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Bluegreen Resorts / awful customer service

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We reserved a weekend with Bluegreen in Pigeon Forge Tn. and when we arrived the resort ( Laurel Crest) the room was nasty, stunk, and there was drunks everywhere being loud and crude. We complained to the welcome center where we had to check in and they attempted to put us in another hotel that was 50 years old and even nastier. We couldn't stand the smell and filth, and it was already 9:30 at night, so we cancelled our vacation and went back home. Bluegreen refused to refund any of our money. Waisted trip to Pigeon Forge, ruined vacation, and all thanks to this company called Bluegreen. They definitely need training in customer service.

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  • De
      24th of Nov, 2009
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    I had a timeshare with Bluegreen, I sold it, I lost a lot of money, but I gained money
    I bought my timeshare when it was owned by Airtours, it was fine until Bluegtreen bought it and everything went up
    So now I use hotels, its very good, I book my hotel, I pay for it, I use it, no further payments required
    I weighed it up with what I got from a timeshare and what I get from a Hotel
    A hotel
    I get room service
    I get fresh towels each day
    I get my bed made up and turned down each day
    My room is cleaned each day
    I usually get a VERY good resturant on site, not just a coffee bar/snack bar
    I dont get a bill every year for maintainence
    I can get a hotel anywhere and any time I want
    I get from a timeshare
    NO room cleaned each day
    NO bed make up/turn down
    NO room service
    NO resturant on site
    NO clean towels each day
    I have to share the resort with very loud kids and drunks, there are no quiet areas
    I DO get a BIG bill each year (usually the cost above the hotels I have stayed in)
    I cant book when and where I want, unless it at least 6 months in advance
    I do get a whole apartment (but its a waste, its just my wife and I)

    I'm glad I sold my timeshare and have nothing to do with Bluegren any more

    It doesnt matter where the resort is, you still have to get there, so I havent included the airfare in my prices

    This year, I stayed in the Dominican Republic, all inclusive, 2 weeks, it cost me $720.00
    I stayed in Sri Lanka, all inclusive, 3 weeks, that cost me $900.00, but I did get an upgrade
    I had 'free' food', 'free drinks, ' free' tours, a nice beach (in both locations) plenty of service
    Non of these places are in the RCI or BlueGreen books (I know they werent FREE, I paid for them, but the more I ate and the more I drank and the more tours I took, the cheaper my holidays were)

    I had a great time and I am not expecting a maintainence bill this Christmas or New Year

    No one will ever sell me another timeshare, but as long as they give me FREE tickets or $80 to go to a presentation I'll go along, all you people that own a timeshare are paying for me to attend, so keep buying and paying those bills each year, I want your money/tickets

    Sell your timeshare, go to all the presentations you can get as much as you can from them, but NEVER, NEVER buy again (you will lose money selling your timeshare, may as well get some back by going to the presentations)

    Keep moaning about your timeshare, your bills arent going to get any smaller and when you die, your kids will own it, I bet they will really thank you for that monkey on their back,

    Maybe you people that own timeshare tell me what you actually get ?
    I'll counter each positive with a negative,
    C'mon, what do you have to lose ?

    CUT YOUR Losses and get rid of it

  • Jo
      19th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I disagree!!! I go to Hawaii every year and Aruba and whistler Canada and Miami. I can keep going on and on to wonderful resorts. Clean rooms. Friendly staff! Great amenities! Beach front resorts and slope side resorts that would cost $5000/week in rental. $700 all inclusive is Nast buffet food with flies on it at a crappy resort in the middle of no where. Don't try to compare to blue green. Bluegreen is much much better than anything else out there! B

  • Sh
      6th of May, 2010
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    John Carl is a Bluegreen employee.

  • De
      19th of Dec, 2010
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    bluegreen laurel crest - done people wrong
    piogon forge
    United States

    cant sell my timeshare, they lied to us, mislead us and have double fee, s

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