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Bell Canada: Express Vu / complain on billing department rep.

1 Ontario, Canada Review updated:

I subscribed Bell Express VU 2 years ago and I'm glad I cancelled it last Sep. However, they still owe me $10.07 and I haven't received the cheque yet. Everytime they promise to send me within one billing cycle. So, I called yesterday and below is the complaint that i want to send to Bell Canada (I don't know how to complain to them directly):

I'm writing this e-mail to complain your billing inquiry department, specifically a guy working there, whose name is Matthew. I called [protected] at 2:16PM eastern time on 2/17/09, so if the call was recorded, you can track who I talked very easily.

I was an Express VU subscriber, but I cancelled the account in Sep. 2008. There is a credit of $10.07 in my account and I was kept being told by your representative that I would receive the cheque within one billing cycle, but as of today 2/17/2009, I have NOT received it yet.

So I called AGAIN, and below is the main points that your representative (Matthew) indicated:

1. It's already in process to issue the cheque, but nobody knows why it has NOT been sent out yet. Probably because $10.07 is not a lot of money, if the money is $300 or $400, Bell would issue the cheque more quickly. (By Matthew)
Me: I was told the same thing every time. But when can I get my money back?
Matthew:I checked your account, the money is in process to issue. But nobody knows why it has not been out yet.
Me: Why does it take that long? Every time you said it's only a couple of billing cycles,
Matthew: Probably because $10.07 is not a lot of money, if the money is $300 or $400, Bell would issue the cheque more quickly.
Me(angry): Even 1 cent, it's my money. I need it back.
Matthew: ...

2. Probably you (the caller) need to talk a lawyer to get the money back. (By Matthew)
Me: I need to talk to somebody who can resolve this issue, if you are not, transfer to your boss
Matthew: There is no body here can press.
Me: If you were me, what should you do?
Matthew: Probably you need to talk to a lawyer.
Me: ...

3. You (it means the caller: me) are not the customer any more. (By Matthew)
Me: Is this the manner to a customer?
Matthew: Your account was cancelled, you are not the customer any more.
Me: ..., that's why I cancelled my account.

I asked to talk to his boss, and he transfered my phone call to a French speaking guy, how SMART he is!

Basically, since the time that I used your service, I have not satisfied with your customer service. However, I never imagine Bell Express VU's customer service representative would be that BAD.

He does NOT benefit your company at all.

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  • Wa
      19th of Mar, 2009
    -1 Votes

    bell is terrible, they owe me 75.00 and i was told the same thing, if your thinking about sat tv dont call bell!

  • Om
      27th of Jun, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Hong! Contact the Better Business Bureau right away and initiate an official complaint. Nobody has the right to treat you like this, especially a company that willingly took your money and who would send the credit colletion after you for even $1.00! I remember that once I overpaid my MasterCard balance and then I closed the account - and they sent me the "credit" they owed me, automatically, which was not even $8. That was great service! The point is, it's your money, not theirs, and it's not the amount, it's the principle! CALL BBB! To anyone thinking of going with Bell, just know that they really mess you up and they will not treat you right. Go with Cogeco (amazing, world-class service - both technical and customer service!) BTW i don't work for them.

  • Ka
      17th of Jan, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am an ex-Employee for Bell Canada Billing and I know what can trigger Sarcasm and Complaints but on the 90% calls that are heard its found that Customers Piss off the representatives to the extent that even human behaviour blushes . Sometimes they say " I understand why this charge is for, and the next thng that they say is but i still cannot understand the logic for this charge ", Now either english language needs to be redefined or people need to think before they say . There is hardly any person who has ever attended Mathematics Classes even in Kindergarten but they would still call up Bell Canada billing . People would never give the correct PIN Number ( If u r/were a Bell ExpressVu Customer u know what i Mean ) in One single go and expect that there is memory intelect to be atleast 1.5 times greater than Sir Albert Einsteins' then I guess words is not the appropriate medium to express ur feelings . People call up saying " I should be getting blah blah blah promotion ", but they would not check the Eligibility of that Promotion and would still expect to get that promotional credit, which is really sad as Reps have to explain to such intellectual section of users why they are not eligible and then deal with the verbatim following the explaination . Sometimes people would simply say " I want to Cancel " and then when offered discounts suddenly decide to stay back which is a sheer contradiction, In other words when people say " I want to cancel " what they actually wanna say is " I wanna some sort of unjustified credits to be applied my billing for the next 1 Or 2 Years " . People call up Billing because they consider that they should get service " for FREE !!! " . The Common First Liner that can frustrate any rep " I can't understand ", Now the obvious tiggering point would be if u can't understand u need Counselling, and not calling up service provider's and becoming a pain for them . I Know that People would talk about Principles and Policies and still want an exception or they will revert back to natural trait of simply " CRIBBING " . YOU CAN DISCUSS AS MUCH AS YOU WANT ON DIGITAL FORUMS AND ON COMPLAINT BOARDS BUT UNLESS CALLERS( CUSTOMERS ) CHANGE THEIR MINDSET AND HAVE A NEUTRAL FRAME OF MIND AND UNBIASED NATURE OF SEEKING HELP BEFORE CALLING CUSTOMER SERVICE ALL EFFORTS WOULD BE FUTILE .

    " If u chase excellence, u often get Success "

  • Pi
      22nd of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Most interesting reading. I just answered my telephone and spoke to someone promoting Bell Express Vu with a sweet package to bundle all my services together and only for today. I must say, the line we were speaking on was so bad that I had to ask her to pull on the tin can harder on her side to tighten the string. Sooo, once again. Rogers Star Choice. you prevail...Until a better service with a proper billing dept arrives in Canada. Then I will tell you both to freely copulate and go. Cheers

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