they said you can read it all when you get home.they even said we could sell it back if we was not happy about it.we tried they lied just tried to sell us more points and more money.we have used it and the vacations are nice but its all the lies they tell you and high pressure and more lies.we are trying to sell ours right now through other companys.they gace us 4000 bonus points to use but we cant even use them till after 2010 and i bought in 2008 and then its white or blue season they never told us that they told us we could use them anytime another lie.but 1 thing is for sure God will hold them accountable for the Lies and deseption they do to people.maybe n o judge on this earth will do nothing but i know a all mighty judge that will. i know this is no place for a sermon but i am a preacher and if they will lie to a preacher to his face they will lie to any one.

  • Lo
      17th of Jun, 2012
    +2 Votes

    Bluegreen rent out their units in the same way as you can, these bluegreen units are unsold inventory and not part of the vacation club so they are not open to owners. Now that you understand that how to you call it a rip off they just doing what any owner can.
    Yes you do have to be a TP memeber to buy your 1000 extra points but why do that in the long run it will cost you a lot of $$$ just buy a small package off ebay to make up the number of points you are lacking, but you can get many reservation with just 8000 points and yes they are in Florida check in Monday check out Friday at The Fountains in peak time will cost you 8000 points or check in Friday Check out Monday is also 8000 points

  • Sa
      10th of Jul, 2015
    +2 Votes

    Your fault pay your maintenance fee and you will not be banned.

  • Sa
      10th of Jul, 2015
    +2 Votes

    I don't think that coach is a coach, more of a child, only a four year old would think that if someone has a good experience with a company that it is false and they are making it up because they work for the company. It would be like me accusing him of making the company look bad because he was fired.

  • Fi
      11th of Jul, 2015
    +2 Votes

    It would be like me claiming you work for a car company because you said "My car runs fine and has great mileage.

  • Pe
      30th of Oct, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I enjoyed my Bluegreen for the first few years, but now I can never get in on the dates I want to go... Most only have availability midweek and that does not work for my family. I agree that we were mislead into believing we could more or less go whenever we wanted. If this was the case I could just about live with the ridiculous maintenance fees/club dues we have to pay.
    I would be interested in hearing if anyone else has used the company mentioned above (

  • Su
      15th of Nov, 2008
    +1 Votes

    My husband & I bought our timeshare 10 or 12 yrs. ago. We were happy with it in the beginning when we "owned" a unit for 1 wk. during Dec. each yr. We wanted to add to it but were told they were now on a point system but, again, if we were unhappy, they would buy back the shares. Stupid us bought into it. We called several months later to ask about buy back and were told they DO NOT BUY BACK SHARES. We pay our dues or get locked out if we use it or not. When we don't use the points within 2 yrs., we forfeit them. We also cannot use "saved" points during certain times of the year. Bluegreen has the attitude that they don't care if you are happy with your timeshare or not. They have you hooked. We have considered just letting the shares go back by not paying our fees. Fees have also went WAY UP! We are not sure what damage will be done to our excellent credit rating if we allow the points to go back to Bluegreen. HELP! Several financial experts on TV advise against timeshare purchases. They are the worst investment you can make and we agree! Stay away from timeshare purchases.

  • Re
      30th of Jul, 2017
    +1 Votes

    @pjhejh PLEASE Help trying to get rid of our Blue Green Time Share Maintenance Fees are twice What they said I will not pay someone to sell it for nothing as I'm going broke paying for this worthless investment. We loose points that we paid for it is crazy. we bought our at Tennessee and Virginia when they claimed the problem was we did not own enough points and needed to get more now we are even further in debit. we pay so much that it is impossible to travel they ruined our vacationing .MY email address is [protected]@Gmail . Com I don't want any more scams so a signed contract of some sort would be a must.

  • Pj
      22nd of Apr, 2017
    0 Votes

    @Sue Your last name isn't Hammond is it? Of course it isn't. Our last name is Hammond and we've been stuck in this crap for 17 years. Is there anything we can do?

  • Jt
      23rd of Aug, 2018
    0 Votes

    @Sue I may be able to help you can contact me at jturnage.[protected] or 218-503-1099

  • Be
      15th of Feb, 2013
    +1 Votes

    All of you complaining signed a contract. Further more, the whole reason you ended up at a presentation to begin with is out of greed...wanting something for nothing!

