Sparks Of Divine Light Healing Complaints & Reviews / this seller is a fraud cheating scams person wrong online store details listing!

Jun 15, 2019

Please everyone stay careful of this fraudulent scams online store information site and please with any respect dont giveaway any kinds of personal details account information messages to this online scams crazy store center anyways just try your best to stay careful and nicely stay...

Sparks Of Divine Light And Healing / not providing services paid for

Apr 28, 2019

This girl has a long history of fraud. She is currently on the run from the USA because she has been charged and convicted of many crimes. She is drugged out of her mind and convinces people who are looking for spiritual help that she is doing Reiki attunements and activations for money.. A...

Sparks Of Divine Light Healing / spiritual healing

Apr 27, 2019

Robin James of Sparks of Divine Light Healing is a fraud and a scammer. She offers Reiki attunements and different activations that are charged for but not performed. She has created 3 or 4 premium groups in partnership with Francisco Javier Ossa of Be Kind Be Loving Be Spiritual in which...

Sparks Of Divine Light Healing / now in rotherham

Apr 27, 2019

Sparks Of Divine Light HealingPathological lair! Invoked in a forced wedding with a line of victims. Facebook scams and PayPal fraud. PayPal keep shut Robin Miller Robin Caffarelli snd Mike Caffarelli down several times. She on the run and currently using Ra James on Facebook sparks Of Divine Light Healing page. There...

Sparks Of Divine Light And Healing / healing

Feb 20, 2019

Sparks Of Divine Light And HealingThis person is a fraud charging people from a distance from National History Muesem and also English Heritage Stonehenge. This is disgusting to charge people for Heritage and fraudulent. This person stalks people and gets people to harass others. This person is a conspiracy theorist and...