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Bell Canada / terrible customer service and language barrier!

1 Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I understand that Bell Canada now has call centers in central Asia. If they are going to send jobs overseas, perhaps they could ensure that there employees speak English. After nearly 90 minutes on the phone last Friday, trying to sort out my Internet account... (I had Wimax installed that morning, however when I called Bell that afternoon to find out why it wasn't working, they advised my account had been terminated... that's another story...)... I was eventually transferred to a gentleman who obviously didn't finish in the top half of his "English as a second language class".

As the Bell customer service rep read me my new account number, the exchange went something like this:

Bell: “B” as in bob
Me: Yes
Bell: “one”
Me: Yes
Bell: “Y” as in unicorn
Me: Sorry….”Y” or “U”
Bell: Yes…..”Y” as in “you”
Me: Sorry, I just want to make sure I’ve got it right…are you saying “Y” or “U”
Bell: (now becoming impatient)…..”Y”…”Y”……as in unicorn
Me: Do you mean “Y” as in yellow….or “U” as in unicorn
Bell: Oh…sorry…yes…….”Y” as in yellow….
Me: Ok….got it thanks
Bell: Next letter…..”J” as in George
Me: Sorry….”J” or “G”…..
Bell: (even more impatient)……”J”….”J” as in George….
Me: Sir, I don’t mean to be rude, but would it be possible to speak with someone who speaks better English
Bell: I’ll put you though to customer service

After nearly 25 minutes on hold, the line finally went dead...

After calling back, and spending another 45 minutes on the phone, the problem was eventually worked out….(I hope)……My total “Bell experience” this time…..2 hours, 45 minutes….

I truly believe that hell is not actually fire and brimstone, but a Bell Canada call-loop…..and that the devil is not named Lucifer, but “Emily, the automated attendant…”

Thanks for letting me vent,

A. Taylor
Ontario, Canada

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  • Va
      23rd of Jul, 2008
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    i hear you. just got off the phone after calling twice and being put on hold 4 x's, each call took 20 and 27 minutes out of my life.
    i have never complained on anything like this but damn. i have two bell vu receivers and therefore two remotes for these receivers. one remote was replaced (free of charge 6 months ago - i have satellite care) and i needed the other remote replaced. i knew it would take some time to get this info to the gentleman on the other end of the phone, so after 20 minutes of explaining what was wrong he told me that i needed to get a new one and it would cost me. i told him i already had satellite care and he proceeded to tell me that i did not have satellite care. i then called the billing department and told another east indian fellow what had happened and he put me on hold twice to check it out (like i was lying) Do these two departments not have access to the same computer info on customers?? it turned out that i do have satellite care DUH!!! it just makes me mad that i have to ask them to repeat, repeat, repeat what they are saying in order to understand them. its a crime to be able to speak proper english in canada, apparently.
    thanks for listening, like this complaint will do any good anyway...makes me feel better

  • Do
      17th of Aug, 2008
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    Everyone should think twice before using bell, they too cancelle my account saying that I didn't pay my bill the bill was dated Aug 6 and they cancelled my service Aug 12 the payment wasn't even due until Aug 26. Here's the thing when I when to log into my e-mail a message came up saying that my account was closed because of "concerns over a violation of use" they made me out to be a criminal. So to make a long story short I had unlimted internet access but Bell is trying to change that so what they do is close you account for no reason and when you try and sort it out and they re-open it they say OH by the way you don't that have unlimted internet access anymore because you service was closed and re-opened. Very sneaky. Anyway I'm cancelling my payment and looking somewhere else.

  • Ih
      23rd of Feb, 2009
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    Just a quick suggestion if you are having problems with customer service agents that do not speak clear English... when first entering automation hell... select French rather than English... that will direct you to Customer Service Reps in Quebec. I do believe that all French speaking CSRs have to be bilingual, so once you get them on the phone you are at least speaking with someone in Canada, and they will more than likely have a better than fair grasp of the English language. (I have not tried this myself as of yet, but a friend suggested this to me, and she is a smart lady and I trust her.)

