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On 11/21/08 I purchased a 3 pc sectional for $1, 622.68+$151.50 scotch guard--Total $1, 774.16, Paid with credit card. I was asked to sign invoice while talking to sales person and a customer service clerk. When I canceled the purchase 5 days later and before furniture was delivered, I was told that I had to pay 25% fee for cancelation and that I had agreed to these terms by signing the invoice. I told them that I was never told about this fee. Before I was helped on the day I canceled the purchase, there was a couple (husband and wife) that had canceled a purchase of over $7, 000 dlls. When they saw what they wanted me to pay (about$443.00 and they told me I had to pay this fee in cash -no charge-no check-) They approached me and showed me all of the paper work regarding the cancelation they had just made, and they did sign the invoice too. Since I disagreed in paying I was told they were going to talk to the owner of the store to see if I could get a relief on such outregeous fee. It's March 7th and I have not gotten my money back yet.

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  • Wi
      Jan 13, 2010

    It occurs to me that you’re fickle-minded; in state of Texas you have three days to change your mind. Don't blame anyone but yourself for not reading the invoice before you signed it.
    Had they not delivered the furniture to you as they promised, you would be most outraged.

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  • Wi
      Jan 19, 2010

    Are you sure it was $151.50 for scotch guard or guardian (extended warranty for five-years)? In case you paid for guardian, did you received a furniture care kit at time of purchase? You did return the kit, didn't you?
    There is no “OVERCHARGE” that happened here, that amount is just your cancellation fee. It is a lot like ordering a pizza. once you place the order, you can't call back 5 minutes later cause you've changed your mind.

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  • Ed
      Jan 18, 2011

    I recently shopped the New Year sale at Bel Furniture and was amazed by their pricing and their staff. So I guess I would have to strongly and disagree with your complaint.

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  • Te
      Aug 13, 2011

    When I bought furniture (living room) the salesman explained everything in detail. I guess you just didn't listen to what the salesperson was saying. You were probably too excited about the new furniture. I know my wife didn't hear all the salesman said although she was right next to me and her hearing is a lot better than mine. She just was not paying attention. Now you expect the furniture company to knuckle down to your indecision and give you all your money back. I know that the re-stocking fee is very high but you should have backed out of the deal when you were told what the restock fee was. If there was an defect in the furniture you would not be charged for repair or replacement.

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  • Qq
      Oct 04, 2012

    I have purchased 3 piece reclining sofa and mattress for 3500$. When i purchased the sofa i took guardian protection service and paid money for that.When i wanted to use the warranty service they talked to me for 30 mins and at the end they come out with stupid answer saying the service wont cover unless it is an accident. They wont cover the leather wear and tear nor the mechanism. And their customer service sucks very badly. Never ever buy anything at bel unless you want to repent later. Not only that when we ordered the sofa we ordered for black one but later they say that black is not available and we have buy beige one. And they delivered the beige one damaged ones 4 times. We had to take off from work 4 days due to the defected pieces and they say that they cannot come again even if it defected. We need to pay money for them and experience at this ###. Dont ever face this going to bel.

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  • Ja
      Oct 21, 2012

    I had a bad experience with their bad delivery the worst ever. after paying alot for the delivery they can't even deliver it properly. they have no concern how much you just paid for the furniture they will drop and drag it in my house when I told the idiot delivery man to take extra care he answered me "why don't you do my job" I make a complaint in their office right away but they never do anything about it. I have to call for the warranty to fix the furniture because they deliver damage and badly delivered furniture. they came and fixed it. But again I have to exchange the furniture after 2 weeks after I change my mind and the manager agreed for the exchange and of course I have to pay again for the second delivery no problem I paid, but this time again another delivery idiots this time they agaib delivered a damage furniture and the worst is they badly scratched my wood floor. I have told again to just call their office for warranty. What a time wasters and full of incompetent staffs.

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  • Me
      Feb 10, 2013

    bel furniture suckss so bad.. ATTENTION: do not buy from them. This company is like a rip off. They dont price match, theyre bunch of stupid liars. NEVER WILL BUY FROM THEM, go rather to Ashley Furniture or Rooms To Go. THIS IS THE WORST PLACE EVER.!!! [censored] you BEL FURNITURE

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  • Ro
      Jun 06, 2013

    I have to say that my experience at Bel Furniture of fantastic! I strongly recommend EVERBODY to go to Bel. They have a AMAZING staff and prices. I was very impressed. I will continue to shop at Bel. They are family with God in there life and have grown so much. I still remember when I went to shop at Bel a couple of years back and I remember how there were only a few stores but know they have grown so much! BEL FURNITURE IS THE BEST AND NO MATTER WHAT ANBODY SAYS I WILL GO THERE NO MATTER WHAT!!!

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  • Ro
      Jun 06, 2013


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