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[Resolved] Bethea Jenner


Astrology and psychic rip off!

Complaint Rating:  90 % with 504 votes
90% 504
Contact information:
Bethea Jenner
United Kingdom
Bethea Jenner and Rochelle Gordon send out fake astrology predictions and pretend to be psychics. They give people false hope, take their credit card details then keep taking money out of their accounts. It's unfair and immoral.

Resolution statement

Customer care service did everything in their power to resolve this complaint. All attempts to contact the complainant have failed. Therefore, this complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and it's services are concerned.
Again, I ask that those of you who have been complaining in the last few days to get in touch with me regarding your specific complaints.

I can be reached via email at bejenner@betheajenner.com, or via the post at the address below.

If you wish to contact me via telephone in the U.S. Please call 203.825.3199, leave a message, and ask for my assistants June or Paul.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Bethea Jenner
167 Cherry Street
PMB 292
Milford, CT 06460
Dear Friends

I've been on this board for several weeks now, looking at all the complaints, posting my email address and customer service number in the U.S., AND emailing people who have complained.

Some people have got in touch with my customer service, and I have duly addressed their concerns. Thank you for that.

However, many people simply continue to post on this board without getting in touch with my customer service. This leads me to believe that they are not interested in having their problem taken care of. Perhaps they don't really have a problem at all, and simply want to exhibit their vindictive and mean personality.

It's a true saying that you cannot please everyone, and equally true that "you're damned if you, do and damned if you don't".

I have already posted hundreds of genuine comments from customers who have been helped by my services and products. But of course, the cynics here have said they are false testimonials. This is a lie and I urge readers of goodwill not to be taken in by the cynics.

I have posted my customer service details, email address bejenner@betheajenner.com and U.S. telephone number at which you can leave me a message - 203.825.3199. But only a handful of you have gotten in touch. And each week the posts about me on this board grow.

It doesn't matter to me if these posts are the work of 1 person or 10 persons. What matters is that I have given ample opportunity for your grievances to be addressed. I will refund purchases, re-ship purchases, cancel orders, what-have- you.

But I can only help people who contact my customer service.

Posting on these boards will not help you get a refund, although I am grateful to the few of you who have contacted me.

Once again, I can be reached via email at bejenner@betheajenner.com, or via the post at the address below.

If you wish to contact me via telephone in the U.S. Please call 203.825.3199, leave a message, and ask for my assistants.

Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Bethea Jenner
167 Cherry Street
PMB 292
Milford, CT 06460
Hi Everyone

Thanks for all the posts. We would also like to thank customers who have brought our attention to the trouble they have had with their purchases. We try and resolve all customer service issues promptly. To expedite the process please also email bejenner@betheajenner with details of your purchases and we'll try and respond as soon as possible. Thank you and we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Bethea Customer Service
Dear Friends

Many of you have posted your customer service queries on this board. We would like to thank you for this opportunity to respond and look into every complaint. Please note the quickest ways to get in touch with us:

Email Addresses: bejenner@betheajenner.com, forbethea@myhealthwealthandhappiness.com

Post Address: Bethea Jenner, PMB 292, 167 Cherry St, Milford, CT 06460-3400

Telephone No: (203) 672-0089

Please include all details of your purchase when you email or call. We try to resolve all customer service issues as quickly as possible. Thank you.

Bethea Customer Service
It is difficult to read such defamatory remarks about myself and my friend and former colleague Rochelle Gordon. I doubt that my comment is going to change the minds of those who have shared their thoughts above. However, as so many negative points, including false information, have been listed here, I feel compelled to clarify and defend both the astrological content of my free forecasts and the products I offer.

First, I want to say that I thoroughly believe in the power that astrology plays in our lives, both in its ability to provide understanding of events and personalities around us and its usage to tackle certain challenges we face. I strive to convey that understanding in my forecasts and hope that my forecasts provide support and inspiration to those who request them.

I myself do believe in the ability of talismans and spiritual tools to make life better, richer and safer, and for this reason, I send messages to introduce new products to the subscribers of my Health, Wealth and Happiness forecasts. However, I don’t want anyone to feel obligated in any way to respond to my offers, and more importantly, these offers should never feel like a burden. And when purchasing any talisman or spiritual tool, it is important to request only the products that you yourself believe have something real and meaningful to offer you.

I stand by my refund policy and if you have any questions, returns or refunds to address, you can do so at the following address.

