Bell Canadacustomer service and honesty

After speaking with an employee yesterday (brittany ex97387) May 10, 2017 I was told that my tablet was active for a year after I had requested it to be cancelled. I was surprised to hear that the tablet was active and being billed for 10$ a month. I requested this be cancelled immediately. I then requested this be returned for the entire time period which it was active after my request. Her policy was 3 months return. After I told her this is not good enough, the whole situation is due to bell not doing their job and cancelling this in the first place, she tells me there are no notes on this and if I were to do everything a customer wants that bell wouldn't be a company for very long.
This lack of performance one year prior has cost my family and I more than 100$.
I ended the call with Brittany after requesting a manager call me back.
Her manager called me back today May 11, 2017 and said he looked through all the notes and cannot find anything stating this was entered for the cancellation of my tablet line. I am beyond certain it was requested and can only assume it was a problem with the manual entry of notes. After this manager had asked me why I never noticed, i told him that i don't look at a 100$ bill which auto charges on my visa. He then went back to "after extensive checks on the notes in your file there are no records". I have had enough of the run around, I want my money back and an apology. I asked the manager to better do his job by checking the recorded calls list for my transactions and it will be clearly stated my request. He took offense to this, I told him sorry he was insulted but it changes nothing, he could better do his job by checking the recordings.
This is going to be escalated publicly on every media site regarding communications I can possibly find and I will maintain it for the rest of my days. I do not appreciate people being lazy, not heeding advice and taking money from me.

May 11, 2017

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