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Belk Department Store / employees are treated badly

Shelby, NC, United States Review updated:
I have worked for belk in florence, south carolina for two years and they just terminated me because of lateness. I really think it was unfair because of the fact that I a sick grandmother and I had to tend to her before I go to work because she was in and out of the hospital. The reason why it was unfair because I would call a manager to tell them that iwould be running a little late because of my grandmothers medical condition. I am going to honest yes they have warn me a couple of times but I was thinking if I call and told a manager it would been okay by them but unfortnately it wasn't. Also the human resource manager was very unprofessional about the situation he just told me how many days I missed and told me to just go ahead and sign the paper. He didn't inform me at all that I was being terminated which wasn't right at all. Also belk had a policy when if you don't get an amount of credit applications each week that they would also enforce of getting rid of associates who couldn't succeed in getting applications. I also thought this was outrageous because of the economy and the bail - out many people at this point do not want to be in credit card debt!!! I am just writing this complaint because I enjoyed working at belk but it had too many strict rules that just didn't make sense. I was a diligent, dependable worker and I was ways willing to sacrifice to help the company when they had no one in the shoe department. They would call me on my days off to come in and I always made a way to get their and still when my grandmother was sick I still went in because I didn't want to leave any of my associates out. I always should up late or not late I was there and I was one of their good workers. I just hope this situation doesn't happen to someone else. To whom ever reading my story thanks for taking your time out to read this. I am going to call the belk excel line also about this matter!!!


