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Formal complaint and grievance concerning:
-A defective product (handbag) purchased at Belk in Greenville, SC,
-Extremely poor customer service from Manager, Catherine Mocerino
-Threat to contact Lost Prevention – implying the merchandise was stolen

My niece, Roslyn Nixon, a former Belk employee, purchased the above pictured Dooney & Bourke handbag with her Belk credit card for me in September. By Thanksgiving in November, the striping on the handbag straps began to come apart on both straps.
I have D&G bags from years ago and the quality is still intact. I am questioning if the product was defective or perhaps counterfeit, especially since it has been discontinued while the same bags in other colors has not.

Upon returning the bag last night, 1/11/2017, I was told there was nothing they could do because I no longer had the receipt and the computers ONLY went back to October for Belk credit card purchases.

In addition, there was never an apology and I was greeted very rudely by Manager, Catherine Mocerino. She was abrupt and very dismissive with my concerns. She even talked with my niece by phone and was still rude and defensive – saying “the bag has been discontinued and we don’t know what you paid, so there’s nothing we can do.” But referenced contacting Loss Prevention to see if they could assist.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Greenville, SC Loss Prevention is the department that deals with thefts and the implication was that I had stolen the handbag.

I have an impeccable reputation in the community and I am incredibly offended by the implication of stealing.
I don’t believe there was nothing that could have been done to assist me, especially since I was only returning the bag because of the defect and had actually planned to purchase a different bag for a higher price and pay an additional amount of money.

I have since decided to only return the defective bag and have my niece’s Belk card credited with the amount she paid. Please assist in helping me with this process.

I am very disappointed with the rude, dismissive, and unnecessary treatment I received while simply trying to figure out the best way to return a defective product and replace.
I will also contact the Better Business Bureau, social media complaint sites, and my own personal social media sites to share concerns and pictures as well in fear that perhaps other customers may have had similar complaints and questions about the quality of Belk products.

Finally, I will no longer shop at Belk and that’s unfortunate for both the business and myself. I buy hundreds of dollars of MAC make-up monthly from Belk and will now have to now order on-line or buy from another retailer.

Very Disappointed,
Sharon Johnson


Jan 12, 2017
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  • Jt
      Aug 06, 2018

    Miss Johnson,

    I can tell you treated wrong. Belks as whole is changing as a company and not for the better.

    No manager should state anything about loss prevention. I worked Loss Prevention myself for Belks.

    while this happened some time ago

    Michelle Barton is over that area from a Loss Prevention stand point, she may not be willing help you, she plays favorites and such, and a HUGE reason I left the company, but if you are still looking for answers give her call


    or Randy Knight who is HR for that area about that Manager ( they may have other complaints about her as well)

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