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Will never ever shop at this location, we are cancelling our best buy cc and we are looking into filing a formal complaint with best buy head office and explain our situation to everyone.
We bought a $1, 300 computer online and picked it up at the bramalea location on wednesday july 20th. It had a manufacturer’s defect, a blue line running vertically along the screen. We went on sunday july 24th to exchange it at the bramalea location, unfortunately they were out of stock and and let us know that this location (Heartland) had some on hand, since this is a manufacturers defect and that we are well within the 14 day exchange period that we should head over and exchange our computer there.

We went on monday morning, to the hearland location, only to be told by one csr (Who wasn't wearing a name tag) that they weren't doing anything for us, we asked him to speak to a manager. That associate walked away and never came back. Another csr (Again no name tag) was lingering around he spoke to us, he said he was a senior (Whatever that meant) and that yes it was a defect that couldn’t be fixed and that yes we’d need it exchanged and not to worry we’d be happy by the time we left.

Nothing was happening, they said they needed a box and since we don’t have it they weren’t doing anything here, we were told previously that this was a non-issue, the laptop had a manufacturers defect and we were well within our 14 day period.

Over 30 minutes passed, my husband was on the phone and asked to speak to the csr we were dealing with (We were repeatedly asking for the manager who never came over during this time). He did not want to take the phone because he said that my husband must be angry. He eventually took the phone and my husband asked him what the problem was and I know he used a few expletives. It was after that conversation that the manager (If you can call him that) finally came over, he had a name tag on, rocky.

He had been standing a right across from us a few metres away the whole time and never bothered to come over. He sauntered over and asked "what’s the problem", I was furious and said hasn’t anyone here explained anything to you. He gave us the same nonsense story about needing a box & ndash; that was irrelevant. They will not re-box and sell an item that is defective; they will send it back to the vendor for credit or repair. This is common sense.

My husband spoke to him to ask him what was really happening here and how this makes no sense with best buy’s exchange period. To which all rocky’s big help and response was & lsquo;do you work here?” do you work here?” that’s all he would say. I said I wasn’t leaving to go to another store until there was a resolution there or at another location. All they did was dial the number to the bramalea store (Rocky did, to which he dialled incorrectly and I had to dial it again and then he immediately scurried away so as to not speak to us or anyone at the other store). I explained our situation to the csr at the bramalea location and she immediately transferred me to the manager, dilldeep. He listened to what was happening and what I was being told. He checked their system and said that the laptop we bought was coming in this afternoon. He took my name and number and called me as soon as it came in. We went to bramalea and had an awesome experience with dilldeep (A real manager, who managed an issue that presented itself) and natalie and csr who has customer service skills. They repeatedly apologized for the behaviour of their colleagues at the hearland location and said that customers are important and without us there wouldn’t be a need for their jobs because there is so much competition for our dollars at other stores.

The hearland location is so ill equipped with regards to customer service. They were behaving as though every best buy is an independent store like & lsquo;bob’s no frills’ and very hostile right away. It was very apparent that rocky was just making up excuses, it took him a bit over half hour to just come speak to us and he was just metres in front of us the whole time, he couldn’t dial the phone number correctly and then he just left before resolving anything or contributing anything despite confusion, anger, animosity and stuff he just made up to just show off and feel like he is actually & lsquo;managing’ something.

If customer service skills are too expensive to teach to this bunch, how about giving them some acting classes so that at least maybe they can hide their obvious bs and they’ll at least have something to potentially contribute to this world because right now they are a miserable fail.

Businesses should never ever forget that bad news/complaints travel much further and faster than anything good.

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  • Je
      Jul 06, 2007
    Best Buy - Poor customer service!
    United States

    DO NOT FALL FOR THE GIFT CARD SCAM AT BEST BUY!! If you buy an extended warranty and are sold a lemon appliance, you will have to repay the gift card if you do a refund or exchange!!! Even when you pay $300 for an extended warranty!! you will not get an equal replacement. This is how we lost $800 dollars.