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  6th of Nov, 2008
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I have been working with the Belk in Gaffney, South Carolina for 3 years in the shoe department. I too come in on days off when they need me to work, and work extra hours when other associates call out. I've only called out 3 times, once because I was sick and the others were to take my dad to the hospital because he has medical problems. They DO NOT appreciate their associates at all. Management has a horrible habit of talking about associates like they are dirt, i've even had customers witness a manager yelling at me for nothing and then calling to complain that they are unprofessional. If we do not get credit applications we get written up reguardless of how good our job performance is. I work hard, cleaning, being hospitable, unloading my own merchandise, putting out my own merchandise, setting my own sells, and registering brides, but I never get a "thank you" or a "good job". I had a manager call me a liar and stupid once, not to mention our freight manager harasses and slanders other associates. It is very hard working in such an environment. I love my job, but I do not like the management team at all. They are rude, unprofessional, and uncaring for others' feelings and concerns. For anyone who is reading this, you are much better off never even considering to work for this company.
  16th of Feb, 2009
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Same thing are happning in Traingle Town Center in Hudsen Belk. I have been working there since 2005. I have no custer complain so far. Right now they doing raceist thing at that store. they like only white people and they don't care about all others. I am continuse complain about that to our manager but they don't care any more for forigner employees. So Richard Hudsen, Tony Brittly they not doing there job very well they need to fire right away. Belk polocy is equal opprtunity to all employee but they are not folloing that.they are so many things going on some one need to check and lesion to all emplyees.
  5th of Mar, 2009
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I just came across this site randomly as I was doing research for a paper I am doing on Belk, and I just want to say that I feel your pain. I worked at the Belk in Asheville, NC and the one in Sumter, SC and the employees at both stores were treated horribly. The management would talk badly about other employees and favor those they were friends with. If you were friends with a manager you could get away with anything, but if they didn't like you then you would get stuck with the worst shifts and the worst tasks. The credit applications requirements were ridiculous if I didn't get them I was constantly threatened that it would look badly on my review and that I could possibly be fired. When I told the manager that I wouldn't pressure a customer once they told me No, she said that I need to annoy the customer if need be. When I worked there however, they did pay well, but it wasn't worth it to keep me there.
  10th of Mar, 2009
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management treats you the way corporate treats them. very little praise and lots of criticism. you are never a 95% good employee... you are a 5% bad employee! this comes from the top. the manager parrots what he is told, then the asm repeats etc... down the line! NEGATIVISM!
they emphasize 'execution' of the plan. their plan! they make the expectations and the store personnel is supposed to do it. duh! we just had an economic meltdown! if they were so smart, why'd they order so much merchandise. the customer sees it, and waits til we give it away at pennies on the dollar.
a few of those execs should come to work a week in a store: 12+ hour/days for management and covering 2 departments for an associate. and then have to push credit on people with no job so that the Belks can get 12 bucks/ credit application from GE. put out the freight, fold the stuff, vaccum the floor and then get your pay cut because you didn't ring up enough merchandise. who did? it's the economy, stupid!
  8th of May, 2009
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I work for Belk in Ocala, Florida and I completely agree with all the complaints above. I am sure these issues and many other ones are happening in all Belk stores and it is not going to change in a good way. It is going to get worse. I have worked for them many years so I can tell I have experienced my self.
  15th of May, 2009
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After 13 years with this company I was fired today for not meeting my credit goal expectations. I needed 6 by the end of last month...I got 4. I was 1 for 46 I needed to be at 1 for 40 ...the funny part is this week alone I opened 3 more...one TODAY!! That is the ONLY reason I was given for being terminated...I didn't improve my SOLICITATION rate...Go figure.
The attendance thing is a bunch of bull crap. You could hire an attorney to pull the attendance records and punches (for those NEVER written up) and probably sue them. The problem is they are not constant. I know that ppl at are store are still there ever though they didn't meet their goals!!!
  5th of Jul, 2009
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After several years of working retail, I can honestly say Belk is the worst company in retail today to work for.Recently in my store the managers have resorted to sending, attractive young women out into the mall, to approach young black males. They have been told to be flirtatious and ask the guys to help them make their credit goals.One young lady spoke up and said she would not be pimped out. After several calls to the excel line I am convinced it is fruitless. This company simply does not care! We are all replaceable. Our store use to be a GREAT! place to work before Belk took over. They portrayed themselves as this fantastic Christian company. Well they are not . The bible warns of wolves in sheeps clothing. They have managed to ruin the morale in the store. The Parisian solgan of You're Somebody Special, Has been replaced with you're nobody we can't replace.But remember the wicked shall have their place in the lake of fire.
  9th of Jul, 2009
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I completely agree with everything here. I work at Belk and my boss is threatening to "make me" turn in my two weeks because I have requested off for vacation. He claims that it was during a posted "black-out" date that I didn't even know about until five days ago. I requested off three months ago and booked my trip before I was told anything. And the credit solicitation requirement is ridiculous! I am constantly called into his office because I don't meet my 1 for 20 requirement every week. Honestly, I don't think they can legally fire anyone over not meeting credit solicitation goals. You might check the laws on that. I can't wait to find another job.
  12th of Jul, 2009
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I know that as a former customer I was constantly asked about the credit card application and finally I stupidly signed up. The credit cards are handled by GM Money Bank which is one of the worst banks in the country. I personally consider them the most unethical back ever. GM Money Bank has a history of lowering customer's credit limit and delay notification of this fact so that they can charge over draft fees. They lowered mine to my credit limit and then sent me a letter two months later telling me this. At the time I was stupidly using electronic notification of my account. I will never purchase anything from Belk again.
  29th of Jul, 2009
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Belk is far from Parisian in many ways! They don't even compare they are just lucky that SAKS was in financial burden and needed to release debt...and that was Parisian! Anyway, I still would love to hear from others who have been fired from Belk due to ic's. I would love to get others together for a possible class action lawsuit! Why not?!?! The reason because I know for a FACT that others are STILL at various stores including mine and are still at over 1 for 90. They are picking a choosing who they fire and it is not fair. They are going after those who are paid more and who do not take their ###! Well anyway, I miss the Parisian days to "You're Somebody Special" will be gone forever! Keep posting wherever and whenever you can to keep the search level high!!!
  12th of Aug, 2009
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hi folks. I just found this site on the internet. anyone who has worked for Belk will know these stories are true. The credit thing is ridiculous. EEO. Being white I feel I can comment on this. I have observed Belk allowing older white 'Christian' female ordering blacks to do drudge work so she can get credit for sales, etc while their sales performance suffers. i certainly took issue with this along with the 'friendly' association of the older male assistant manager and this 'Christian' woman (saw him stroking her back in the stockroom from behind while talking in her ear). where? North carolina. when? 2009. This Christian thing in the department store is being used to crucify hard working people. when you know you aren't the only one, makes a difference. I have much experience with labor relations and abusive management practices. Many times it is just a 'rambo' manager trying to get a bigger bonus at the expense of the employees. but Belk does need to step in, unless they support it.

