Sara Freder Complaints & Reviews

Sara-Freder / fake psychic

Apr 15, 2011

she lies about everything and sends you the same emails when i canceled my service from her she tried scaring me into a warning and has made my life hell and cast a real actual spell because i would no longer pay her or wished to recieve any more emails from her since then spirits have...

Sara Freder / Ultimate scammer


I was lured into Sara-Freder's trap when I saw her advert on the net. At first I thought it was for free, so I decided take it for fun. It took me sometime to realize that I was about to be scammed. She is an excellent guesser. The only thing that helped me escape her sticky trap i...

Sara Freder / Scammer


Clairvoyance is a perfect tool for scamming people, Sara Freder is and has been using it to prey on people for many years; is there a legal way to put an end to her (or His)scam and protect people from the likes of the Sara Freder website. Is there a legal recourse for people to fight...

Sara Freder / Harassement morn/noon/night with machines, implants, bindings, bats; choking me by tightening throat


Approx one year ago Easter Sara Freder appeared in my house out of body. I woke to her binding me. I recognized her picutre from the advertisement. A few days after that, I woke to her sending me pictures of 3 bats. Since then she has harassed inside of my body, I believe I got an implant...

pasqualina and sara freder / fraud


I was scammed by Sara Freder and Pasqualina. I deposited money in her account yesterday and I am conscerned if whether I need to change my banking account or not. I did a wire transfere. Please advise