Bell Canadasales associate complaint

Hello, I just came from the Bell Store in Spruce Grove, AB, Canada, Jan. 30/17, and I had talked with the Sales Associate, Katrina N. I am in the market for headphones, or earbuds. I said that I would like the bluetooth earbuds, and she pointed some out for me. I then asked if I can connect them to my laptop, she said it depends on the laptop but the new laptops have bluetooth, so yes. I asked what the return policy is for Bell, and she said if its earbuds, you cant return them. I said that I wasn't going to spend 100.00 dollars on a product that I might not like when I get home. She said "well then you don't like them". I thought her attitude was extremely piss pour, and there's a reason why the word "[censor]" is in "Associate".

Bell Canada

Jan 30, 2017

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