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Sam Levitz Furniture reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Aug 5, 2006. The latest review Warranty was posted on Apr 8, 2021. The latest complaint Warranty was resolved on Apr 08, 2021. Sam Levitz Furniture has an average consumer rating of 3 stars from 8 reviews. Sam Levitz Furniture has resolved 3 complaints.

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Sam Levitz Furniture Complaints & Reviews

Apr 08, 2021

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Sam Levitz Furniture — Warranty

Whenever I buy my furniture, I put their guarantee now that I had to make a claim, they did not want to help...

Sam Levitz Furniture — damaged sectional

Sam Levitz has the absolute worst customer service. We purchased a sectional and a love seat 3 weeks ago. The...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Levitz Furnituredefective furniture

Levitz Furniture went bankruptcy in Mid October 2007, I had purchased 2 bedroom sets in March 2007, paid both of them in full using the Levitz credit card. 3 months later my bed collapsed and I was given another bed, another 2 months later, the legs began to start collapsing, I went to the store in October 2007 and I was told they would not replace my bed, that they would repair it, they told me the bed had to break about 4 to 5 times before they would replace it, they sent a technician to my house October 21st, the technician confirmed that there was a problem and that they would replace the bottom slats to the bed, they were suppose to come in December which they pushed the date back to February, then they pushed the date back again to March 2008, coincidentally, my 1 year warranty would be up. I asked them if I could get an extension because obviously there is a manufacturers defect with this bed. Last night my bed finally caved in, so now I am stuck with this king size bed in my room.

I spoke to the the Corporater office on February 14, 2008 and they told me that they are a new company who took over Levitz, the name of the company is Apprentice Capital, they told me that all Levitz prior customers were no longer valid, and that they can't do anything to help me, the only thing they would do is give me $250 store credit when the bed cost me $1100, it will cost me about $100 to hire someone to dismantle my bed. I am still under warranty, please help me!! If a new company purchases another company are'nt they suppose to also be in charge for their assets and liabilities?

I looked up into the Department of Consumer Affairs, this company has poor ratings a numerous vcomplaints, all the complaints seem to be the same, especially on delivery and poor quality of furniture. They tell you its in stock and that it is going to be delivered, them they will call you back and give you a different date, that the furniture is not in stock, then everybody just starts transferring you all over the place. How could a mulit-million dollar company like this rip so many people off? There are so many dissatisfied customers and complaints against this company. How is it that they get away with ripping off the working class people. There motto is 'You'll Love it at Levitz'. I have been aggrevated with this company from the first month of the purchase. I have everything on file, I have documented everything with pictures and video tape. Please expose these dirtbags! You will see how many people are going to come forward.

Another crazy thing is that I recommended my friend, she bought a bedroom set a month after my purchase for her 60 pound little daughter and her bed had also collapsed, the furniture was damaged. She went to Levitz and they gave her a resale (choice to pick another bedroom)and that all she had to do was to pay the difference. So if that policy applied to her why does'nt that policy apply too me, when I am STILL UNDER THE WARRABNTY!

I went into the Levitz where I had originally purchased the furniture and spoke to the manager of the store today. I did not tell her that I had spoke to the corporate office the day before, funny how the policy changed, she gave me a date to get a new bed, but she would not give me a resale, I really don't want this bed becuase it is going to break again, when I asked her if I could purchase an extended warranty she told me no, but she gave me advice on how to keep extra slabs under my bed for more support. So now I get a new bed next month that is going to break for sure again, but this time I am really left out in the cold.

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    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Levitz Furniturestay away

    On March 25, 2007 I purchased a couch for my home den. The couch was delivered on or about 4/21/07. After a short period of time the latch which held the couch from separating, broke and the couch was separating when someone would sit on it. We called Levitz and someone was sent over to fix it. Recently the latch broke again and the couch started separating again.

    I called Levitz and informed them of this and told them I would like this problem fixed again, or I want to return the couch (which is still in new condition). I was told Levitz is going through liquidation now and they will not only NOT accept a return of the couch, but they will NOT fix it. We bought this couch on a No Payments/No Interest deal for 12 months. We have not yet made any payments because the 12 months are not up yet.

    I feel Levitz should take the return of my couch and void the payment deal or rectify this purchase by fixing the couch. The 12 months will be up at the end of February 2008 and if the couch is not paid by then, I believe I must pay interest for the 12 months. With this stipulation in the agreement, I don't want to pay the interest for the 12 months, but have no other recourse to get my couch fixed or returned. I'm just looking for Levitz to show some goodwill and stand behind their product, but I'm wondering with their liquidation and my 12 month payment agreement if time will allow me to be patient enough for a solution.

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      Levitz Furniture — bankruptcy/void of sale

      I spent over six thousand dollars purchasing 3 rooms of furniture from Levitz Furniture. At the time of the...

