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Houston, TX, United States
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I went to Best Buy to buy some products for my business. They referred me to a business account manager who sold me my audio vidio products at my restaurant. He also told me that he could set me up with a 8 camera security system that records to a DVR that I could check from anywhere. I didn't know Best Buy was in the security business, but the prices were great. The installation didn't go smoothly with the cameras, I still had problems connecting to them remotely as promised. I ended contacting a security company in town to fix the Geek Squad's problems, and they informed me that Best Buy and Geek Squad illegally installed the security cameras under Texas law. They quickly fixed the issues I was having and I havent had any sense. I am apaulled that Best Buy and Geek Squad do not follow the law. It would have been cheaper if I had gone to real security people in the first place.


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