Belk / mk purses

Columbus MS, United States

Hi, 1st i would like to say, me and wife shop here regular ok for us and our boys.And on special occasions i shop here for my wife.last year for her birthday i bought herr a MK pruse.well on the 4/29/17 i decided to go to the store to purchase her a gift, me and my lil boys.the line so long in puse department.i was looking i was ask help but I'm liokibg right tell see what want.i wasn't dress in a suit nor i tie.i had on around the house clothes .ask to see a few pruses and it was like they look at me like i was wasting there time.i found one i like and wanted, so the young lady got it and took it to the counter for me to check out.when i got to the counter this older white lady looked me grab the tag and ask me do i know much the pruse cost.i told yes i do.ti felt this so disrespectful to i was in the wrong department and couldn't afford the pruse.when she decided to check me out i told her i dont want it.but a lady in the store behind me said wow i cant believe she said that and others to the told the nearest store was Tupelo.But it was a gift for my on Sunday.As i was leaving the same lady that in line stop me and said, i know you want the pruse for Sunday let someone get and go to another counter and check out so thats what i the young lady who got the pruse for saw me over there and ask what happened cause heard i had problem in the i ask for a manager she td her happen and she did nothing.this was at the belk in Columbus Mississippi

May 1, 2017

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