Best Buy Canadadrones - don't purchase here!!!

Recently received a Drone as a gift purchased at Best Buy. Upon assembly I found that the camera function will not operate properly at all.
I approached Best Buy to get this defective product exchanged and was told that once package is opened it can not be exchanged or returned. This policy is apparently dictated by the supplier.
I was told to deal with the supplier out of NY who is unresponsive.
I dont think it is fair to sell defective goods and then just walk away form it saying...ooops ... sorry... suppliers problem.

I recommend getting your electronics from a store that understands the product and will back it up.

  • Updated by Chum43, Mar 08, 2017

    Best Buy would not help out here but the Supplier- Protocol really stood up on this. They replaced the unit with no problem. I really appreciated their service. Case closed

Jan 21, 2017

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