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On 04/24/10 I ordered a cool Sprint phone using the web: which it was shipped and received by 04/26/10. Such order was a Super Mistake, since this stupid company just wasted my time by sending me this smart phone that I was told it was not a smart phone and that I could order it without changing my plan. After the receipt of my cell I called to activate it, but the stupid CSR (Customer Service Rep) advised me of changing my plan to a more expensive plan based on this phone's features of a smart phone (smart ### phone, I say), I raised hell and ask to speak with a manager. After a long wait the manager desided to call me and explained to me the same b s as mentioned. I told him my frustration of a bad order since I was not to give up on upgrating my plan for a higher and pocket inconvenient plan. We are still in recession and I am not willing to spend $170.00 for the up of the plan for 2 years. I sent them the below e-mail and still waiting for a response since I got tired and returned the cell for their very incompetent service. See below...
Cancel my order! Thanks for wasting my time. I ordered this phone and now I can not activate it without changing my plan, you should train your dumb sales reps to learn how to make business and let the customer know about any possible changes before activating the phone after you ship it out to avoid a waste of time canceling such order and returning phones that should have never been shipped without a full explanation of possible changes to my existing plan.

I will open up a claim in the BBB to investigate your company for hiring very incompetent sales reps and management that care only for the customer's pocket.

Give me a call if you have questions about this complaint. I returned this phone today by FeDX. Expect to get a refund as soon as u get back your phone. I will post this complaint in the complaints board website. Thanks for nothing!!!
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