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Hunters-Handbags. Ecrater — bracelet not received o/no 4626469

660842 Order no.4626469 ordered on 12/02/02 said to be shipped on 19/02/02. This order has not been received. I have asked the seller for a refund and the last contact I had with them...

Ecrater ukhaven't received product but payment taken.

On the 28/11/19 I purchased for £20:14 a Greeting Card Program which to date I don't recall having received a receipt nor confirmation of order.
I have made efforts, (actually exceedingly time consuming efforts) to draw this to the attention of both Legends Shop and eCrater but as yet I haven't had even an acknowledgement of receipt.
I would appreciate some assistance with this matter.
Mr. P. Bridge
Please contact me at [protected]


My order #448924 for 45.00, I have contacted the seller and haven't received a response. I placed my order on 9/11/19 today is the 26th. I am requesting a refund or my order. There should be some accountability on the part of the seller. I work to hard for my money to get nothing for it. I wouldn't have even order from this seller, but they had 5 stars.
Ecrater should hold there sellers to a certain standard.

eCratercowboys womens jason witten #82 football jersey shirt throwback navy

I ordered this jersey on 09/09/2019 and it is now 09/25/2019 and I still have not received my order (Order #:4487714). I have put a question in to my seller(nzglobe) on where my package is and I still have not heard back from them. There is no customer service number to call that is working and I either want my order to be delivered ASAP or a refund because this is RIDICULOUS i am fed up with this company and their lack of organizational skills. I'm ready to call my bank and report this as a fraud charge because that's what it is starting to feel like.

NHS Discount Outletdid not receive my product

I bought two products from the above seller on July 28th, 2019; However, It's been over two weeks and I still have not received my items.I contacted the seller few times, he answered once stating he will ship the items and will provide me with a tracking shipping number; he never did.

Please I need your help in this matter, write me back and let me know what is the next step(s). Below you'll see information on my transactions:

Thank you,


Order No: 4454020
Order Date: 2019-07-28/08:29:13

Ship to:
Khaled Elkechen
10603 E. 74th Street
Tulsa, Oklahoma, 74133
United States


Seller: nhdiscountoutlet
Roku Express Streaming Media Player - Black: 2 x $24.00 = $48.00
Sales Tax: $0.00
Shipping: $0.00 (Regular US-Mainland)
Total: $48.00
Payment via: PayPal Express Checkout
Notes: just bought these 2 items from you and paid for it via PayPal.please go ahead and ship it.
thank you

Product URL:

  • Updated by KAK71 · Aug 10, 2019

    bought two products from the above seller on July 28th, 2019; However, It's been over two weeks and I still have not received my items.I contacted the seller few times, he answered once stating he will ship the items and will provide me with a tracking shipping number; he never did.

    Please I need your help in this matter, write me back and let me know what is the next step(s). Below you'll see information on my transactions:

eCrater.comorder not received

I have ordered a "small free wooden ankh" (Item Number [protected]), order No: 4452006, from the seller "lilnono" on the 25-07-2019.
A few days after, I have contacted the seller via to ask when I would receive the item but never got an answer.
On 01-08-2019 I have contacted the seller again to ask about the order and still no response. I have attached a print screen of the message I sent on that day.
The order has been payed via paypal which has provided the email address of the seller: [protected]
I have also sent an email to this address and received an error message stating that the email cannot be delivered, which confirms that the ad for this item published by is probably a scam.
Thus I have no other mean of contacting the seller to either receive my order or claim my money back.
This is why I am asking for a refund. You can contact me at: [protected]

Best Regards,

Jennyfer Parnasse

order not received headphone

I purchased bluetooth headphone before 3-4 weeks. After 1 week I emailed them about my order then they replied me to confirm the address. I sent the address. After so long didn't get any reply or any emails. I contacted. They said the item has been sent. I asked for tracking number they didn't reply. I asked for refund. They didn't reply. Now its been more than 3 weeks. I haven't received my headphone. I dont want it. These guys just wasted my time and gave me headache. I just want my refund.

eCrater — not receiving purchase saying was received by post office normal woman received it or has seen it want money or item reset

105936 Directed the company through six emails of complaints about not receiving my purchase they said they sent it in my mailbox on July 18th what you need a key to open to put the mail...

eCrater1970 baltimore orioles mlb world series championship ring 10-13 size with cherry wooden case: 1 x $39.90 = $39.90

Seller: huchao31465775

I purchased the ring listed below from the seller listed above. I ordered it on 4/16/19. I still have not received the ring. I have tried to contact the seller a couple times to find out when I would be receiving this ring. The two or three times I tried to contact them, they have never gotten back to me. It has now been over 1 month and I have not received the ring. At this point I would like my money back so I can order a ring from some other company. This was supposed to be a birthday present for a friend who turned 70 this year.