  • Sa
      3rd of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Well let me ask any of you...have you tried to transfer your deed after you sold your timeshare...I have...and it all started in is now October and they still don't have the paperwork done. I have been given every excuse under the sun. I was told it would take 60 working days...then it should be in the mail...then there are steps...huh??? what's that...well I am only on number all the other excuses were just lies...yep you are at their mercy.
    And of course they said they would buy it was not on paper. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Co
      8th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I live in Canada and I bought time share that I can only use every two years because of the amount of points I have. I tried to sell but it only cost me more money. I have not paid my fees and they say my timeshare is going to collection and daily rental at my cost. I am retired a widow and my pension is decreasing so I can, t pay the maintenace. I worry what will happen as I can, t afford a lawyer. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • St
      24th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Geezzz, did not think I'd find so many with my same story!! Won't even get into ours, cause it's the same as everyone here. Count us in with the Lawyer that wants to do a class action suit. Looks like he/she will have a lot of clients!!

  • He
      19th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    My husband and I go to Bass Pro all the time in St. Louis. One weekend we finally bought the Bluegreen package for the Big Cedar Lodge (Just outside of Branson, MO). We paid $199 up front and got $100 back in gift cards- So for a two night stay at the lodge it was only $50 a night (the room we stayed in usually cost $250 per night). Big Cedar was beautiful and one of a kind. It's the farthest thing from a hotel; it's truely a unique resort.
    When I signed up at Bass Pro I knew there was a catch so read over everything very carefully. As long as I didn't cancel my reservation or miss the "meeting" then everything should be cool. I immediately tried to schedule a trip for Fri-Sun and the only thing available was in December -I called in April!! We just got back and overall the resort is highly recommendly but the "meeting" I HAD to go to was stressful. It lasted two hours and at one point I thought I might actually want to buy a timeshare. The sales women we had was very friendly and very persuasive.
    Here is a breakdown of the "Meeting"
    1. First, you have to go otherwise you're charged full price wherever you're staying. In our case we would have been charged $250 per night.
    2. It's one-on-one with a salesperson (for most of the time) & these people are GOOD!! You’ll be shown colorful pictures of resorts all over the world and be told great stories about many of them. Don’t get me wrong – I know some of them were nice but …. There’s more to it…
    3. Points – the timeshare goes by points and for 12, 000 points it’s $40, 000 (Yes, 40, 000 –like a nice brand new Audi TT). Anyways, we hear about the points and how certain nights and times of the year take more points.. yada yada yada… They also tell you spiel about how much it will cost to travel in the future and with this timeshare you’re locked in (You’re locked in all right). You can grandfather your children into this and pass it along (red flag). Oh, and lets not forget the pitch that you get to write this off on your taxes.. (another red flag)….
    4. Meanwhile there are more “sales tactics” taking place… more stories, more pictures. We even got to go over to the 50 plasma tv and see the resorts in HD. I’m telling you these people are good at what they do… At one point they were so good I actually thought about buying whatever it is you get….. They showed us some log cabins that were nice at Big Cedar that usually rent for 700-1, 000 per night and with this timeshare we could go anytime without using our points for only 49, 59 or 69 a night.. Another “perk.”
    5. Remember the 40, 000? Well they have another points package that is about $14, 000 for 6, 000 points (which equals about 1 nice week vacation a year). But wait- THERE’S MORE!! “Today only, and I mean today only” they will sell the $40, 000 package for $28, 000!!! They make this sound like the deal of the century. They even go to the extreme of tell you that if you don’t buy today that they can NEVER offer it again and you MUST sign a sheet from the devil himself saying you’re passing this deal up. OK, it wasn’t from the devil but it might as well have been…
    7. So here we are sitting there.. all the numbers are in front of our faces and meanwhile there are more “perks” – (I call them red flags) about signing up. I told the saleswomen I needed a moment to talk it over. I then grabbed my iphone and typed in “bluegreen timeshare” into google. I think the 2nd website was about mad consumers.. I started reading it and the women came back.
    8. Back to Numbers page – whether you go with the 28k package or the 14k package – there are ANNUAL FEES anywhere from $700 - $1, 000. Yes – you MUST pay them every year otherwise you can’t use your points (in other words- they have you by the balls). So I start talking out loud to this women saying – we have to pay at least $700 a year plus Air fare – which isn’t including or mentioned by the salesperson.. go figure.. so that’s about $1, 000 a year for a nice vacation and that doesn’t include the HUGE down payment!!! No thanks, there are deals everywhere much cheaper!!
    9. More sales tactics. I finally said- “I’m so sorry but I have to pass because I can’t commit to this.” We then do the walk of shame out of there but it wasn’t over yet- one more attempt was coming our way…
    10. We went into another office and the woman made one last attempt to sell us a $999 package that was good for 9, 000 points (I think.. I heard so many numbers that day my head hurt). With this purchase we wouldn’t be “true owners” but we would get glimpse of how the timeshare worked. At this point- I felt so bad about saying no earlier that I almost bought it until one thought popped in my head- “if I buy this then I’ll have to go through ANOTHER one of these Meetings” – with that thought in mind I simply said, “I’ll have to pass.”
    Finally I was done & out of that place – I felt so guilty not buying but at the same time such relief…
    My advice is that before you go research the company and get your own opinion. I’m sure there are people that enjoy the vacations and have no complaints. To me, the annual fees and high costs upfront aren’t worth it. Once you’re locked in- you’re in baby! You have to pay the fees and they can go up without your consent. The rooms book up FAST. Look at me - I called in April and couldn’t get into Big Cedar until December.
    Good Luck

