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Best Buy / terrible company!

1 Fultondale, AL, United States Review updated:
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I purchased a laptop on the 20th of this month. I returned it on the 25th. I was told by the Fultondale, AL store that it my check for my refund was printed on the 26th and that it will take a week to get it from Minnesota. This is because for some reason purchases over $250 cannot be refunded in the stores. Not even up to $250 of the refund.

Moving on, I spoke to the corporate office who said that my check wasn't printed until the 27th. The corporate office also stated that it could be as late as Monday before it is even mailed but could not tell me how the check was going to be sent (standard, first class, etc.). Even standard only takes up to 9 days in the USÂ however I was given April 14 as the last possible date to receive the check. Best Buy obviously doesn't realize that that is three weeks from the time the laptop was returned. So they have the laptop and my money and I'm sitting here with nothing for possibly three weeks. Unacceptable.

Apparently four hundred and some odd dollars is to much to refund in a store but not enough for Best Buy to put a little speed into returning it to it's rightful owner. Even after they charged a 15% restocking fee, and I do not get back the $50 I purchased for a recovery CD + them setting up the computer. Oh and getting them to set up the computer... I was told two - three hours. Took nearly SIX. I was willing to look that over until I found myself out nearly $100 and them holding the rest of MY money. My future purchases will not be made at any Best Buy stores, regardless of how low the price is. I knew it was a mistake when I decided to purchase from them instead of compusa. I have been a customer of there's for years and only purchased at Best Buys because I work near one of their stores. That will not happen again.

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  • Co
      12th of Aug, 2008
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    Well to be frank, best buy is not the local bank, what you are asking is for them to keep thousands of dollars in each cash draw just because you can get a 400 dollar refund. This policy hasn't changed in years. It clearly states credit or debit will go back on your card, checks and cash over $250 will have to wait for a check from corporate offices, it's that simple. and gee wait isn't compusa going out of business?

  • Cy
      9th of Feb, 2012
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    you got a refund not in the way you preferred. Get over it, BB is a good place to shop.

  • Va
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Best Buy - Awful company
    Best Buy
    United States

    After purchasing a Toshiba laptop a day less than the two week mark from the Hamburg, New York location, I returned to the same store I had purchased the item since I was having difficulties connecting to the internet. The internet was "connected" and internet explorer would work yet several other programs including the "Trend Micro" anti-virus software that I attempted to install had implied I was not connected. I had contacted the ISP, Netgear (wireless manufacturer), Trend Micro, as well as Toshiba whom all referred me to return the item. I returned to the store with the item and recepit in hand, expressing my concerns with the defective product and requested to exchange the item for the same exact model I had purchased just less of two weeks prior. Two weeks prior, I had purchased the Toshiba laptop which was originally priced at $699 yet was on sale for $550. So as I said, I wished to exchange for a working product that I paid cash for. The customer service representative stated they discontinued the item. My options were to get a refund, a gift card, or an even exchange for an "ACER". I stated that was not what I had purchased nor what I was interested in doing so. It was also mentioned the only version available was at the Watertown location but I would have to drive out and pick it up, never offered to have it shipped to their store. I purchased the item I wanted and it did not work properly, ALL I WANTED WAS THE SAME ITEM OR SOMETHING OF COMPAREABLE STANDARDS. The "Acer" is is no way a comparable item in my eyes. Now I have asked to speak with a manager whom may be able to further help me. Stephon, whom was the manager on duty, stated there was a newer version of the Toshiba out that I purchased, yet was $150 more than I paid. I was dissatisfied in returning a product I happened to get a deal on and was dissatisfied that the same model that "WORKS" was not available, only a newer version which they admitted had the same specs for an additional $150. I proceeded to ask to speak to his manager he continuously repeated "1-888-BESTBUY". I said I was not satisfied calling a 1-800# to get the issue resolved while I took my time out to return to the store. Yet because he no longer wished to help I was left no other choice but to call while standing at the counter. I proceeded to do so and at that time stated I wanted my refund while I was on the phone. Now as I sat on hold for ten minutes waiting to speak to a management personnel, I watched as the three customer service reps and manager, Stephon, went on to ignore my request for a refund and service others in line. I spoke with the Supervisor of Corporate Offices, Steven, over the phone, whom again was very unhelpful and very unprofessional, swearing back on the other end of the line and offering no apologizes at all. To say the least I was lead to another dead end. I was at my witts end frustrated at the service i was receiving and disgusted that this business operates this way. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE whatsoever. I in no way, shape, or form felt I was requesting anything out of the ordinary or unreasonable for that matter. I just wanted the same product I paid for that was not defective and since that product was not available I feel I should have been offered something more comparable. Did I mention, I had spoken with another employee during this episode and was informed that Stephon told the other employee that he was able to exchange my laptop for the current version which replaced mine for an even exchange yet was not going to because he felt I was being rude?! I did not know Best Buy's Return Policies were based on the Manager's Opinion rather than actual policy enforced. So as I said Stephon had been ignoring my request to get a refund of the money I paid and I had to again say "Excuse me but I believe I asked for assistance and you have been helping other customers over and over again while I stand here waiting" Like I had told him earlier, calling 1-888-BESTBUY was not going to help but and I was right about that. So he decides now is convenient for him to give me my refund and proceeds without saying a word to me until we get to the point where he asks "do you want a gift card or the check mailed?" I stated I had paid cash and expect the cash I paid in my hand before leaving. He said there was no way. I CAN NOT believe if you pay cash for an item and have your receipt and are within your return period that you have to wait fo a check to be mailed! I can not believe what goes on in that Store, it is absolutely unacceptable in my eyes and all consumers should be aware of this!