Folks you aren't alone. East of Raleigh, NC.
  12th of Aug, 2009
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try this. someone mentioned a class action lawsuit. a complaint was filed against the rocky mount, nc Belk store in August 2008 with the Federal EEO (EQual employment opportunity commission) on the grounds of sex/gender, age, and retaliation for reporting unfair practices regarding equal pay for equal work.

if you lose the job, don't sign anything (probably too late for many of you). even if you sign, still file for unemployment as you can potentially win if you were in a hostile work environment. next, go back over what happened, what was said and done, and any inequities. you may just have a litigating vehicle that will allow you to file an EEO complaint with the federal government. keep this in mind. you file the complaint, it is looked into-- you may even be told it can't win... however, you still have a right to file your complaint in US district court once your case has been either accepted or rejected by the EEO commission. and folks, once you file the complaint you might be able to get some others to participate.

management bullies? got one going to face the music shortly--thought they had easy prey, but I used to be heavily involved in labor relations... they won't get off easy.
  12th of Aug, 2009
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sorry. the recent eeo complaint was filed in august 2009. win, lose, or rejected, can still file in federal district court when the timelines approach. *this worked in winning an unbelievable case last year for a former state employee.
  24th of Aug, 2009
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I worked for Belk in several locations, in several postions (assoc and mgt) and they ALL suck! What you said about the days of Parisian is true, as it is about McRaes. Belk got too damn big for its britches! They are not consistent when they cut pay for "performance" or when they write up associates for not making credit goals. Some stores do it, some don't. Basically, it depends on what store you're in as to what policies you have to follow. I know how you feel about being fed that line of "a Chrisian based company..." It ain't true!
  26th of Aug, 2009
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to all of you belk employees... i have worked at belk for 15 yrs and i know how you feel. and if anyone from higher up is actually reading these please listen and do something about management. in the olden days the belks came around to all the stores and took management surveys. the employees told what they thought and there was always action taken. i think the surveys need to come back into effect. it would make for much happier employees. and as for the credit apps. i think its bull ###. i get sent to a table if i don't get my goal when i could be getting my sales goal. and my fellow shoe department employees hog the registers. i do all the ### work and they steal all my sales. and my management does nothing about it and gives them praise for my hard work. is this fair? i don't think so. so farewell to all and lets stick together and hang in there. someday there will be good management. this has to happen or belks will go under
  27th of Aug, 2009
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I've only been working for Belk for about 6 months and I'm already at the end of my rope. My ASM is ridiculously unqualified for her job position. She's constantly having me do her dirty work while she stands at my register stealing my sales and credit applications(ringing them up under her number). She'll have me in the back of the women's departments cleaning up clearance zones or doing moves she's been asked to do while she's acting like a bird dog in the cosmetics department stealing the center core sales and credits. She has even been giving away the free gifts to customers who open cards that are still being used as GWP. She's constantly talking down about management and her other associates to her employees. She's always wasting the time she's suppose to be working by flirting with our male associates, gabbing it up with the cosmetics girls, on the phone with her husband or just dancing around in the middle of the store. She has her associates do her projects for her and then takes credit for them. She sets sales wrong and then blames her associates when she gets asked about us having to over-ride prices for customers. She's got at least one major family tragedy happening a month (death, major hospitilization, etc.) and is constantly demanding time off for these events. She's a flat out ### to the majority of our customers, being short and rude with them when they call to ask about anything and making a scene when people need assistance at the register. Our CSS score is steadily dropping and she just keeps mistreating people and telling us at morning rallys that we really need to focus on treating customers properly. I've personally had to go behind her 4 or 5 times this week alone and mediate customer complaints about her.

