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When I first got my best buy credit card I asked the representative if it would be a hard inquiry on my credit. The representative said "No not at all". When I checked my credit it was a hard inquiry on my credit. It is a store credit card and not a visa or mastercard; therefore, I don't believe it should be a hard inquiry. Being young, this bothers me because soon I'd like to have other inquiries that actually matter and don't look bad on my credit. When the first payment was due, I never got a bill or a card. Still have yet to receive an actual card in the mail. I called the customer service number and they stated they couldn't give me my account number, but they could take a payment over the phone for $25.00. To make a payment online with the account number is free. I explained to the representative that I never received a bill and he told me my payment wasn't due for a few weeks and that he would send me a duplicate statement. When I received the statement I made the payment online with no troubles. This last time I made a payment online, the payment never actually went through. To my knowledge, it did. I then received three phones calls on a Saturday, no voicemails, from their collection company. I was only 5 days late on the payment that I thought that I had already made on time, actually early. I explained to the representative that it was annoying to receive 3 phones calls in a matter of hours, one of which was after 8:00 est. The representative started to give me this speech about the laws they have to abide by and how they cannot leave voicemails, but they can call until someone answers. I work for a company that has similar laws and we cannot call after 8:00 at all. Also, we do not call until the person answers. We call one number once a day every few days. If a company calls, they should leave voicemails. If they don't, I don't know who is calling or why. Also, the fact that when the representatives do call, you can hear about 4 other people in the background on the phone as well. At least get an office that doesn't sound like a call center, it sounds more professional. Do not get a best buy credit card if you can help it. They are the worst credit card company I have ever had to deal with.

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      9th of May, 2009

    I keep getting letters from HSBC retail services saying that someone has requested an address change to
    my credit card. I don't have a credit card with Best Buy or HSBC or anyone else. I did not request an address change. If you have me listed with an account, I want it cancelled now! I called the HSBC customer service several weeks ago and they said they would fix this problem--apparently they haven't. I need this taken care of now!

    Sandra E. Graham

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  • Pf
      9th of May, 2009


    this isnt HSBC. do you think they monitor the entire internet for their consumer complaints?

    you people.. i ###n hate how STUPID everyone in this country has become.. WTF HAPPENED TO US??

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  • Ra
      1st of Mar, 2010

    I purchased a TV from Best Buy 18 months same as Cash the Promo is good thru July 23 2010 as long as I pay it off by then no interest. I then bought a refrigerator 24 months same as cash promo ends on Oct 23 2011. I was told at the store when I bought the refrigerator that only a minimum payment would be applied to that purchase and the rest would be applied to the TV. The minimum payment is $32 and I have been sending in $150 payments. They are now applying the entire $150 payment to the balance not due until Oct 2011 and non toward the balance due in July of 2010. This just started this month. When I questioned it the kept saying new goverment regulations. When I said I could understand a minimum paymenta as goverment reguations, but I am paying alot more to pay off a balance. They said when two items are purchased that the payments will all be applied to the balance due later until the last 3 months of the promo then they will apply it to the balance coming up. So everyone pay attention to what you are now paying. I am now just going to mail a minimum payment until July then paying off the TV balance. I would have never have noticed unless I took a closer look at the credit card statement. Charlotte Garring at customer service said that Best Buys new policy is what is best for them and not the comsumer

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  • Al
      1st of Mar, 2010

    Yeah I am sorry to hear that. Banks took advantage of this new policy. All of my cards APRS went up and I owe more on interested now. Its always about whats best for them and not the consumer.

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  • Th
      1st of May, 2012

    You were unaware that a credit card might actually require a credit check? Really?

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