    ** If you did purchase and regret the purchase then good luck getting your money back. I believe you only have 2-3 days to cancel – it’s called the “cooling off period” – it’s a law that protects consumers.

  • No
      15th of Feb, 2011
    +1 Votes

    Did the Bluegreen tour, asked for the paperwork to review and the agent took offence. Now I understand. How quickly someone can become aggessive and rude when you don't sign your life away. I feel badly for anyone stuck in a contract with such a horrible company. Best of luck with the class action.

  • Da
      2nd of Feb, 2008
    +1 Votes
    Bluegreen Timeshare - Rip off!
    United States

    As to Jan Baucom who posted that she would love to talk to any disgruntled owners she never posted a contact number where she could be reached and if you did get a number you would get transferred about 20 times to someone else who still could not give you any answers!!!

  • Sa
      10th of Jul, 2015
    +1 Votes

    Yolo 1 is a crazy person who made another review to CPS about them taking her children from her because she beats them with belts. She thought that was discipline. You are arguing with a nut case scarlette

  • Th
      13th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Okay - here's my Bluegreen experience. We signed up for the presentation in Bass Pro Shop (not my favorite stores anymore). We went to Gatlinburg, TN and received two free nights at the Park Tower Inn and two adult tickets to the aquarium. We went to the presentation open minded and were impressed when we arrived at how they assured us that we'd only be there 90-120 minutes - even broke it down as to how long each part would take and then if we decided it wasn't for us, they'd thank us for our time and we could leave. They also assured us they were NOT high pressure and that they wouldn't call other reps over to the table to hit us over the head to try to convince us to buy. I was so relieved after having a bad experience with another company a few years ago. Anyway, we sat at a small table with our sales guy and chatted for a few minutes before we were taken into a small room with about 30 people to watch a movie and listen to another guy talk for over an hour basically trying to convince us what a great company this is and that we would be crazy not to buy into their plan. He didn't give any details or cost of the plan, just that we should do it. We were then taken back to the first room with the small table at which time he told us the cost. We then explained to him that this just wasn't a good time right now for us with the economy the way it is, the fact we are self employed and dependent on the way the economy is as to whether or not we'll have work in the future. We also explained that we were NOT the type of people who would make a snap decision on something about this without first discussing it, researching it and thinking on it a few days. He basically ignored everything we said and took us to his vehicle (which smelled of urine, by the way, and he didn't even turn any air on and it was about 120 degrees in there) and took us on a tour of the chalets and condos. Yes, they were nice and yes, it would be nice to own a vacation timeshare but it just wasn't something we were gonna decide on within a matter of minutes like they wanted us to. We were then taken back to the meeting room at which time we explained AGAIN our reasons why we were NOT going to sign a contract at THAT moment in time and that since we'd been there for three hours and had signed an understanding that we'd be there 90-120 minutes, that it was time for us to go. He ignored us, acting like he didn't realize we'd been there three hours and took us back into the original meeting room. He then proceeded to show us pictures of his kid enjoying a pool at one of the places he's been to - okay- who cares? Our kids were sitting in a motel room probably wondering why we weren't already back. We told him it was time for us to go. He, of course, then called over his manager and was almost belittling us for the reasons we'd given him to not sign on the dotted line. The manager then started his high pressure sales pitch at which time we told him, "Look, you told us we'd be here no longer than 120 minutes and that wasn't true. You told us the presentation wasn't