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So here's the deal. On Dec 12th I ordered some christmas gifts for my wife online at On Dec 22nd I still had not received the packages so I POLITELY emailed best buy and asked them what the issue was. They said it was scheduled for delivery on Dec 24th. So I figured ok, not a problem right? No way wrong. Christmas comes and no gifts. So now I have a pretty upset wife. So I call best buy and ask them what the problem is? They notify me that they had UPS drop off the package to the USPS and that my package could take 30 days to get here. So I got pretty upset and emailed best buy again. THIS lady says that if my package didn't get here by Dec 30th, they would send me a new one free of charge. Well, lets just say that hasn't happened either. So this time I called best buy AND emailed them. I explained to the lady rather politely that I still had packages that have not arrived, and what this other customer service lady told me. This lady proceeds to get ugly with me, and when I asked to speak to her manager, that [censored] lady hung up on me. And I still have not received and email or phone call back. Best Buy has got to have the worst customer service I have ever seen in my life. I'm in the US Army so I don't make very much money, and when I go to a business or store to spend my hard earned money I want to be treated with respect. Not spit on and treated terribly like I have with Best Buy. They are one of the most unprofessional companies I have ever seen in my life. I will never shop there again. I refuse to spend my money on a company that cannot keep their word, treat their customers with respect, or deliver their products on time. Instead I will go to Amazon and use them. They are usually cheaper, and get their packages out and to the customer on time, and I have NEVER ONCE had a problem with them.

