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Yesterday (March 13th) I received an email asking me to call the collection agency to find out that apparently, I owed Bell $113 for May 2016, even though I had moved out of the house in April of that year. To add to the confusion of this bill that appeared with no notice, I find out that Bell Canada had already sent the bill to a collection agency thereby affecting my credit history, having never even informed me of this overdue account to begin with. Given many students move in and out of homes in the area, is not logical to send emails in addition to written letters to old addresses?

Following this already horrendous customer support, I tried to go onto the website to pay this bill, at which point the browser froze and when I tried again all the page did was refresh itself and clear all the information I had just entered. So, then I call Bell to complain about all of this, at which point they transfer me over to the credit department, but no one picks up in 45 minutes, so I hang up. And then I call Bell again, asking to speak to a manager and not be transferred over, at which point the lady I was talking to puts me on hold for a few minutes, and comes back without her manager, and giggles... LITERALLY GIGGLED, while telling me that she was going to transfer me over nonetheless and doesn't let me speak to a manager as per my request.

This is the worst customer service I have ever received in my life and the fact that she laughed in a customer's face while a customer was clearly frustrated does not help in the slightest. I do not know what kind of resolution to think of given no one who actually understands what is going has spoken to me from the company. I will not pay an undeclared and unannounced bill for a reason I know not, especially when any attempt at receiving more information results only in more frustration.

Mar 14, 2017

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