    April 1, 2007 bought Sony TV open box 60 inch and 4 year extended warranty. One hour after plugging it in, it shuts down - called Best Buy to get it repaired. Tv worked the next day, canceled repair call. Tv worked on and off through next few months. Would not turn back on June 21st. Someone came out the June 28th. "Fixed" tv, but it shut off by itself as repairman was exiting. Repairman said he needed to order a part, would take 3-5 days. July 5th, 2007- called best buy to find out about part. "Robin" said bring tv in to best buy for replacement. My husband repeated back to her what she said and she confirmed yes bring it in to the store for a replacement and said all the store has to do is call and get authorization. My husband loaded up the 60 inch tv and hauled it all the way to best buy to do what Robin said. Manager James Gardner picked out the replacement tv, brought it up to the exit door, and said he needed to call to get authorization. He had an associate call up to get authorization. They said there is no authorization. My husband called the in-home repair number on his cell phone to find out what just happened. Robin was not there, spoke to some other lady. Lady asked to speak to manager. My husband handed his cell phone to the store manager James Gardner. The manager went to a corner to talk on my husband's cell phone for ten minutes. Came back and said there is no authorization, very snooty and rude. Offered to put part of the refund on a gift card. Very frustrated, my husband accepted the gift card for a fraction of what we paid for the tv. Now we have no tv, a gift card that cant buy us a comparable tv and no desire to ever shop at best buy again. ---------- Spoke to someone at in-home repair, they said they did not see anything about my husband talking to Robin. Asked to speak to supervisor. Immediately asked supervisor about notes on conversation with Robin. Supervisor confirmed they DID in fact have record of it but denied that she gave authorization. Spoken to in a patronizing tone and told us we can go buy another TV. On 7/5/07 I called customer relations to complain. "Mary" immediately had a rude tone. I calmly told her my situation. When I was finished she began speaking in a rude tone. She said they did us a favor and made an exception by allowing us to return the TV. I told her they gave us a partial store credit for a lemon TV we bought three months ago with an extended warranty, which is not making an exception by any means. She began raising her voice with me and I asked to speak to her supervisor. She put me on hold for ten minutes and the supervisor Sarah said she is choosing to do nothing for us but document that I called. I asked who else I can speak to. She said she is the highest person they are going to allow me to speak to. It ended there.

    We now have NO tv, a gift card that wont buy a comparable tv, and an expensive four year warranty for nothing.

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  • Aa
      Oct 06, 2007
    BestBuy 374 - Poor customer service!
    United States

    I went to bestbuy store number 374 to purchase a pc package. Having looked around and selected a pc of my choice i looked for a customer service representative to clarify some information on the return policies for the item. Specifically the return policy for individual items in a package no such policy is stated in the store but on the web site it follows " may return that item separately... You will be refunded the discounted price...". The first clerk send me to a second clerk named kareem, who would not address my questions and sent me to the third rep, who referred me back to kareem and told him how he can answer my question and he should go back to his station and look at the stared price that would be the refund amount for individual item. At which point then i asked again "what would be the refund if i were to return the printer?", he did not return to his station and simply seemed to pull a number out of a hat and he replied around 30 at which point i asked for the exact number and he refused to answer me. I requested a manager and told kareem "that he is to lazy to do his job" at which point at he got angry and had to be removed from the discussion by the first clerk. The manager arrived and said he will get back to me. About half an hr to an hr passed and no news came of the manager. I saw a forth rep named navid who told me he is new and he is unable to answer my question and that kareem has informed him now that the store policy is not to accept individual returns and further more the store will refuse to sell the item to me. I asked for the whereabouts of the manager and he replied the manager "edward" is in a meeting. Being around closing time i decided to leave the store. While leaving i saw a group of reps and managers outside the store smoking.

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  • Ma
      Nov 17, 2007

    I had recently purchased a diswasher from Best buy, and had there Contractor "Raytec" come out and install it. It was imprperly istalled and leaked all through the bottom of my cabinet , causing it to collapse. So I went back to the store and explained what was going on (they have been very helpful in the store, the problem is Corporate), they contacted Customer Service who sent Raytec back out, who tried to tell me that I have a faulty valve. Ahhh, OK I have been in this home for 5years with no problems with leaks, the tech could not explain this, While he was here I asked hay by the way why is it when there is a full load in this dishwasher is is leaking out the sides on to the floor, Tech " I don't know, as he stuck a level on it , it's level", So when Customer Service called to follow up on this , I told them what was said and I was told the Tech said in his report that there is no problem, and it was "Not Our Fault", Then who's fault is it? If there was no leak prior to the work, and now there is?? If the tech didn't think the valve would hold up out of common courtsey wouldn't he say something at that point?? I was told by customer service then that they would look into it and call me back. They never did. So I called back up to the local store again, stating that the problem has not gone away and I am still awaiting a call back, the Appliance supervisor assured me that he would contact customer service and that they would be in contact with me, That was a few weeks ago now and still no call. So now an E-mail has gone out to Best buy Customer Service, asking when they are planning on adressing this issue, That I am almost 9 months pregnant, I can not continue to deal with this, and the problem is not going to go away and nither an I until it is resolved, So I asked if I needed to consult legal help, it that would move things along. Let's See if the can "get around to the problem"..... AUUGH

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  • Th
      Apr 06, 2008

    I had read that purchasing the Best Buy extended warranty was not really necessary. If the product you had purchased was going to fail it would most likely do so within the first year when the manufactures warranty was still in effect.