Bethea Jenner
167 Cherry Street
PMB 292
Milford, CT 06460

Many thanks,

Complaint comments Comments (136) Complaint country United Kingdom Complaint category Online Scams


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A  27th of Feb, 2008 by    -1 Votes
Does anyone know how to get a refund from Bethea Jenner? I bought a necklace from her which I purchased at full price. Next thing you know they had sent another email stating that they were going to charge me for a second payment. Bye the way, the necklace I purchased started to tarnish within the first week I had it. They had requested me to send it back and will give me a replacement. It's been a month and I still haven't received it. Can anyone advise me on what I should do?
A  29th of Feb, 2008 by    0 Votes
Bethea Jenner is well known for these scams. She lives in London so you could write to her there. Her address is on the website ripoffrevenge.com or badbusinessbureau. There are a variety of addresses listed there, some of them in the US but she is based in North London and works from there. If you look at all the complaints listed (there are quite a few) I noticed one of the did have her correct address but I dont remember it right now.
A  4th of Mar, 2008 by    -1 Votes
I truly feel bad for folks who fall for this type of garbage such as Bethea Jenner and the like; offering people futile hope like astrology and psychic readings; how patently absurd. Its truly ashame that people can't trust in the God of all creation; instead they have to vest their trust in cheap counterfeits psychics and mediums. I do feel bad for folks who get involved in these things, but quite frankly, its their own faults for investing money in such nonsense.

