Best Buy Rewardzone HSBCfraud

I am complaining about the late fees that they charged me on my most recent statement, claiming that I didnt pay for the month of August. I call them and told them that my account in fact says that I paid them $50 for the said month. I gave them the date when the money was cleared and the check number that I paid them with. I also provided them all my check information. They told me that they'll fix everything in 14 days. I thought everything way fine already until they told me that they're not gonna be able to take the late fee charges off of my credit card because it is I who failed to put the account number on my check when I paid at a best buy store. first of, I never put credit card numbers on my checks, I never did in the past and it never caused me trouble. second, I paid directly to best buy. I was there, and I physically handed them my check. If anything, they should have told me that I had to write down my credit card number. I hate making accusations, especially creating conspiracy theories, but this is exactly why people become leary of big businesses because we feel that no matter how much we try to be honest and of good character, people with money will always find a way to dupe us, so they'll make more money at our expense.

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