    Wrong, the Gateway laptop computer I purchased did fail within 8 months of purchase. However Best Buy continues to have you return the product to their service department where no service is performed. After they are certain that the warranty no longer applies, they tell you to get lost. You did not buy an extended warranty and there is nothing else we are going to do.

    What a terrible organization, Best Buy.

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  • Zo
      Jul 26, 2008

    I went to Best Buy looking for a CD by the artist Corinne Bailey Rae. I couldn't find it on the shelf so I asked a Best Buy associate for help. He went to a computer, looked something up and came back with a CD that said on the cover "Corinne Bailey Rae - Smooth Jazz Tribute"

    I didn't know a lot about this artist but it didn't seem right. The cover had a generic clip art graphic on it. I expected a picture of the artist, but I didn't know what it was supposed to look like. So I say to the associate "This is the latest CD by Corinne Bailey Rae?" and he says that it is.

    I take it home, open it up, and come to find out that it is *not* a CD by Corinne Bailey Rae - it is a smooth jazz cover album! I went in looking for a multiple Grammy nominee who is a pretty hot new singer, and instead I get elevator music.

    I can forgive that as an honest mistake. What made it 100 times worse is that when I tried to exchange the CD, the manager on duty wouldn't do it! He said it was my mistake and I got what I asked for.

    I couldn't believe this. I kept my cool and told him that's not what I asked for - I asked for the artist Corinne Bailey Rae, and what I was given was a CD with the title Corinne Bailey Rae - obviously not the same! He just said he was sorry and that there was nothing he could do.

    It's not right that the CD associate didn't know the name and album of a recent multiple Grammy nominee. But that's forgiveable. But to be so stubborn when this is so obviously not a scam - and they were the ones in error! They are supposed to be educated in product in order to educate the consumer. When they don't know what's going on, the customer shouldn't be the one left holding the bad. Unbelievable.

    I complained online and at the 1 800 number for Best Buy but have yet to hear back.

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  • Sh
      Sep 27, 2008

    On August 28 after shopping several weeks, I went to Best Buy store to purchase a new HDTV television. The salesmen were both pleasant and helpful. After making the decision to purchase my TV I asked about discounts for purchasing two TV’s. We made an agreement and I purchased the two 46-inch Samsung TV’s, and two power centers with delivery and setup. I purchased a wall hanging unit a few days later.

    On September 2, 2008 both TV’s were delivered (to separate addresses) as promised. On September 3rd I waited all morning for the installers to come to setup my TV. They had called a day or so after my purchase to set an appointment for each TV. Mine was to be the morning of the 3rd, the other (my son’s) that afternoon. I had specified it was to be AFTER 2:00 at his home because no one would be there before that time.

    At 1:45 I called the “Geek Squad” number to inquire why no one had been to my home yet. I was told there had never been any contact with me, I was NOT on the schedule and the soonest appointment I could have was September 9th. Although they claimed to have never spoken to me, they knew I had the DISH satellite installer coming out on the 4th. How?

    I called the store and asked to speak to the store manager. The woman who took my call gathered all the pertinent information and said she’d inform the manager of the problem and ask him to call me.

    At 3:45 I received a call from Heather who claimed to be the “store manager”; I have since learned that she is not the STORE manager. She said there was nothing she could do and I had to work out my problem with the Geek Squad. Period! I was upset but polite. She was rude.

    I learned that there was a note on the door at my son’s house from the installer with a time of 1:47 p.m. (he has the note). He said that he’d been there, no one was home and they had to reschedule. When I made the appointment I was very specific that NO ONE WOULD BE HOME BEFORE 2:00 P.M. A call to the Geek Squad and I learned that he’d reported to them he’d been there after 2:00 and the soonest they could reschedule was September 9th. At 4:00 p.m. I
    did not expect someone to run right out to our houses that night but I did not feel that I should have to wait six days to correct a problem that was not of my making.

    I called the store again and asked for Heather. I was told she would return my call but she did not. She had the telephone answerer call me back to repeat that there was nothing she could or would do.

    I went into the store on September 6th to ask for a refund of the installation fee, $75 for each TV. I was told that since I had received a special price for two TV’s (it was so confusing the way they wrote it up!) they would have to charge me an additional $100 for each TV in order to refund the $74.99 installation fee on each. Needless to say I did not proceed.

    This whole experience has been very distasteful. I have spoken to some people who tried to be helpful but for the most part the employees I spoke with were rude and rigid. If what I have experienced is an example of Best Buy’s customer service, I’ll go elsewhere next time.

