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Belk store in north point mall in alpharetta is going out of business and as a result they completely cutt off the air conditiopning in the store for over a month. It became extremely extreneous for the employees to function properly under such inhuman conditions of heat, suffocation and enclosed environment. One employee was so stressed out today that she had to be evacuated to the hospital. Please have a labor inspector dispartched to this store so proper actions are taken asap. Otherwise, many emplyees and customers may collapse due to heat stroke and suffocation.

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  • So
      Dec 23, 2009

    Well, the Pineville NC is not closing, and we melt on a daily basis. We used to have an HR Mgr, that "cared" (imagine that) and came down a literally "measured the air temp", with a meter. Now, ( since her retirement) the heat is unbearable, causing nausea, and headaches, and down right sweatshop atmosphere. Let alone the mold comng out of the ducts, and the dust. Working here can make you physically sick, and it has!

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  • So
      Apr 06, 2010

    It is just the same at the Belk in in jc tn where I work we had a fan to keep us cool and the customers, but one of the reginals did not like the way it looked so we are not aloud to have a fan now. Customers have sweat pooring of them when they come out of the fitting rooms and ask why it is so hot all the time. I'm sure if the reginals managers had to work on the floor just one day they would make an adjustment on the air conditioning system or at the least let us have a fan.

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  • Ro
      Apr 13, 2010

    Same issue in my store as well. We are required to wear our best just so we can mess it up with gallons of sweat, dirty boxes, and crap (yes, real crap) from the dressing room. Customers complain all day that they are about to pass out from the heat and the higher ups don't care. I seriously believe it will take someone dying of a heat stroke and their family suing the company before they will ever change this.

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  • Ma
      Apr 29, 2011

    In the johnson city store we are talked to like we are the lowest people on the face of the earth. And no one says anything to the floor managers when they do this. The customers give us their names and say if we want to file suit they will be the witness for us. This has happened more than once in front of customers and the floor manager gets loud. I think that Tim Belk should pop in unannounced one day and see how things are ran. All these sisters, cousins, husbands and wives are so close that no one else matters so the rest of us are treated worse than slaves. I think that it is time for a few changes in management because the store manager has his little sweeties who get to do what ever they want.

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