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We are on online psychic services company, offering a choice of one-on-one, group and written consultations from experienced, committed and professional psychics and astrologers through a variety of esoteric tools.

ESPChat Complaints & Reviews

Espchat.com / Inner circle privileges

Texas Red on Aug 9, 2016
Was told for a one time 24.00 would receive inner circke priveleges for ine year. The second month they took $39.00 out of my account. Have not agreed to this rip off. Recvd one very thin booklet with August horoscope. Have nevet heard from again. Cannot afford them stealing my money

esp chat / Overcharged my card

mnylen on Apr 7, 2015
I signed up for their one year subscription. Then I did a private chat and they charged my card for more than the invoice amount twice. On the first invoice they said it would be $87.78 they charged my card for $47.88 three times and then did a credit for $47.88. Which is still more than...

Espchat / My bank card was charged

Kelly Lattea on Nov 24, 2014
My bank card which is a debit card was charged and i never mad any purchases I would like a refund it put my account in the negative owing them money please call me asap the best time would be at 5p eastern time my number is 3042038662 ty kelly

Espchat / Scam

Dianna Sprenkle on Nov 17, 2014
Yesterday, i signed up with espchat, and made an appointment with golden girl for the 17th, nov. 2014 @11am. , and was charged $24. 95 for a year's subscription with golden girl. Today, i cannot login or access their website, nor able to contact golden girl. I have not heard from...

esp chat / i want a refund

elka,becca,krys on Nov 1, 2014
I had ordered this crap like 3 -6 months ago i have never used it at all i started asking for a refund the day i ordered and have not gotten a response at all in three months. What is that all about. I woukd really like my money back (24 dollars) back to my card would be nice i mean i have two small children and really need the money for food

Espchat / cancelation a.s.a.p. now!!!

melissa mcfadden on Jun 25, 2014
I was not happy with being charged 49.90 3 times on my debit card for a 20 minute conversation with golden girl on Tuesday which I was not happy at all with her information she had to tell me I want my full refund of 149.90 back I want it now I have sent 2 e-mails I tried calling your...

Espchat.net / wanted to cancel membership but cannot contact them

Wanda Brides on May 6, 2013
wanted to cancel membership after one free month but am unable to contact them and they already deducted $39.99 on my credit card. I do not want to be charged for another month but cannot contact them. Please help me.

Espchat.com / fraudulent charges unauthorized

shirley579 on Mar 28, 2013
fraudulent charges I was foolish enough to believe the over 60 emails which assured me over and over that the charge for a year was $24. I paid my $24 on 2/10/2013 and visited the site maybe 3 times finding it not impressive. In March my money situation was pretty tight, when suddenly on...

esp chat / FRAUD

paintherlovely on Feb 14, 2013
They are frauds and charge peoples credit cards for services they do not supply someone needs to put a stop to them they are making millions off good people charging their cards and then cancel their memberships. Please help put them away!!!

esp chat / NO Response

Hank Shaw on Jan 18, 2013
they took my 24 dollars and I got a couple of e-mails, when I sent a response to the website I got nothing except a message urging me to spend 39.95 for the Inner Circle, seems like a scam to me, I could use that 24 Bucks, wish You could shut them down, and get the Money back. Hank Shaw

Espchat / nothing is working

julierenew on Jan 1, 2013
I still can't log into my account. I can't get a hold of anyone on the phone. And I want my money back now. Nothing is working here.


AJJOBE on Dec 4, 2012
ESPCHAT.com charged my account of 30.00 dollars on November 12, 2012. I was suppose to receive something in the mail, and i haven't heard from them since, this company or these people are scamming others, and making us feel stupid, something needs to be done with them. This is from my bank statement, ESPCHAT.COM POS 975-178-602CT US 026591

Espchat / Scammed for 24.00 on Credit Card

fatham on Nov 11, 2012
I was told to pay $24.00 for access for a year. I haven't been able to do anything on the web site since I've been charged except being asked for more money to do a one on one. I was also told at the beginning before I paid that if I wasn't satisfied, I could be refunded my...

Espchat.com / never heard back from them.

dennis793 on Oct 2, 2012
I don't have the information you want about "ESPCHAT" they have a phone number, but if I leave this page to get it I'll lose it. The problem is, I've e-mailed them several times and with no response. I've clicked on their prompts and type in my subject but never get a...

esp chat / no response from customer service

Sue883 on Sep 12, 2012
I have been getting numerous e-mails from Golden Girl that I can not stop!!! I have unsubscribed I don't know how many times, I have replied to her e-mails, and I continue to receive them. It's quite annoying. I have tried to edit my e-mail address within my account on the...

Gwendloyn Espchat / no ph# or email for cancellation purpose

AE Nygaard on Jul 9, 2012
Teenage granddaughter used my bank card to subscribe to Gwendolyn espchat, and $24.00 taken from my account, with no phone # or info for me to have subscription stopped and money returned to my account.

Espchat.com / I signed up for and did not receive an email from them

Milinoy on Jun 20, 2012
I signed up for and did not receive an email from them. Was suppose to get readings and other promised things I didn't get. This is a scam... don't do it!!!

Espchat / unauthorized charging credit card

Deborah Henderson on Jun 11, 2012
On one of the PCH sites, I was offered 1 free reading. I did that, and the reading was as fake as a 3 dollar bill. Next thing I know tthis psycic crap site, charged my credit card and I was notified 3 days ago by email. THIS IS A SCAM, FOR I NEVER FOUND OUT WHAT CREDIT CARD THEY CHARGED...

Espchat Psysic Readings / Unable to access Iris in Chat room

MollyRobin on May 17, 2012
Signed up for service after much urging by Iris, but have been unable to enter the Chatroom where Iris shows available. I'm asking for a refund of my monies. Mollyrobin

Espchat / Charged my credit card and have not responded

Annette.M. Harrell on Apr 16, 2012
i paid for "Melody" a pyshic to provide several readings and to join the "Inner Circle so that any pysic could respond to questions when entering site. Have had no contact from "Melody " or even been able to be able to enter this so called "Inner Circle". I was charged 35.99 on my credit...


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