I've talked to my store manager about her behavior and the only difference I can tell is that she's started treating me even worse, which leads me to think he told her that I complained to him. I'll be putting in my two weeks notice soon because it's not worth the time and energy to work in such a hostile work environment.
  28th of Aug, 2009
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As I said before, working for Belk sucks. But, as a former manager, I know that there are terrible, unethical SM, MC, ASM, etc, but some of you should get facts straight before you begin bashing the store team. S.A.L., managers do not have a personal sales and credit goals, so it would do her no good to "steal" your sales. "Stealing" credit- couple of bucks so whatever. The root of the problem is not the store mgt, but the ideas and policies forced on them by upper mgt, during the 577, 000 conference calls each week. I think things would run much smoother if Tim, Johnny, and McKay spent the $$$ where it belongs- in the store, on the associates and the mgt staff. Stop cutting associates pay! It's just bad business. Enough with the harsh credit consequenses. Stop walking away every year worried about the bottom line, because the bottom line is, with an unhappy store team, you have unhappy (or no) customers, and no reason to unlock the doors.
  1st of Sep, 2009
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Good God I thought it was just me. I have worked for Belk for 10 years and have watched it go from a genuine pleasure to work at to feeling like I was sold into slavery. Sales goals that are out of reach slanted for us to fail= no pay raise for many. Credit goals too high for the economic climate. Managers, at least at my store, that have no real knowledge of the job, constantly asking me for help. And to make it even more fun, the girl I work under has a drinking problem and routinely comes to work still drunk and sleeps it off in the stock room. This mind you with the full knowledge of management, who actually once asked me to "take care of her". I am serious. Had to step over her to get to some merchandise. They have padlocked the employee bathrooms telling us that we will keep the public restrooms clean if we have to use them. It was never my job to clean a bathroom. They have rationed bags to the point I suspect we'll be asking the customer to bring their own. Loss prevention spends more time trying to fire employees then worrying about the nice little old lady robbing them blind. I had a LP manager arrest a guy not a foot away from me and came to learn the man had razor blades on him. I was put in harms way for what????I hate this place and every thing about it.
  8th of Sep, 2009
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I absolutely agree with all the postings above. I have been at the Belk store in Cumming, GA for almost 3 months and have never been talked to or treated by any management like these people routinely do. There was absolutely no management guidance given to me when I started, but when something was not done, that I was not told about, I was scolded by the store manager, told to "FIX IT" as she clapped her hands like I was the family pet. When you ask a question you are answered like you are bothering them and they shouldn't have to take the time to explain this to you ( gosh, thought that was the point of being a manager). I have been in many customer service positions in my life time and truly have never witnessed a company getting away with this kind of behavior. I was in a morning meeting where the store manager said that if we hadn't gotten our time card information into her by 8:00 that morning we were not going to be paid. It was 9:45 when she gave us that good news. When I asked when we would be paid for the time, she shrugged her shoulders. Really, I always thought not paying employees for time worked was against the law. Where is the labor board when you need them? How can you give an employee a review based on the number of credits they get when it is totally out of your control as to the decision a customer makes on wanting credit. I hope some one does sue them...couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of people. HORRIBLE PLACE TO WORK.
  9th of Sep, 2009
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I agree 100%. Belk is terrible. I'm a college student, and I've been working as a sales associate for a year and a couple of months. I really liked my job in the beginning. Then things got ugly. The first time I was asked to unload freight I was quite shocked (we had three people working in the stock/receiving room at the time). I had no idea that was in the job description, but of course...it wasn't. I did it anyway (today I realize no one does their job in the stock room because the employees there seem to either always be sick or hung-over). Then I was asked to display and hang signs (this wasn't in the job description either). After the first few months I found myself constantly cleaning (even though we have a janitor), displaying signs (I’m constantly on a latter, and that’s why the other employees tease me and call me “Spiderman”), and unloading freight that's placed in the department I work in (right in the middle of the floor in the way of customers, and those cardboard boxes are also an eyesore to see). Near the end of my first year my managers became disappointed in me for not making my sales and credit goals. I knew why...it was because I was rarely in a position to assist any customer while I was cleaning, displaying signs, and opening up tall stacks of stock room freight. Nevertheless, I am under paid, over worked, and unhappy. I thought managers were terrible, and then I met the regional managers. The regional managers were awfully rude and intimating. When they make their “surprise visits” they are very unhelpful, they constantly criticize the store, and they never teach us anything useful. They write out a list of things that need to be changed, but they don’t tell us why. When they show up again the same thing happens over and over again. It’s never perfect enough for them. College is stressful enough, but to deal with the insanity of that place…it’s depressing.

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