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Bell Mobility / no customer service

1 Canada Review updated:

I purchased a HTC phone because of its features. My first phone had problems within the first week of purchase and was replaced. This was the same for the next 4 replacements I received within 3 months. I contacted cust serv inquiring about replacing the HTC with a diff phone; the rep told me that other customers had the same problems and i was able to get a new phone in the store. at the store, the rep told me that i was unable to receive a diff phone and that i would have to contact cust serv on my own time. The next day i contacted them and was told the rep i had spoken to had no knowledge of procedures and had given me the wrong information, and were unable to honor their word into giving me a new phone. I filed a formal complaint, as their policy would require for them to send me a HTC phone monthly during a 3-year period, because of the technical problems that the HTC had. I was contacted by a rep at the executive office named Noushin Tuncer, and was assured that she would solve my problem and send me a new diff phone within a week. A week later, I was contacted by another rep from BELL asking if i had received the phone, after I told him I had not, he realized that they had not in fact sent the phone to me. He assured me that it would be sent the same day. Next day i received a package with a phone and spent 10 hrs trying to activate the new phone; and realized that all the features i had paid for were not available to me. I called cust serv to contact with Ms. Tuncer and the rep was rude and offered to transfer me to Bell Canada. I asked to talk with her manager and she transferred me to a closed bell Canada office, after being on hold for 20 minutes. The next day I called Ms. Tuncer directly and left her a voicemail explaining that i had received the phone but that i was not content with it as it was not what i had paid for and signed up for with BELL, I also asked her to contact me ASAP. 2 weeks later, the voicemail now said that she would be away from her office, with the incorrect date and it was full. Its now a month since i have received the phone, the contact # only informs me that the voicemail is full, and then hangs up. The CSR directly emailed Ms. Tuncer requesting her to contact me. The problems with this new phone extend from not being able to receive calls to the lack of applications and features that i had purchased and signed a contract for. I have contacted the cancellations dept spoke to Abe empl #6021230 and explained me that the cancellation fee cannot be waved when i personally know of other customers who have in fact done it. As a 3-year old BELL customer, I am unsatisfied with the answers provided by bell Canada. Their lack of commitment to loyal customers who just want a decent service to be provided to them. I have spent most of my time trying to reach someone who can help me and restore the agreed contract as they refuse to take responsibility for the changes that the new phone makes to the agreement. Under their own terms and conditions i should have been notified if any changes would be made to my bell contract or the features of the device provided. This has not been the case; BELL has continuously avoided to follow through with their contract terms.

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  • Va
      5th of Oct, 2008
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    I agree with the fact that there is NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. We have been "dealing" with Bell for 6 months with a phone that my daughter purchased for a large amount of money, but has not worked since day one. Because of school exams she did not go back with the first 15 hours and so we are stuck with this piece of junk that has had to go in for repair 3 times and be reset by calling into Bell who knows how many times. You are lucky that you were able to get a new phone. We keep getting told: "We don't give out new phones." "We don't sell phones - they belong to Motorola" . I have asked to speak to a supervisor and have yet to speak to one. We were told we could get a new phone if we sign another 36 month contact. I have, in the end and out of frustration, threatened them and yelled at what a crappy company they are, but these people are like zombies (probably having heard this so many times) and know that there is nothing that we can do if they don't want to provide customer service. Three other people came into the store with similar stories while I was standing there trying to get them to listen to what I have to say and not repeating gibberish to me.

    I hate this company - don't sign up with them - you will be sorry. Will someone let me know if they were successful at all with this company in either a) not paying your bill b)getting better customer service.

  • Ki
      11th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I understand your issue. I have been dealing with Bell for 3-4 months now regarding the HTC touch phone. There has been poor customer service throughout the entire issue. I have little to no reception with my phone. They have sent me a new phone with NO difference . I am paying for a phone that DOESN"T WORK. I have no home phone and feel unsafe without a working phone. I AM EXTREMELY DISPLEASED with this service/phone.

  • Ro
      21st of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    I read all these stories, which are similar to mine. What is the outcome of thse stories? Surely someone can tell me what can be done. Why is the Consumer Protection Agency not going after Bell?

  • Gr
      29th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    Exact same problem with the HTC Touch, its so damn frustrating I can't even express it, I just wanna snap!! Been dealing with this non sense since august, on my 3rd phone, and its now been 4 months without another replacement, stuck with a cheap loner phone, I feel like a damn fool for believing them the 15 times they told me my new phone was on its way, I don't even know what the hell I can do, I feel so helpless its not even funny!! I had to move since I filed the warrenty claim, since I lost my job, theres a Bell where I live now too, but they told me I have to fly back to the Bell where I purchased the phone to deal with it in person, WTF, $800 flight return? Ya [censored]in right!!! What the hell planet am I on Seriously!! Arghhh!!!

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