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  • Fr
      Nov 15, 2009

    Why is this company still in business? Or how could they still be in business?
    On 9/24/09 I purchased an Electrolux refrigerator at a discounted price. The MSRP is $2499 and their regular price was $2099.99. I received a $49.99 discount for ‘open box item’ and an additional 20% off because they attempted delivery three times and it was rejected or couldn’t happen. I also received a $100.00 gift card. I thought such a deal! We inspected the outside of the unit for any damage and noted any with the salesperson. Delivery was scheduled for 9/30/09. Received a call on 9/29/09 confirming delivery for 4-6:30 pm on the 30th. Unit arrived and was installed; delivery people had me sign their receipt (of which I don’t get a copy) and left.
    My wife noticed the next day that a new scratch on the right side; didn’t think to complain as it was minor (this is a stainless steel refrig.). During loading the refrigerator also noticed four gouges/intrusions in the sidewall of the cabinet (two per side); thinking it was a like this in all units during fabrication as it wasn’t cracked or broken, my wife decided to go back to the store the next day and compare. These were not visible in the store while it was on display as there were boxes inside the unit. Upon comparison in the store, the gouges/intrusions were discrepancies on my refrigerator only; my wife and daughter talked to manager and requested a new replacement; instead they were given an additional 20% ($326) refund.
    While they were at the store, I proceeded to organize the inside of the refrigerator. When I went to lower the top sliding glass shelf to the next position; the shelf was at an incline towards me and with weight on it, it would slide by itself. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the rails in the back of the cabinet where the shelves clasp onto, were bent. We decided to call the GeekSquad for this repair. We thought that we had gotten a good deal of $1214 for a $2099.99 refrigerator (plus a $100 gift certificate).
    GeekSquad arrived 10/6/09; technician agreed new rails need to be ordered. We also notice that the freezer compartment was producing frost all inside due to door gasket not properly sealing. He state he would fix this when he came back with the parts (a heat gun was needed for this repair). I was later notified that he would return on 10/14/09. On that date GeekSquad called and stated needs to be rescheduled for 10/21/09. On 10/21/09 the technician called and stated he received the rails, however they were damaged and couldn’t be used. He reordered for overnight delivery. I stated I was going on vacation and could he come back on 10/31/09. He agreed. I called on 10/30/09 to confirm repairs; only to be informed that the date had changed to 11/6/09 and the rails have now been back ordered. I asked when will they get them and they answered only the technician would know as they are shipped directly to the techs. I asked could you call him, response was email communication only between office and techs. I am now getting frustrated and mentioned I wish I could get a new refrigerator; was told a request would be put in. On 11/2 or 11/3 GeekSquad called to inform me they are denying a new refrigerator. On same day, I called the store and talked to a manager explaining all. He said he would look into the matter and get back to me. Someone else called later that day from the store and stated I would get a new refrigerator as replacement scheduled for 11/5/09 plus another $100 gift card.
    On 11/5/09 delivery of new refrigerator by Julio was made. My wife showed him the other problems I had mentioned of the crisper drawer shelving stubs which stick out from the sidewall cabinet were coming out. Julio checked the new refrigerator and told her three out of four were OK but one was broken. She asked if that could be repaired and he stated NO. He asked if she would accept the unit and she stated NO. He left leaving no card and instructed her to contact the store.
    On 11/6/09 call the store and explained the occurance on 11/5/09, and was given a new delivery date of 11/8/09 4-7:30 pm.
    On 11/8/09 I called the store at 7:45 pm as there was no delivery; found out the store is closed. I called the 24/7 800 number from the internet and was given the delivery number for my area. I called and waited 10 minutes before they answered; the girl researched and told me they are running late and will arrive approx 45 minutes later. I asked why didn’t anybody call me to inform me; she said they should have. At approx. 8:45 pm Peter called and informed me that the truck had broke down on the freeway and the new delivery date is not 11/10/09. I asked if I could be notified in the afternoon of 11/9/09 for delivery time on 11/10/09; he said OK.
    On 11/9/09 received a call from Best Buy Delivery and was told they were giving me a $50 gift certificate for the inconveniance. I called the delivery scheduler in the late afternoon for delivery time and she said they will call me later; they never did!!!
    On 11/10/09 delivery personnel arrived at 7:30AM (ROS #[protected] Driver #11734); at 8:00 am the office called informing me they were on their way; I informed her they were already here.
    On 11/13/09 I went to the store to pick up my $100 gift certificate and asked about the $50 gift certificate. Manager mentioned that the driver should have dropped it off with refrigerator (he wasn’t 100% sure of this) and instructed Sheila in appliances to call and find out how I would receive it. While she was on hold for a long time, and customers were there to check out appliances, I instructed her she could get back to me anytime and take care of her customers. I gave her my cell number and left. Sometime later she called and informed me Martha was looking into getting approval for the card and would call me approx within 15 minutes. Martha never did. I called the 24/7 internet 800 number to get the delivery number and was disconnected by on person when I asked the question; called again and a female stated they can’t give that out, I explained they gave it to me a couple of days ago, and requested to talk to a supervisor thereupon the called me crazy and hung up; I called back and another person aswered and I requested a supervisor and was put on hold. Enough is enough. I started to call numbers from memory and got the delivery department on the third try. Myrna researched and found my account and stated it is in process to be mailed to me. Why couldn’t Martha given that information; another example of people with jobs and they don’t know how to do them.
    When I called the GeekSquad and informed them of what the store had done, since the new refrigerator was making a slight noise from the fan, which turned out to be nothing/minor, I was asked for the receipt that was given to me during this exchange. I explained no receipt was given on any delivery.
    Why do corporations have employees who don’t know their job and make excuses for them; rather than getting somebody else who can do the job. Why do corporations hire delivery companies who can’t perform? Why do corporations have departments that don’t communicate amongst themselves? BestBuy, how do you stay in business????????????

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  • Je
      Feb 06, 2016

    If you have this many complaints lodged against your delivery service wake up!!! Not owning responsibility for they're actions is not only a lame, excuse because it's a third party in this day an age it's like claiming your dog ate your homework ! My mistake was paying with a a debit card instead of a credit. Monday is my 4 th scheduled date for a refrigerator .I will call an officer of the law if it is not delivered and installed in this visit . Last week they were right outside my house with the product, delivery was scheduled by them between 1:00 - 3:00. My husband requested an after 3:00 delivery. I had to leave my job which I did as a precaution .They were to call my job when they were close to delivery time. Called my home instead to say they were a 1/2 hour out. The delivery man started complaining as he walk up the driveway. " Not enough room" is what he kept saying .He would not wait 10 minutes until my husband came home to turn water valve off. Enough room complaint is unclear what that was about. We were left Super Bowl Sunday Chinese New year and FatTuesday without frog. We are chefs!!! Enough is enough! Do your job!!!

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