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      Levitz Furniturelevitz lies to customers; doesn't deliver as promised

      I ordered and paid in full for a Queen mattress set, bed frame and ottoman on 10/7/07 with a delivery date of 11/11/07. As of 11/23/07, I haven't received ANY of my merchandise. My ottoman does not even have a re-scheduled delivery date, my box springs and frame are scheduled for 12/1/07 and my mattress is scheduled for 1/6/08. Each time my delivery date gets close---Levitz pushes the date back and doesn't bother to call me...they only send an e-mail notification. Each time I call customer service or go into the store in person their standard response is: "There's nothing that CAN be done". I have asked for a refund in person at the store and from their customer service 800 number and have been told on several occasions that "due to Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, we cannot process refunds".

      So, I have been sleeping on an air mattress since 11/11/07.

      I might mention that even before they declared bankruptcy on 11/8/07, the customer service that I received from both my local store and the 800 number was VERY sub-standard. I was lied to on several occasions, hung up on, cold transferred to a wrong number and in general found a distinct lack of professionalism, empathy and basic customer service skills.

      Please don't spend your money at Levitz Furniture, you most likely will wait months for your merchandise to be delivered and in the cannot get a refund....AND on top of are treated like dirt by theiremployees.


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        • Ji
          Jim Alderman Feb 27, 2008
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          The employees weren't the problem. I know because I worked at Levitz in Brea. The problem was corporate. Corporate was always making demands on daily sales and yet was usually unwilling to let us sales employees wheel and deal, they were always pressuring us to sell the ### protection plans (or get fired if we didn't meet a certain quota), corporate never dealt with complaints like they should have (and left us sales reps holding the bag with no real power to get any help for our customers), and the deilvery company was always a nightmare. We didn't get paid on stuff till it was delivered and in the customer's homes, so whenever the delivery guys screwed up (and they always did), we not only didn't get paid on our sales, we also got pissed off customers coming for our blood. So if you're wondering why the employees were rude, it was because all the ### we had to put up with while working their - no one was ever on our side. Our customers were always looking for ways to get cheap furniture; maybe come up with complaints if there weren't any legit things to complain about (which was rare) to get a lower price, and our heads were always on the chopping blocks by the district managers who demanded miracles from us and yet never supported us when the ### hit the fan. One of the worst jobs I've ever had.

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        • Jo
          joan dalessandro Dec 12, 2007
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          I am still so upset at the way that treated us at Levitzs they have the worst employees in the world rude. You walk in there okay there going brankrupt but the people who bought furniture and are never going to receive it are victims. Levitz at Staten Island Bruno the salesman sold my daughter furniture when he knew what was going to happen and also fraud with the waranty that he knew would not be covered . When we went to ask , at the store in Staten Island and Richmond Ave the man behind the desk rasied his hands to us Ronnie . I would have never went there had I first read all these horror stories. Not once did i hear sorry from any of them.

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        Levitz Furniturenon delivery of order!

        I ordered, and paid in full, for a loveseat on May 26, 2007. Guaranteed delivery by June 21. Never happened. Then they said July 16, then July 26, then August 16, now September 8. Loved the fabric, but canceled order anyway. Found out that none of the stores have a loveseat, only a sofa with the same fabric as the supposed loveseat. Does a loveseat exist? Are they taking money from people on non-existent products? I called the Manufacturer in No. Carolina and they never heard of that particular set either by name or their vendor number. What is Levitz doing???


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          • Ma
            Mary Jane Draves Nov 23, 2007
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            I am experiencing the SAME thing. Each time a promised delivery date approaches, it is re-scheduled for a later date. The last time was an ENTIRE month. From 12/8/07 until 1/6/08 and I'm not holding my breath for the January date to be accurate either.

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          Levitz Furnitureparts of the furniture missing

          I bought a sofa set from Levitz furniture (14640 NE 24th St, Bellevue, WA) on June 4, 2006 and paid in
          full on the same date. It took them a month to deliver all the items. When they finally delivered the center table and end tables on July 2, 2006, the glasses that goes on top of the ceter table were missing. At the time of the delivery all glasses were wrapped in a box so I did not have any knowledge of this missing items until after I opened it.

          When called levitz furntinure customer service (talked to Joanne with ID# 142 in Levitz corporate office in NY), they were extremely rude and never apologized for failing to deliver the appropriate items. Rather I was told that it was my fault and that I should have opened the wrapped boxes and checked before signing off on the delivery.

          According to Levitz, they do not have any policy of compensation if they fail to deliver the appropriate item or if parts of the items delivered are missing.

          I am surprised that it took Levitz about a month to deliver the items and even after that when some parts of the furniture delivered were missing they tried to put the burden on the customer's shoulder. I wanted to share this with other potential customers out there so that they can be cautious when buying furniture from Levitz.

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            • Sh
              Sheri Apr 04, 2007

              Customers should be informed - READ everything that is given to you. Look at it from Levitz point of view, you got a box that YOU didnt open. You didnt check to make sure that all was there, but you signed that all items were there. did you call that same day did you call a week later--what if you broke the glass and wanted new glass. that costs money, not saying that the glass wasnt missing but do you always sign without reading things.

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