Please contact me and let me know if I can get my money back. My email is [protected]
Thank you!

eCrater — bladesmith - ecrater has suspended account without any reason

105936 I was running my Ecrater Store name of (bladesmith) Eamil: [protected] from last three months and every month paid regularly monthly marketplace cost. Everthing wa...

eCraternew york yankees jersey customized

I ordered this as a Christmas present and never received this and I've sent emails and have had no reply and I paid for my purchase but never received anything! I was really upset about not receiving this because it was going to be a replica of a lost item .I ordered it with my friends name and it and his baseball number which would have made him so happy since he had lost his in a house fire.I would like to have my money back or my purchase I ordered, please and thank you

eCraterzydot detox tea

Wed, Mar 6, 3:06 PM
to me

Order No: 4353796
Order Date: 2019-03-06/12:06:43

Ship to:
Cheveon Whitaker
Columbus Women's Care 3rd floor Suite 300
5965 E Broad Street Bldg 5,
Columbus, Ohio, 43213
United States

Seller: pbbshop
Zydot Natural Blend: 3 x $11.99 = $35.97
Sales Tax: $0.00
Shipping: $0.00 (Regular US-Mainland)
Total: $35.97
Payment via: PayPal
Paypal email: [protected]
Haven't paid yet? Pay now:

Product URL:

This is a copy of the original order. I have paid in full. I have not received the order to date. I have reached to the Seller multiple time and to no avail. The seller refused to respond to me, give me my merchandise or my money back. I am very upset and disappointed at this time. Please call me @ [protected] or e-mail me at [protected] This is not good business and I don't have money to just give away.

Thank you for your time.

eCraterorder no: 4317472 order date: 2019-01-17/05:21:36

I never received my order. The seller stopped responding to me. I want a refund.

Order No: 4317472
Order Date: 2019-01-17/05:21:36

Ship to:
Tarissa Marie Piper
812 Fillmore St
Caldwell, Idaho, [protected]
United States

Seller: bravoface
Black Women's Sexy Underwear Lingerie Lace Babydoll Sleepwear Dress Chemise G-String: 1 x $10.99 = $10.99
Sales Tax: $0.00
Shipping: $0.00 (Regular US-Mainland)
Total: $10.99
Payment via: PayPal Express Checkout

eCrater — laptop keyboard

Hi I placed an order to purchase a hp laptop keyboard on the 2/2/2019 order number 4330875 since then I have not received any response to my order or an email I sent very...

eCraterBioderma photoderm max spf 50+ milk 100ml

On Novemver 11, 2018, I placed an order for the Bioderma Photoderm Max SPF 50+ Milk from seller "beautystories". I would like a refund because I have waited 3 months for my order to arrive and I have yet to receive it. I was in constant contact with the seller, Mairi Tegogianni, who stopped responding in December. This is ridiculous, inappropriate, and unjust. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at [protected] Thank you.

eCrater — quicken 2017

I urchased a CD from wallsbersales. What a joke after several emails and terrible instructions qne several hours of hit and misss I was able to install quicken on 1 pc. Tried...

Minigadget and eCraternever received my order of cards against disney

Order No: 4323953
It's been 14 days never received information on shipping of my product I bought . I am so upset with choosing to go with ecrater and the seller minigadget. I've I knew you treated your customers like this I would of took my business elsewhere. I just want to get a full refund of what I bought now. I've messaged the seller and ecrater multiple times no response from either of them. This is such BS all I want is a refund now. Why would you guys treat your customers like this? I want to your reviews and saw a lot of people have had this issue. I should have want there first before ordering the product. It's outrageous that there is no phone number to contact ecrater either alot of people would probably like to have that option. My email is [protected] get back to me please...