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  •   Oct 08, 2008

    The company took an online order for store pickup. The item was not in stock and another item was purchased. The amout for the online purchase previously paid was not accepted and I was forced to pay the full amount for the new purchase as well as cancel the previous order on my own. The amount for the original purchase was not refunded and several attempts to obtain the refund have fallen on deaf ears.

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  • Je
      Nov 05, 2008

    Best Buy #220 at 5801 N May in Oklahoma City encourages customer frustration. They delight in shuttling customers needlessly from one long line to another and another and another until finally you give up in despair and leave. Although there are always dozens of clerks standing around chatting with each other or texting their girlfriends/boyfriends, there is never anyone knowledgeable or entrusted to provide customer assistance. When you ask to speak with a manager the employees stonewall, even going so far as to claim they do not know the names of the store managers. Best Buy institutionalizes and endorses poor customer service by making it impossible for customers to reach a member of management and be heard. Changes are desperately needed at that location.

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  • Pi
      Dec 24, 2008
    BEST BUY - Bad service
    Best Buy
    2200 Promenade Bulevard
    United States
    Phone: 479-619-2301

    On Saturday 11/22 2008 Frank Pinter Bought a laptop, camera and other items and service contract for 3 years from Best Buy, Rogers Arkansas. He was told, if he has any problems, he can call and get help immediatelly from a salesman. On the same evening about 6 pm his wife tried a laptop, it was no working at all. We called to the store for 3 times, the last person told us to bring everything back and they will refund all. On Sunday, next morning, 23rd November at 10.30am Mr. Pinter went back to Best Buy in Rogers to return the items. He was told, it is 15 % charge and 100.00 dollars charge on the contract, because he refund the items.They took the computer and tried it out and checked the all other items. Nothing was open, expect the computer. They refused to give him a receipt from the return items. So Frank Pinter called to the police, and officer came to the store.The storemanager refused still give a receipt and asked the officer to move him out from the store.This is a BAD SERVICE and not only my wife did not get her Christmas present, we have not yet really solved this problem.We had to stopped the payments from the checks, because how they were treated him, not to give a receipt from the return items or any guarantee to get our money back.

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  • Sa
      Feb 28, 2010

    Drive 55 miles to buy a TV. Searched several stores and found the one we wanted at Best Buy. Finally find an employee to help us. He checked and said that is was discontinued. We ask to buy the display TV. Another employee came and said yes. 10% off for display. OK with us. Purchase now down to 630.00. They said it would take awhile to remove from wall and pack it up. We go to another store to buy the TV Stand. Come back to Best Buy. They said no stand for TV. 5% more off. OK. New stand did not need it. Went to pay. We can't sell you this TV. WHY NOT. Said they have more in their warehouse and we can get one in 3 days. I can't drive another 110 miles round trip in 3 days. They said Sorry Have a nice day. I complained to customer service. Waited and waited. They then offered me a "deal" The same deail in the flyer. I said no thanks I could have have that deal 90 minutes ago when I first walked into the store. Finally offer 50.00 off a TV that cost 800.00. 150.00 more than the one I wanted. I will NEVER go back to Best Buy again.

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  • Mi
      Aug 24, 2010
    BEST BUY - Bad service
    Best Buy
    jonestown road
    United States

    Purchased laptop in December. Laptop was not working properly come June. Took it to GEEK squad. Treated poorly, blamed me for the laptop not working. When I asked them to provide me with something showing how they came to this conclusion they refused to do so. I am out $600 and a laptop.

    Will NEVER shop again.

    OH, the big screen I purchased there had to be returned. Whole screen was cracked...

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  • Ji
      Feb 04, 2011

    I ordered a disk for my desktop for instore pick up. I went to the store to pick up it and realized that I had ordered a disk for a laptop. OK, my mistake. I realized it when I was still at the register right after I picked it up. I asked them to return the disk right then and there but I was told that the could not cancel the sale that day, I would need to return to the store the next day because the system couldn't cancel the sale the same day as the sale! They told me to go to customer service for help.
    I went to customer service and was told that I would need to return the next day to return the disk, they could not process a return the same day. After some discussion, the manager agreed to take a copy of the paperwork and cancel the transaction the next day, if I would leave the disk there, which I did. She took my phone number and promised me that she would call me the next morning. She never called me and did not cancel the trnsactions. Over the next three weeks I called her several times to see what happened. I was never able to speak with her but was promised a call back if I would leave my number, which I did. I finally went back to the store to get my refund. The clerk called the manager to verify my story. Her excuse for not doing the refund was that someone "threw out my phone number". All three times that I called? They had the paperwork with my address and email on it, noone tried to contact me. Why did they need my phone number to do the refund? When I was there they didn't need it to do the refund. In my mind, they were just trying to rip me off.
    Go back? I don't think so. Right now I am considering the purchase of 3 PC's for my church, guess who is NOT going to be considered!

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