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Toronto, ON, Canada
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My family has been Bell customers for over 20 years, buying various services throughout the years. Today I called Bell to take advantage of a promo they sent me in the mail. I spoke with a Senior Sales Rep Melanie. At first the conversation was fine and she seemed professional and courteous. Then I asked about additional promos that she could offer me. I asked about free caller ID, but after saying she could offer it for 3 mo, she quickly went back on her word. Instead she began explaining a curious line of reasoning. She pointed out the account holders name, a non christian, non Anglo Saxon name. The conversation went something like this.
Bell Rep: "I see the account holders name is _________, sounds like he might like international programming"
Me: "What does that mean, based on his name?"
Bell Rep: "I know people with that kind of name, and they are not from Canada"
Me: "So solely based on his name you know he is not from Canada, that very presumptuous of you"
I felt so embraced, and belittled, I had to stop her and explain me and the account holder are both born and raised in Canada, and don't know or speak any other language besides English. Why did she assume that someone with a non-white name is not from Canada? When she could tell a change in my tone and my apprehension about what she was talking about she then suggested French programming, and even Russian Television due to "whats going on in the US". I replied by saying that we are Canada, and I hope that - that sort of stuff doesn't happen here.
In light of whats been happening in the states and in Quebec, I felt very disappointmented and threatened by her approach. I am highly educated and as it is I find it hard to find employment in a predominantly white occupation. To be treated this way and with such racial profiling, all based on a person's name, I am extremely distraught and confused. She had no right to make such assumptions about me or anyone in with a non Anglo name.

Feb 4, 2017

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