high pressure and that wasn't true. You told us a second person wouldn't be called over to the table to pressure us and that wasn't true. There is no way we'd buy anything from you cause so far everything you've told us has turned out to be a lie." The manager even told my wife "I'm the manager, I'm the one who gave you all these gifts, I'm the one you need to be nice to!" WHAT THE HECK??!! He then asked us, "well, do you not like what we have to offer?" We replied, "yes, and we were interested about an hour or so ago but now after what we've went through with you people, we're so mad, we aren't interested anymore." We also told him after this 3rd timeshare sales pitch we have sat through over the last 15 years, we have made the decision to never sit through another one. This company, which boasts of not being high pressure, was the worst we have ever experienced. I believe if their timeshare plan was as great and wonderful as they claim, they wouldn't have to pressure you so hard and they wouldn't mind if you left and thought about and researched it. When I told the sales rep that we would need to research it first, he became very hostile and asked "what do you want to research?" Well, after looking online at all the complaints people have about Bluegreen, I know why he didn't want me researching anything. Although, I had already read some of the complaints before going, I decided to be open minded and give them a chance. Also - they'd told us that if we decided it wasn't for us that they wouldn't get mad and start treating us rudely --- ANOTHER BIG LIE! Stay away from Bluegreen - don't get suckered into listening to one of their sales pitches or your blood pressure will get as high as ours did.

  • Ha
      9th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I defer to my previous comments on this subject. It's not rocket science to book with Bluegreen, it just takes a little legwork and planning to get what you want. Granted, I'm less than a year into my purchase, but here's what I've booked already on 5, 000 (10, 000 biennial points): no problem booking 5 nights in June 2009 at Shenandoah, 6 nights in April 2010 at Pono Kai, 2 bonus nights in Hershey April 2009, 2 bonus nights in Atlantic City May 2009, and a RCI hot deal week in the Poconos Feb 2009. And it all cost much less than if we paid for hotel rooms for all that! I bet you spent more time complaining than you did trying to figure out how to make the ownership work to your advantage!

  • Un
      17th of Dec, 2018
    0 Votes

    @beegee It's not only the fact that points are hard to use, they don't explain all the hidden details, etc. but the loan aspect of it I was naive to. After going to our new owner orientation I was told by a Bluegreen employee to refinance, I was paying too much on interest. I went to refinance "my mortgage" and was told I couldn't because it isn't a real mortgage. So now I'm stuck paying their ridiculous interest rate because the bank is telling me it's not technically the type of loan they say it is. I want out and I only bought in September! I can't believe that Bass Pro would endorse a company like such!

  • Li
      25th of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes

    @HappyBGOwner It's really not about where you can go. I just don't want it anymore and there should be a way to cancel or sell it back to them. My kids don't want it after I die because they don't have time to travel all over the world. And they don't have the money to keep it. I'm just wanting them to honor what they sold me back in 2014.. In 2016 I called to the buyout program and they I couldn't because it was against the law (which it isn't).. I don't like people to take advantage of people and lie to make more money for the company. Oh I should of learned after the first time, because this isn't the first time they have changed their programs in the middle of the stream. Then you hooked and can't get out. Just my thoughts, so please don't take this personal because of your comments and my comments. Thanks for listening.

  • Be
      5th of Nov, 2018
    0 Votes

    @HappyBGOwner Yeah, like you said you're only a year into it...get back with the rest of us dissatisfied customers in a few years. I loved it at first, too.

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