  • Ka
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    More then likely that store was holding those wiis for an ad. But its possible there were a couple wiis in the store but that person you saw leaving had been holding it for a while. Ive seen people hold on to a wii for several hours while they were in the store.

    But I can also say that they cant hold wiis, the employees arent even allowed to buy them if they are on the clock, hold them, or anything like that.

  • Ja
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    Yeah bestbuy tech are not very good? I have better knowledge than what they have, tried to sell me a recovery disk for a hp when hp has something called "recovery manager" were you can create your own os restore disk.

  • So
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    HPs included recovery media is set as a partition of the hard drive. If the unit was under HPs warranty they will replace the drive but not the data, including the recovery partition. If the drive was replaced the blank disc would not have the recovery media. HP allows you to create a set of DVDs that act as an external copy of the recovery media, but it is something you have to do yourself. If the drive went bad before making the external recovery media then she will have to order the set of discs from HP. 1-800-HP-INVENT or

  • Ge
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    If i stole you receipt and merchandise, then i could just go back to the store and get your money. Sometimes when we are having a terrible ordeal at a company none of their other rules seem to make sense. I've seen customers with a perfectly legitimate complaint get blown off because they start demanding the manager to do something that they cannot. It's tough to resolve things at best buy because they blow off the customer, Corporate headquarters never looks to reprimand an employee, (trust me... corporate doesn't care), and they blow off the Better Business Bureau, that's why BBB has them rated at an F.

  • Ma
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    In December, I took my laptop into Best Buy, because the battery would not charge. Since I could not charge the computer, I could not back up my data, so I had to spend $200 to get them to back it up before they sent it in for repair.

    Unfortunately, when I got the backup drive home, I realized they only backed up a small fraction of the data. Fortunately I discovered it before they sent the computer off, but I had to drive back to the store (30 minute trip each way). I got the computer back in 3 weeks, and it was working fine.

    In February, it stopped charging again. I took it in again, since it was covered under an extended warranty that I purchased when I bought the computer. The Geek Squad agent said since it was a re-repair it would be first to be repaired, and I should get it back in a few weeks.

    A few weeks went by and I got an email from the service center saying my computer was approved for an exchange. That sounded nice, but I wanted my old one back. I am a freelance writer/photographer, and all my copyrighted work is on that computer, as well as my financial data. I was told to call the store.

    No one answers the phone at the Best Buy in Normal, Illinois! After two days and after leaving several messages, I finally reached the Geek Squad at the store, only to be told they could not get my laptop back from the service center. I was told as soon as they are approved for exchange, the unit is stripped down and sent off to the manufacturer. The representative agreed to email the service center and see if he could get it back. I was told they could not call the service center, only email. At that point, I called Best Buy Customer Service, and they did not understand why I could not get the hard drive returned to me.

    The next day I called back and talked to another Geek Squad rep who said they cannot get my computer back. I asked him where in the repair contract I signed did it say that they could keep my property? I brought it in for repair, and if they weren't going to repair it, I should have been given the option of having it returned unrepaired. I would have rather just had the broken unit back and taken it elsewhere, since it had many software programs that I will now have to download again, etc.

    I was put me on hold for 30 minutes (no joke). When the rep came back on the line, he said it was not in the contract, but in the pamphlet I got when I bought the extended warranty 2 years ago.

    My husband went into the store and inquired about getting my computer back. He was told it could not be returned. Instead, we were given a new laptop, which is nice, but I want my data back!

  • Ha
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes

    I can not believe how bad the Best Buy tech support is. I sold my laptop to a friend of mine. It came up recently with some boot issues. I checked it out for her and let her know I thought it was the hard drive that needs replaced. It was still under warranty so she took it into BestBuy. They told her they would send it into HP for work and replace the motherboard. I got a call from her two weeks later saying BestBuy fixed it but would need to boot disks for the machine to load the op system. They didn't even have op system disks.

    So, I have the laptop here and can not load the op system again. When I run a disk check the hard drive fails. What a bunch of yeah-whoos for not being able to diagnose this simple issue having the laptop for TWO weeks. I doubt they sent the laptop in like they said.

    I suppose I will find out tomorrow when I return the laptop in person to find out what if anything they have done with it. BROTHER. I am better tech support!

  • An
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    If you're looking for a Wii this season, DO NOT go to this Best Buy. When I entered the store I was told by more than 4 employees that the Wii systems were out of stock and sold out. Seeing as to how they were such a popular item, I figured that it was true and all the Wii's had been sold. I decided instead to look for an alternate gift. I just happened to go to the restroom and passed by one of the store's offices in the side of the store, and BEHOLD, Nintendo Wiis! In the store!

    To make matters even more interesting, another customer in the store while I was there that was talking with one of the store's sales persons LEFT WITH A WII. Yes, that very day. I think its outrageous that employees are hording the products for themselves and telling us consumers that we aren't able to purchase them. ISNT THAT WHAT A STORE IS FOR! I even called the store when I returned home and asked if I was able to have them hold a Wii, when they got their next shipment in. The employee on the phone said that they are not allowed to hold Wiis for customers. So theres no way that they could have been holding those for customers.

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