Bell Canada / refund requested month ago

Toronto, ON, Canada

considered switching to Bell when a very nice young man came to my door with a
very good offer. The catch was that since I did not have a credit card I had to
send in $250 as a deposit (I was told for 6 m.)

being on disability had to wait till I got my disability payment on Feb. 26th
to get the money order and send it in
the mean time my current service provider made me an offer I felt was as good
if not better so called and cancelled the order Mar. 3 (Abdul) and requested
the $250 back
4 Abdul called to say the money order
has not been received by Bell
4 I check with Scotiabank and was told
the money order had been cashed; called Abdul back and told him, said he would
look further and get back to me
till Mar 17 and after no call back from anyone in Bell (from the 4th)
tried calling again spent from 2:45pm to 4:15ish being transferred so many
times lost track; no one knew who Abdul was or what department he was in;
finally got Deb (Employee # EY05155) Customer Service Billing; who had to try
several different departments herself before finding someone who told her they
would look after it.
18 received a call from Jack Emp # 6055406 (who sounded a lot like Abdul) who
repeated that the money order had not been received; asked why am I just been
told this; received no answer to that; he suggested I go to the bank and check
again if not cashed to get a refund; said I would try but then asked that Bell
be sure and NOT cash the money order if received and was told “of course they
would not”
I would go to bank and try for a refund of order and if it came in please do
not cash
a refund from bank on Mar 18; not wanting to spend another 2.5 hrs on phone
called customer service and asked them to please let Abdul or Jack know I got
the refund from the bank and repeated again please do not cash the money if
received now.
Mar 31 received a letter from my bank telling
me the money order had been cashed and my account debited for the $250
31 called Bell and after 4 transfers was told Jack was “busy” but would be told
to call me back as soon as possible
22 no call from Bell by anyone; no refund

Is this what Bell calls customer service? Perhaps you have become so big
you no longer care to be polite or efficient to customers or would be
customers. Every time I called I was treated with little or no respect and was
transferred repeatedly rather than anyone (other than Deb EY05155 who was
excellent) tried to help. Both Abdul and Jack where condescending and not the
least bit helpful, and I felt as if I was a nuisance not in deed of help. I
find it hard to believe a company in the industry you are in does not have some
kind of code that would let your employees know not to cash a money order but
to send it back to whomever sent it to you. Also, why would it be cashed when
there would not be any client attached to the number on it? It makes me wonder
if this is one of the ways you make some of your money – deposit money till
someone asks for it, take your time returning it and collect on the interest.
One person’s $250 is not worth anything but when 100 folks or more have the
same issue!

Now I would like my $250 back not when human possible but as inhumanly
quickly. This is a lot of money for me and you do not need it, but I do. I am
hoping someone has the politeness to call me back and let me know when I can
receive my money. I find it very interesting that if the roles were reversed my
service would have been cut off a long time ago.

It goes without saying that not only will I never be a client of your
company but anyone I speak with who is even thinking of switching or signing up
with you, will not only be discouraged from doing so but I will tell them this
story. I am so thankful I did not go with your extremely inefficient, rude

Rosemary Mohr


617-110 Unity Rd.

Toronto, Ont. M4J 5A9

[protected] res.

Apr 22, 2014

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