Beach Bodyno refund and now they send me to collections

This is the letter I just sent beachbody I am quite tired of this company and now after all I have gone through and no refund they have the nerve to try to send us to collections... Horrible company incompetent customer service do not use them!
Cust # [protected]

I just received a letter stating that we owe a balance of 19.95.. I then went and looked for the confirmation. I called beachbody and spoke to someone that after I explained the situation he tells me that he is guessing it is about something else.. He had no idea about what I was talking about. At the end of the conversation your very rude customer service agent hung up the phone on me. I do not know who taught your staff was trained by but I will not put up with the abuse.

We returned this merchandise without even opening it. I had to pay a very expensive return fee and now you have the nerve to bill me?

Your company has been a nightmare to deal with from trying to return to this day. I will not let you send us to collections and this will be fought with the cc if you do not remove the 19.95 from our acct.
I will also send a letter to the bbb and write bad ratings as to the horrible service that I have received throughout your money back warranty is a joke because of everything you make the buyer go through.

Feb 05, 2015

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