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My wife subscribed to this free trial of e-cards which advised the account would be cancelled in 14 days. It was not cancelled and we were charged $15.99 (£9.87). The credit card came in and I questioned it and she advised that it was only one card she had sent and it was on a free trial basis. I looked at the website and there is nowhere in the site of the value to be charged. It looks like there are a number of people beened scammed with this so STAY WELL CLEAR! I told my wife that there is nothing for free in this world someone has to pay for it somewhere and do not give credit card details especially if it does not state how much it is going to cost clearly they are hiding something ie A SCAM!!!

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  • La
      Dec 23, 2009

    This is the second year that I have been charged for BlueMountain Cards and I have not requested this. I DO NOT SEND E-CARDS. Last year I tried to contact them with no success. This year I am going to call my bank and tell them that the charge was not for me and will not pay it. Let the bank get the money back from BlueMountain. They have NO PLACE on their site for you to contact them. THEY are operating a very BIG SCAM. From now on I will not open any mail that says card from BLUEMOUNTAIN, JUST DELETE IT. Larry G Smith

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  • La
      Dec 23, 2009

    have alread filed my comment

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  • Pe
      Dec 28, 2009

    Beware of this company. They will automatically bill you for renewal that you did not authorize.

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  • Bi
      Jan 14, 2010

    I am currently disputing THREE payments to Blue Mountain. They charged me $19.99 twice, and $9.99 today. I am disputing this with my bank as they are unresponsive. When I FINALLY found the telephone number, I was disconnected three times before I got to speak with an actual person. She assured me that my money would be put back into my account, but instead I was charged an additional payment. Do NOT subscribe even to the free trial because then you get hooked into their never-ending unresponsive scam and you will NOT find any resouces for assistance at their website or via the phone.

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  • So
      Apr 14, 2010
    Blue Mountain Cards - customer service
    West Palm Beach
    United States

    Blue Mountain Cards has a very difficult website if you have gotten charged for their service. Their phone support makes it difficult, but not impossible to get help. [protected] is their automated phone support. The trick to get a live person is to ask for "new membership" when prompted and it will put you through to a live rep, which will then take care of refunding your money and cancelling your account.

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  • Wr
      Mar 24, 2011

    When I talked to the representative, he asked me for my email then zip code attached (as if I was an active member)
    When I stated that I wanted to cancel my membership, he then ask me for my full address... when I gave it to him
    he stated that my account wasn't active... (I haven't been using it since 2006)... but obviously I am a member considering
    I've been charged EVERY YEAR!!... He then proceeded to tell me to call back with my credit card# (which I didn't had on me)

    Called back... now talking to another operator... again the same run down... acted as if I was a member..
    but once she pulled up mailing address/email address...she states it doesn't associate with my CC billing address...
    obviously something didn't add up.. she then told me to make a dispute to my CC company... (which I did)
    Because I haven't been using my old CC, I was able to cancel it and get a new acct #... but seriously is this the ONLY way to
    cancel membership with bluemountain??

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  • Re
      Mar 28, 2011

    I have also had my "FREE" membership turn into the membership that never ends. I cancelled before the "free" trial ended. This is the second year I am fighting it. Thankfully Amex is wonderful about disputes for bogus charges. Be warned, you will NEVER get through to a live representative. Everything is done through email (which you can't track because it is through their system), or through the automated line where there is no option to ever speak to anyone after you reach their endless abyss of promts. Avoid like the plague!!!

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  • Le
      May 31, 2011

    This company is clearly dishonest and makes it very hard to contact them to cancel and refund unauthorized charges. i have had sam experience of many people who have listed complaints on line

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