Belk's Mayfaire Store in Wilmington NCreprimanding an employee in front of customers

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Friday, june 26, 2009, I went shopping to buy an outfit and shoes. While in the shoe department, a nice young man (Charles bowden) waited on me. He's always waited on my daughter and i, he's artistic and has good taste along with being friendly. I showed him my new outfit and he was pulling shoes to show me what would look nice with this outfit. I decided to try on five pairs.In the midst of him helping me, the sales manager by the name of beth, started yelling at him and asking why he didn't get done what she asked him to do an hour before. I got so upset, I kept apologizing to him. Finally, I turned to her and said he is waiting on me! I didn't buy any shoes and told charles I was so sorry. My hands were shaking, I was so upset. If he did something wrong, why didn't beth wait till he was done waiting on me and then take him in the back, away from customers to reprimand him. I went to the ladies department to pay for my clothes and the sales clerk told me she would call the manager. I explained to the manager or assistant what happened and all she said was i'll take care of it, don't call corporate office. After she left other employees indicated this is the treatment they get from management. It's clear to me your managers and assistants need to be trained on how to treat employees with respect to accomplish tasks! What was supposed to be a carefree fun day of shopping at belk's turned into a complete daymare for me.


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      Oct 03, 2009

    Wow. That was awful. Still, not buying the shoes only punishes your helpful shoe's associate who gets paid on how much he sells. It's that pesky "pay for performance" rule (commision-ish). Besides, why punish yourself by not buying shoes that probably looked great with your outfit-since he's artistic in that respect.

    Here is what you should have done:

    Atfer telling the manager that she was being rude by interupting the services he was providing to you, you should have pulled one of those customer comment cards out and started filling it out about her right in front of her, narating it as you wrote. Then tell her that you would be mailing "this" to corporate offiice. Then ask her for her bose's name, business line, and the best time to reach him/her. Be totally calm about the whole thing. Trust me, the store managers hate negative comment cards that go to corporate, it puts a mark on their record. You'll see results.

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      Apr 09, 2010

    Great suggestion. My husband has been a retail manager for over 30 years. The store manager's do not like the negative comment cards to go to corporate. The store managers are held responsible for the negaive ratings they get.

    I belive that they should send to corporate. How else are they going to know if there is a problem?

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      Apr 13, 2010

    I've often wondered if those cards actually do any good. Are they even opened and read at all? I know there have been several times customers have sent in positive feedback on those cards and the employees that gave good service we're never told that anyone gave them a complement. We find out from the customers when they return and ask if we got recognition for their comments about us.

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