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Best Buy - Henderson, NV / bad customer service

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As written to their corporate headquarters:

I just recently had a less than positive experience with a floor manager by the name of Aaron in Store #358, 611 Marks St. in Henderson, Nevada. I tried to replace a Camcorder for my 65 year old mother who had purchased it with a 4 yr extended warranty. The model of camera she purchased, Sony DCR-TRV-22, suffered a CCD chip factory recall and the symptoms related to the recall were consistent with the problem her camera was experiencing. When I tried to explain why we were wanting to exchange the camera for a different brand of the same value, Aaron refused to help. He only insisted that he can sell me another camera while I waited for 6 weeks for the service department to determine whether the camera can be repaired. I told him it was a defective part that Sony recalled and was not repairable. That my mother wished to have a different brand of camera of the same value. Aaron did not look at the receipt of purchase or look at the 4 year plan. He did not ask to see any of the documents I had in my hand. He only told me to stand in line at the service department to have the camera repaired and he'd sell me another camera.

I explained that it was unnacceptable. I told him that it wasn't completely out of the ordinary for Best Buy to honor the request I was making as it was done in the past by another member of my family at a location in Southern California. In that particular instance, the customer was escorted by the floor manager to the camera department where he helped the customer locate another brand of camera of equal value. Aaron's response was, "Well, take it to that store then." I told him that his response was rude and unprofessional and a return policy should be honored. Aaron refused.

This entire conversation took place in the front of the store. I was noticeably unhappy with the outcome. The greeters, who check receipts at the entrance were in earshot during the conversation and with a condescending tone and a smirk told me to have a nice day while I was on my way out. I turned to them and instructed them that not only is it unprofessional to address a customer to have a nice day when they can see that the customer is obviously upset but it is rude to say it when they didn't mean it and as if it were funny that the customer were unhappy. One of the greeters then stepped into my personal space as if to try to intimidate me and told me I had to lower my voice. I told the greeter, as I was leaving the store, that his behavior was going to be included in my report to corporate. Then I heard him say again, mockingly, "Have a nice day." (I don't need to go into how really angry that last comment made me. I'm sure you can put yourself in my place and just imagine.)

Normally, I do not bother writing corporate offices when I have a bad experience in a business. I just simply never shop there again and, when the topic comes up, tell everyone I know my experience and encourage them not to do business there. But the behavior of these employees and the attitude of the floor manager at this particular location incited me so much, that I felt compelled to write you hoping that someone can investigate this type of unprofessional behavior. I'm sure that this is not what your corporation or any corporation expects from their employees who represent their business at the public level.

Sony Corporation has agreed to replace the camera at no expense. Their support service was exemplary and I have already informed them as much.

It's too bad that my experience at Best Buy was so sour that I will probably never walk into that store ever again. And will be very hesitant to shop at Best Buy even if it were a different location.

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  • Mi
      10th of Mar, 2008
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    Hello there,
    I strongly agree with what you just said. I've worked there and I've seen how rude Aaron and the people in LP were to some of the customers who went into the store for help or just a simple question. Corporate does need to do something about it.

  • Ma
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    Get a life. Stop posting this post everywhere. You are just trying to take advantage of Best Buy. There are policies to be followed, and the manager was clearly trying to follow them. Sorry that your family took advantage of another Best Buy and got away with it. Next time you walk into a store, read the manuals and your warranty information before. It clearly states that Best Buy has to ship there products before being able to declare it defective for you to get a new one. The managers are trained to know all this stuff, and if they could have found a solution for you i'm sure they would have. Obviously there was only one solution, and that was for you to purchase a new camera until you were able to get yours returned. I disagree with you 100% and i'm glad that you were not able to get away with your scam at this store.

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