eCraterdermalex cream not received - order no: 4294487

Order No: 4294487
Order Date: 2018-12-18
Seller: xarisbeauty
Total: £21.20

Dermalex Psorasis cream ordered on 18th December 18 and not received. I have attempted to contact the seller both via the link provided in the email confirmation of my order and through Paypal which I paid through and have not recevied a response. I would therefore like a refund to be made.

eCrater — cards against disney redbox disney-themed

I purchased the Cards Against Disney in December 16th, 2018 (Order No: 4292225) through PayPal. However, I have not heard anything from the seller (minigadget), and it's been more...

eCrater — Order No: 4300968 Order Date: 2018-12-26/09:54:40 100 cones polyester thread

ordered this dec 26 - got confirmation email - nothing else. emailed them twice within last couple days and zero response... scam report is getting filed and im going back to ebay...

eCrater — order #4270564

105936 I ordered lego harry potter hogwarts whomping willow toy - 75953 november 27. I have not received my order I have tried to contact them twice from your website and still no...

eCrater — shoe order

Order number 4263479. Seller is hnemna goes by yang yong. Paid 90 dollars via pay pal. I ordered shoes from them on Nov. 23. They supposedly shipped them. They were assigned a...

eCrater — new orleans saints nfl personalised jersey

Product URL: Order No: 4255973 Order Date: 2018-11-10/12:36:28 I emailed David @ Homefieldadvantagegifts, confirming the personalised aspect...

eCrater — arsons knife

105936 Hello, I ordered a set of Damascus knives from arsons knives and paid for them in full. After some delay I have received the knives. They have now however emailed me requesting...

eCrater4259311 order number

I ordered Beats headphones from your site on November 14 and haven't received the item or any shipment information from the seller. These are a gift and I have to have the item by December 7th. I emailed the vendor today as well.

Seller: tronixwarehouse
Beats Solo 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones- Rose Gold: 1 x $106.99 = $106.99
Promo Code: $5.00 (FIVEOFF)
Sales Tax: $0.00
Shipping: $5.00 (Regular US-Mainland)
Total: $106.99
Payment via: PayPal Express Checkout

Product URL:

Rebecca Norris

  • Tw
    TW2k19 Mar 19, 2019

    Delivered - Signed for by: NORRIS J: PHOENIX, AZ - GOODYEAR - USA
    Status updated November 19
    Delivered November 19
    Refreshed November 19
    Tracking No.: 5979938215

    Order was infact delivered and signed for by her Husband. Buyer fraudulently opened a credit card claim, which was denied because it is proven the item was delivered

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eCrateridem not being shipped

It has been around 3 weeks since I've ordered a wig, and it still has not been shipped. I'm requesting that this idem gets shipped. If not possible, I'd like a refund. I received a confirmation email 10/30/18. I attempted to email the seller, but they unfortunately did not reply.

The sellers name is Little-Closet The idem I was hoping to receive was titled "Lolita Golden Blonde Long 100CM Straight Fashion Party Cosplay Wig + Wig Cap: 1 x" however when I click on the link for this product, nothing shows up. The order number is #4247899

eCraterseller: frans-cosmetics-bargains

I have never received this product I ordered the 22nd of October 2018

Lancome Resurface C Serum Booster 1oz Facial Skin Care microdermabrasion: 1 x $39.99 = $39.99
I tried to email the company but my email were returned :(
The email is : [protected]
Order No: 4242977
Order Date: 2018-10-22/17:54:38
The paypal payment has been proceed the same day :
You paid $45.48 usd to
fran rinaldi
What can I do now?

  • Ke
    Kevin Tanner420 Nov 22, 2018

    Good luck. I've been waiting for a jersey since November 1. They will not return email or refund my money. I had to contact the attorney general and ftc to file a lawsuit against them.

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eCrater.comorder placed on 10/22/18 for men's houston oilers #1 warren moon throwback football jersey white l and still not received

Order No. 4242721
Seller: chenbin1993

I have messaged seller about product not being delivered and have received no response. I would either like to receive the jersey or receive a full refund of the $38.99 paid for the jersey. It has been well over 14 days since the order was placed. I also never received a tracking number.

Product URL:

eCraterorder #4244178


I placed an order on 10/26/18 and have not received a confirmation of status of the order since. I am concerned this order will not be fulfilled at this point. Is there anything eCrater can do to reach out to seller, "1955nba"?

Their ECrate site are as follows:

It is worth noting that their contact information does not sem to include a legitimate contact.