If folks truly want results that work; they should try picking up a Bible sometime and heartfully calling out to the Lord of all creation. They might be pleasantly surprised at a the astounding results!
N  13th of Feb, 2017 by    +1 Votes
@Andy I agree that the bible has the best advice and prayer will help more than a psychic reading but that being said a true Christian shld b compassionate and non-judgmental
N  19th of Sep, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Andy So instead of listening to this hooey one should instead believe in another superstition and worship an invisible man. Got it.
A  5th of Mar, 2008 by     Best Advice +7 Votes
Keep away from these 2 vampires! At least you got something, Sheila. After being told the amulet was on the way, I am still waiting for it after 4 weeks. They had the cheek to charge me for the first installment. They ignored my email when I told them I have not received the goods. This has happened to someone else who has also taken the trouble to report it on the Web.
I have immediately rung my bank to cancel my credit card to avoid further ripoffs from them. I think that is all you can do apart from reporting them on this site.
I shall be contacting their payment agent and notify them of the scam.
Lesson1: google name/company before dealing. Buy only from e-Bay or proven sources.
Lesson2: be afraid, very afraid,when strangers address you like you are their long-time best friend.
A  18th of Mar, 2008 by    +2 Votes
I just wanted to say thanks to the others who have given warning about Bethea and Rochelle. It prevented me from spending any more $ on something. Like another person suggests, rely on God, or use your own personal subconscious power... I think the two are inter-linked, and you don't have to pay anyone any money to use them.
A  21st of Mar, 2008 by    +1 Votes
I just received an e-mail from these two frauds. I was about to buy the Golden Key Guide until I googled their names and realized they were fake. The vision they claimed to have for me seemed so real. I almost cried when reading it because it felt like they were speaking to all my problems I have in life. I am going through a difficult time right now, so I guess I am more gullible to things like this. I am thankful I had the feeling to do some research before I gave them my credit card number. I was very close to getting screwed out of my money.
N  15th of May, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Jeana If the vision was that close to what you were experiencing maybe it was real. But the way to find out is to see how personalized these things are. Are they different for different birth dates? Or are they just fishing/phishing for those that are vulnerable. I don't know. I get emails myself that are pretty spot on, but haven't bitten on them. Finding out how personalized they are seems to be the key in my opinion. Some believe in this stuff and some won't no matter what. But if they are personalized then at least you know they could be legit.
D  7th of Apr, 2008 by    +4 Votes
I am also in the same gullible boat. I ordered a couple of things from them, 2 books, which i did not get ripped off for, and the a necklace. The first time i ordered the necklace, I did not receive it. i let her know. I then received it a month later being charged in full. Then, about a few weeks later, i get charged again, then again, then again. I let her know the what was going on, trying to compromise with her...that didn't work. She kept avoiding my complaints and suggestions all together, and then the last thing that she wrote to me was, "Oh, i'm glad that your enjoying your jade dragon pendant, you will be billed a second time. " AHH THIS FRAUD CHARLATAN IS SO FRUSTRATING! Is there anyway that I can change my information around with my credit card without canceling it out completely?
N  3rd of May, 2008 by    +2 Votes
I feel like a total fool. I just got a necklace from her recently and it is just a plain old necklace..there is no power in it at all..Now I here that if I try to send it back I still would not get my money back..She prys on the week and heavy hearted..most of us are going through some hard times and she knows that. Bethea Jenner is a fake and a phony and the world should know that ..please pass the word on to others so she can stop conning innoccent trouble hearted victims from having their money ripped away from them..But I know a man who can solve all money problems, take away heavy ladens, and burdens..He can be your doctor while you are sick, your lawyer in the courtroom...His name is Jesus..Just call him and trust him with all your heart and soul..he just want you to humble yourself and pray until something happen..Don't believe me? Try him.
N  8th of May, 2008 by    +4 Votes
I do believe that this a ugly joke and we have been ripped off. I was fooled in to this game and feel a total jerk. I have not sent the money yet but now i know this is a scam i have change my mind. I am glad that i know the truth about this. I was glad i know all of this.
A  13th of May, 2008 by    +2 Votes
Hi, I have been ripped off too. I have bought many items from them, hoping that my life would turn better, but of course not. I started to suspect that they may be fraud when every month regualy they were withdrawing money from my bank account, despite me ordering most stuff full price. I thought I had done my four instalments on an item I had purchased, but they still kept charging my card. I have now demanded that I will return everything to them and they pay me back. They still tried to make up my mind by saying: " sorry things didn't go too well for you as instructed, but you have to be patient and good things will come" I am the last person that deserves to pay for false promises. If they continue to charge my card, I will commence a fraud investigation with my bank. I heard from the comments above that they are already under investigation from the UK Police. It will be very easy for me to apporoach my bank regarding this, as they already are "known" for fraud. Please you all don't pay for things you are not sure of. I know that you all are desperate for miracles to happen in your lives, like me but this is not the way to wish for miracles. Pray to God and your guardian Angel. You will get your miracles from GOD. God bless you all.
A  15th of May, 2008 by    +2 Votes
Hello all I am so glad I google them before I decide to make my purchase and now I am about to delete them from my e-mail Thanks Alot what a shame.
A  16th of May, 2008 by    +4 Votes
A few months ago, I paid a private investigator to look into Bethea Jenner and Rochelle Gordon. The address for Bethea Jenner is 122 Lyndhurst Road London N22 5AT. Her mobile phone number is 07719261225. He is still tracing Rochelle Gordon but she is believed to live in the New York area of the US. Watch this space for more information. If people want to take this information to the police in the UK they should do so as I am not living in Britain at the moment so cannot get on the case for a while. Good luck and let us all know how you get on. There is so much evidence of fraud that there should be no problem getting it resolved.
D  28th of May, 2008 by    0 Votes
I want to inform all that I just won 2008 red toyota camry from credi max credit card 5 days ago. I am sending you this good news to thank Bethea for the wonderful luck she had shared with me.
N  13th of Feb, 2017 by    0 Votes
@Yully Bethea is that you? Or do you just get proceeds from the money she is taking from ppl that worked hard to earn it and r already having hard times and just need a lil hope that things will get better? Smh
N  29th of May, 2008 by    +2 Votes
So how come Bethea hasn't got a nice car? Surely she would have used the information to get the goodies for herself if she had 'special powers'. Please post the exact details of your winning ticket and the competition you claim to have won as evidence of your claims. Otherwise we might think it is Bethea and her chums posting here.
N  30th of May, 2008 by    0 Votes
Rochelle and Bethea, I really had to write to you today. At the beginning I didn't have too much confidence, but after I bought the 1st gift something happened. At the beginning I didn't think of you, but after I did. I went to a hcokey game and bought a few tickets at the entrance. During the third period the drawing of the tickets was made and I had the winning number. I won a $1000.00. A little bit later I thought about you and said to myself, of God that's Betha who is watching over me tonight.
N  1st of Jun, 2008 by    -1 Votes
Cynical fake testimonials from Bethea Jenner commending herself to others, posted from her internet site. A new law in the UK is being invoked to prevent this kind of scam. These people now have to advertise themselves as entertainers and admit that they don't have any special powers or insight.
N  1st of Jun, 2008 by    +2 Votes
I received a spam email from Bethea Jenner recently which was odd as our paths crossed years ago. I looked her up on google and found this site. I particularly laughed at one of the so-called 'testimonials declaring that 'Bethea is watching over me'. These people definitely haven't met her! You wouldn't want her watching over you guys. She was horrible to me a few years ago when I had dealings with her before she got into this so-called psychic scam, when she worked as a PA at a clinic in London. She wasn't mean to me in a 'psychic' way, just in a nasty, intolerant way. She made me cry with her behaviour. She wasn't a very nice person. Anyone can set themselves up as a psychic, write some phoney testimonials and send spam mails to the whole planet. I might try it myself as it seems to be a money spinner.
N  3rd of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
Since ordering a bracelet from bethea jenner she has fraudulantly billed my credit card for bogus purchases that have added up to almost 400 dollars and it just keeps going. I am having to cancel my card to make it stop.
N  6th of Jun, 2008 by    -1 Votes

PMB292, 167 CHERRY ST.
United States

I placed an order back in Jan./'08 for a jade pendant and a wellness kit. THE PENDANT COST $66.80 and the KIT cost$19.95. Both cheques were cashed Feb.4/'08 and I have the records but Bethea claims the orders haven't been placed. How long has she been doing this and why is she still in operation ?
D  9th of Jun, 2008 by    0 Votes
Thanks a lot for all these warnings. I'm about to get into the trouble myself. I would think it's a scam too since there is no return address, no clear instruction, their website looks very suspicious.

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