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My husband and I signed up for the 90 min session for the time-share presentation. We got a great deal on the room and were told we were to receive most of our money back once we completed the presentation (which we did as promised). We thought what a great deal!!! So, we planned to head out to the fountains for my birthday weekend. We left on my birthday and checked in. When we checked in and brought our things to our room, we found it disguising! We immediately called the front desk and complained. We told the front desk that the bathrooms still had hair, floors were DIRTY and so was the dining room table! They told us they would call back. They never called back but they sent the cleaning crew up to our room and inspected the place. The cleaning crew was not friendly and seemed very rude. They just swept and mopped the kitchen floor and wiped down the dining room table and left in a hurry without even an apology! It was my birthday and I had to go and RE-CLEAN the room! There is nothing like cleaning someone else’s pubic hair off of the toilet lid in the bathroom on your birthday!

I didn’t want the ordeal to ruin my birthday so I just decided to clean it myself and move on with the day.

The following day, my husband and I were scheduled for the 90 min. session for the time-share presentation. It started at 11:30am but it was NOT a 90 min session.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Orlando, FLIt was 3 hours long! When we arrived for the presentation, the sales guy sat right down at our table and I told him what had happened. When I mentioned about the nasty hair in the bathroom, he said stop you’re grossing me out! I couldn't believe it! No apology but got right down to business to sell us the time-share. The sales guys were rude and kept making fun of people who were there from last week with excuses why they couldn’t buy. They also made fun of people that attended who were overweight and the top sales guy who must have been the manager, Bob, sat down and instantly said, those people had to leave to get money for the down payment but they should have known to bring money! He was very sarcastic and belittling. Unprofessional!!!
Well, I told the two sales guys, James and Bob, that we weren’t able to buy and were disguised with how gross the room was. They asked why we couldn’t afford it. Well, number one, it’s really none of their business. But I am an honest person and explained to them why but I should have said it wasn’t any of their business to begin with. My husband and I only rent a condo with our two year old son and are supporting my parents as my father was laid off due to the economy. They belittled my parents and I was VERY offended. I walked out of there immediately. I know they are trying to get sales, but we are all human. They should understand that family comes first and I would much rather buy a house for my son than buy a time-share! What a waste of money!
I will NEVER go back to the BlueGreen Resorts and would never recommend it to anyone I know!

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      Jul 22, 2009

    Just wanted to let you know about trouble I had at the Fountains Orlando pool and its security guard. It rained for a few minutes-typical FL weather- and when the rain stopped we went down to the pool. Upon entering and sitting down, a security guard rushed over and proceeded to yell at us about the pool being closed. There we no signs posted and the gate was not locked, so how were we supposed to know the pool was closed?? He was SO rude. This is out vacation for God sakes and we paid to stay there. I was so insulted by his attitude. So, we sat near the bar area until it opened back up which was never announced. We just noticed other people in the pool. On a following day, we had a small lunch cooler with us for drinks and snacks and were told we were not allowed any outside food or beverages due to “health code violations”. I asked which codes they were referring to, as I have never been asked to leave a pool before because of chips and sodas. Of course the waiter was super rude and argued with me about this. So, we had to pack everything up and go back upstairs. This pool situation was completely unacceptable. When on vacation, you want to enjoy the pool area and not be hassled when trying to relax and enjoy yourself. I can understand a no glass policy but no coolers at all???

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