  • Ke
    Kevin Tanner420 Nov 22, 2018

    I've been waiting since November first for the same seller to send my package. No info and they refuse to refund my money or give me a reply to my email. If I was you I would do as I done. Contact you state attorney general and the ftc

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eCrater — order #423157 from fantasy pin

On 10/7/19 I purchased a Jr. Park Ranger GC National Park Badge (Item #[protected]) from your seller Fantasypin (Order #423157). I paid through Paypal $14.99. As I did not hear...

eCraterbed sheets

Hey I ordered these bed sheets like 3 weeks ago and I have not received them and I have gotten a response but all he sent me was the picture below. And he refuses to answer now. I'm sick of waiting for this guy he has 1 star ratings and 96 sales. I would like a refund. I have not received the order so it shouldn't be a big deal I'm just fed up with emailing this guy I asked for a refund the second I ordered it and he said he sent it two weeks ago a week or two after ordering

bed sheets
bed sheets

eCraternac drops

Ordered NAC Drops on July 11, 2018, Order #4167100. After three weeks did not receive order. E-mailed NAC Drops on August 2 that drops were not received. Was e-mailed back that they would "organize another package". Package not received. On Sept. 19 I contacted them to cancel my order and refund my money by Sept. 27 or I would contact eCrater and my credit card company about the undelivered order.

eCraterecrater order #4181695,

Item not received, no response from seller.

Gray Reducing Drill Sleeve Metal MT4 To MT2 Morse Taper Adapter: 1 x $9.99 = $9.99
Seller: tools24x7
Order Date: Aug 2, 2018
Message To Seller : September 8, 2018
Message Details:
Has this order shipped? If yes, when did it ship? What is the expected transit time?
No response from the seller as of September 17, 2018
No delivery of the item as of September 17, 2018

Refund requested as the appropriate resolution.

ecrater order #4181695,
ecrater order #4181695,

eCratercards against humanity plus expansions

I ordered cards against humanity with the 6 expansion packs and 13 booster packs for $80 August 28, tried to contact seller August 29. It has been 14 days and neither have I received my package, or gotten a response from seller. My email is [protected] I would like my package soon or I would like a refund please contact me as soon as possible with details.

eCrater — doorbell order not received

This is a copy of my receipt: [protected] To:[protected] Jul 31 at 9:07 AM Order No: 4180275 Order Date: 2018-07-31/09:07:08 Ship to: jeannie moberly 240 Copley...

ECrater / Symbolic Spas — bubble wall stand has terrible customer service and they have false online advertisement as well as terrible customer service. I spoke with a person named Wes and he cancelled my order...

eCrater — samsung galaxy j3 j320p (2016) sprint carrier unlocked cdma / gsm smartphone - gold - new: 1 x

I ordered this item on June 19, 2018 and as of July 11, 2018 I have not received the item or the email tracking information. It has passed the 14 days that are needed to file a...

eCraterproduct not received

On 4/28/2018 I purchased a product and have yet to receive it. As per PayPal, there is no shipment tracking. I've made attempts to reach the seller by email to 'r.[protected]' on 5/11/2018 and via eCrater's Ask Seller at

I'm not asking for a refund, I would just like to receive the product.

Transaction information is as follows:

Order No: 4121418
Order Date: 2018-04-28/21:34:49

Ship to:
Joshua Sanchez
620 Lavers Circle Unit 121
Delray Beach, Florida, 33444
United States


Seller: siebel
Sony DualShock 4 Wireless Controller - Magma Red PS4: 1 x $27.99 = $27.99 Sales Tax: $0.00
Shipping: $0.00 (Regular US-Mainland)
Total: $27.99
Payment via: PayPal Express Checkout

Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated,

Joshua Sanchez

eCrater — chanel earrings

I have contacted @fashionjewelery1 many times but he did not get back to me once. This is my first experience purchasing from this website and I am very upset it is a scam. He...

eCrater.com1200 pcs package pampas grass seeds, rare reed flower seeds

On February 11, 2018, I purchased 1200 PCS package PAMPAS GRASS seeds, rare reed flower seeds from, but have been unable to contact them, since my pdf receipt was unreadable, so I have no idea who has my money, or the product I ordered. There is no way to contact them, as their online form requires the name of the firm that sold it via their site. so it just sucks!