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Best Buy, Clarksville IN Location / computer

1 Veterans Pkw, Clarksville, IN, United States
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Regarding hassle free exchange and the management staff at the Clarksville, INĀ  location (Dan and Justin) are bold face liars. Dan had been forced to resign previously perhaps even for similar bullying females and abuse but has managed to be rehired and is picking up where he left off. Be careful sending a woman or girl to this location. This Dan guy is a real problem. If I were not paralyzed I would definitely seek him out and demand he explain why he bullied and then threatened my wife. Hassle free holiday return? Please!
After purchasing a Lenovo computer for my son under the "Stress Free" return policy, guaranteed until Jan 12, my wife was ejected from the store for not allowing Dan the lying bully a chance to infect our computer and try to steal $149.99 from whom he thought was a dumb woman. Obviously he had never met my wife. Corporate Aquisition Expert, Uof L Honor Grad and very savvy concerning computers and software selling them both for years. I had called in earlier to ensure today was the last day and that the return was hassle free so she would not have any troubles. We had ordered it online and instructed to pick it up at the Clarksville, IN location. Justin (who first told me he was the manager on duty but lied, he is on The Geek Squad) asked what the problem was and when I told him he told me he could fix it but only if I paid him $149.99. I told him I had till today to return it hassle free. He said he would tell them not to exchange or return it until he could run his diagnostic and if it were software damage or a virus (no indication of either) we could not return it. Best Buy policy states they need to visually inspect for physical damage (none) and turn the device on to ensure it boots up. (Also fine) Even if it were laced with the worst virus out there, the policy is the returned computers are wiped clean leaving nothing before sending them back. The actual Manager, Dan (whom I was told by Justin was on vacation earlier) said they had to do a full diagnostic telling my wife he wasn't sure how long that would take. Even though the laptop looked brand new and the preinstalled McAfee anti virus was still operating he needed to see if we had a virus or if the software was damaged. Since the policy is to wipe the entire hard drive this lie was immediately called out as BS by my wife. He also said the laptop did not come with anti-virus software but obviously it does because she had all the reports it had generated for the past 2 weeks saying there was no virus or malware. My wife called him on this lie and angrily told him he would not disappear with the laptop where hours later he could load it up with whatever he wanted and say it was our fault. He did say if there was damage of course The Geek Squad could fix it... for $149.99. My wife was outraged as anyone would be at this obvious B.S. and again told him what she thought of him. At this point he was embarrassed and then told my wife to leave the store. I think this Dan gets off on bullying women and getting them to follow his orders. My wife felt bullied even before she was threatened. Probably had decided to take personal vengence on me from the onset because I told them they were thieves for trying to extort another $149.99 from a crippled man. So, how do I know they were full of B.S.? Upon leaving that location, my wife took it to another Best Buy location where the staff was better trained and not so vitriolic. She was in and out in ten minutes with a new computer. They inspected it just as Best Buy requires. No full diagnostic, just a quick check for damage and a look at the anti virus software, no hassles whatsoever. Best Buy has great deals but stay far away from The Clarksville, Indiana location. There may be good people there somewhere but management of the the sales floor and Geek Squad are thieves and liars even going so far as to lie when my wife asked his name, he told her it was, Don. Such a sleaze ball, he and Geek Squad Justin. I do not believe I can rest until these two apologize to my wife and I and are also reprimanded thoroughly

Best Buy, Clarksville IN Location

Jan 15, 2019

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