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I took a tour/sales pitch and I did sign up for a sampler package which gave me 9, 000 points that cannot be used during any major holidays, June, July nor August. Once I got home I did my research and found countless complaints on this company. My experiece was just like everyone else's. My rep was new and there was a supervisor who could make things happen and twist the numbers around. No matter what was my reply they had a cheaper points plan I could get into which made me leary. I am happy I did not sign up as an "owner" because it appears that's where the real games start. I am a licensed Real Estate agent and I know you can't use timeshares as tax right offs. I didn't like how the supervisor kept selling "you will be an owner of these beautiful properties" He said it like a thousand times which made me feel like he is shoveling crap!!

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  • Ca
      25th of Sep, 2013

    First off,
    Sounds like you haven't used the sampler
    are you a sheep do you believe all complaints
    do you shop at WalMart, Target, andy store for that matter check out complaints on them.
    Looks like by you way of thinking you shouldn't shop anywhere, trust anyone, matter of fact i got some advise for ya,
    Just stay inside and stay home!

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  • Ma
      9th of Jun, 2016

    Getting a Sampler package was probably a good idea, so do go ahead and use it. A timeshare is not a hotel and you need to learn the differences and how to use them best. Do not be annoyed that owners who paid full price should get the prime dates. Many with school children simply cannot vacation at any but summer and holiday dates. That understood, DO look for locations you find interesting (plural) and reserve about 6 months ahead to be on the safe side. We have been owners for many years and have greatly enjoyed visiting many different Bluegreen locations. Since, at this point, we do not have school children, we can travel in the off season and nearly always have good luck getting what we want. Early fall and spring are often quite wonderful and crowds are gone--or not arrived yet. Understand that few timeshares will have hotel type maid service. You will feel like you are in your own private home. Don't buy if you can't afford the continuing maintenance fees but, at least, enjoy what you now have.

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