Bell Canadai'm complaining about all my services with bell canada.

P Nov 25, 2017


I am terribly upset with Bell Canada support service. Thursday night I spent one hour one the phone trying to set up a service appointment at my home address in Toronto. She was not able to provide an appointment on Thursday night but I was told to call Friday morning. She gave me her ID # and a Service call # and the number of my account.

I called Friday morning! All the information she gave me was wrong. Including the number I was to call for Bell Fibe. I then spent another 1.5 hours in the morning trying to make an appointment. After 1.5 hrs on the phone, the representative assured me I would have a technician at my home in the afternoon.

The afternoon came and went. No service technician showed up. I called again and spend another 2 hrs one the phone. They went through procedure trying to get my Bell Fibe to work, to no avail. They set up an appointment for a service rep to come Saturday.

Today is Saturday, November 25th. A technician showed up at 10:30. It turns out he was the wrong technician because the work order said it was for satellite TV, which I don't have and they know that because I spent over an hour trying to trouble shoot my cable receiver yesterday!

Finally the right technician showed up around 1:15pm. It is now 3:08 and we still don't have cable access and now our internet isn't working.

I have lost 2 full days waiting to get my bell services to work properly. And, I've been paying for said services.

I'm am very frustrated and upset.

Thank you,

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