  • Zx
      18th of May, 2009
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    just call during the day to all these companies, that's what i do :-)

  • Eh
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    Last September I had problems with Bell satellite...there suddenly was NOTHING...not even one single channel that I had prescribed and paid for! I did get a lot of advertising on the TV, with Bell wanting me to sign up for movie channels, sports channels etc. to add on to my suddenly non-existing satellite service.
    In total, over 12 days, I spoke to 8 technicians, and a manager in a Bell store spoke to 4 technicians. After the 4th time of going to the Bell store for help, and slamming their phone down when a technician refused, again, to cancel my non-existing service that nobody seemed to know how to fix, but instead kept doing exactly the same thing the other 11 so-called technicians had done to "fix" it, I walked out of the store in tears! After I had left, the manager got on the phone and this time insisted there had to be something else they could do to fix it...voila, after 12 technicians, they tried something different and I had my channels back!
    28 days later, the same thing happened again. Unknown to me, after refusing my request to cancel the service when none of them could fix it, then finally got it fixed...they cancelled it! I waited 3 months where I deducted the cost for satellite when paying my phone bill, and not one person called or wrote to ask why I was not paying the full bill. I finally called StarChoice and signed up with them. It was another 2 months later before I found out Bell had cancelled it. To top it off, Bell satellite had asked me, through the store manager, to let them send out a repairman, and if the problem was not at my end, they would give me a credit on the "repair" bill...which they did not do, even though the repair man called (from my house) and told them there's nothing wrong with my receiver, the smart-card, or my TV...he told them the problem is at THEIR end.

    The Bell satellite supervisor then had the audacity to say to the repairman, "Well tell her to buy a new receiver anyway"!
    Talk about disgusting service people working at Bell!
    The repairman relayed the message but told me NOT to buy another receiver because I did not need to!

    Looking at this month bill...and then at last month's..., I realized that they have added a cost of $9.95 to my phone bill. I used to have 1000 minutes per month of long distance service to anywhere in Canada and the U.S., for something like $5.95, then in May I got a call telling me they no longer offered that service, but can offer a similar service for $9.95.
    I declined, telling the Lady I do not make enough calls to want that service, so NO I did not want it.

    This year alone, my phone/Internet bill have gone up by something like a couple of dolars at least 3 times, so I didn't really think much of it when last month's bill was considerably I know! They added $9.95 plus tax...for the long distance service I had specifically declined! I unknowingly paid for it last month, but there's no way in h..l I am paying again.
    I'm now going to search for another phone service. I've already signed up with a new internet service. Unfortunately, where I live I may not be able to receive phone service from anyone but Bell, so may have to buy a cell phone!
    But I can live with that until I can move to the city!
    Anything to be free of Bell, for good!

    A soon-to-be former Bell customer!

  • An
      3rd of Jun, 2010
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    90% of my calls are dropped, 1/10 text messages I send are returned to me. I tried to activate a new phone that 2 employees of Bell CONFIRMED would work with their service, I spent an hour in the Bell store in the Eaton center only to be told it would not work. The employee there tried to tell me its because the phone was an 8 gig and not 16 - completely made up. I called bell and explained my situation, to wait on hold for 30 minute, and be told to go back to the store and try again. I for some reason agreed, and then realized that it wasnt going to be any different then the first visit i made. I requested a call back as not to wait for 30 minutes again, didnt recieve one for 4 hours, so attempted to call again. Every agent I dealt with other then the very first one was VERY rude and treated me like I was an idiot.
    At which point i requested to CANCEL my service. One agent said i could buy out of my plan for 100$... but the next one i talked to tried to offer me a BUNCH of stuff that I didnt want, and tried to offer me a phone that is worse then mine at FULL price. They said i could buy out of my contract for 250$ ... which is obsurd. They said I shoulodnt have signed a contract, and I said that they didnt hold up their part of the contract by providing Horrible service. How can someone expect to be compensated fully when they do not hold up their end of the deal? It's completely one sided. We were talking in circles and it was making me very upset so i handed the phone to my Fiance. He requested to speak to supervisor. The agent refused. My Fiance insisted, and finally we were put through to a supervisor. She proceeded to tell him that he doesnt know anything about how technology works, that not all of my calls are dropped, she specifically spoke of 1-47 minute call that I had on my record, out of HUNDREDS of calls that are dropped, and told him we are lying. He is a computer programmer, and know an ample amount about technology. She made him very upset.. Nothing was resolved. He hung up in a rage.
    I am going to try to call back once again today and speak to the highest person on staff, but I think it is going to cost me more valuable hours of my day with no results.

    Ideally I would like to take this phone I was given as a gift and get it active with a company that values their customers instead of treating them as [censor]s who give them money.
    Most other providers are offering free calling for 6 months to new customers- contract free. With BETTER AND CHEAPER service plans, and MUCH BETTER customer service.

    Horrible customer.
    HORRIBLE technical service.

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