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Be2 Dating / using a dating profile and pictures without permission

1 United Kingdom

This us the third time I have tried to submit a comment. Third time lucky it doesn't just delete itself.

I joined be2 in Sept 2017 but almost immediately cancelled my £119 membership. I did this via a handwritten text, using very precise legalistic wording. Case closed so I thought.

Dec 2017 and I meet a wonderful man. I'm a reasonably young widow and he had been badly hurt in a previous relationship.
Move to the present and I give him my old phone. Guess what. Hey presto : My be2 profile pops up on it with 60 messages from apparently interested men.

The hurt, pain, tears and mistrust that this has caused is an understatement. My partner obviously felt very hurt but also felt that I had lied to him and betrayed him. Understandable due to past circumstances.
But the fact remains I haven't been on any dating site since I met him and I've messaged no one.

But the damage has been done. Be2 by allowing my profile to stay up have possibly cost me the person I wanted to grow old with, not to mention the distress they have caused him.

So if you are a be2 member, don't bother messaging Kate Stelfox... I'm not a member and haven't been since Sept 2017... all be it fleetingly. If you get a reply it won't be from me because I AM NOT A MEMBER. I repeat... I am mot a member.

How these charlatans are allowed to get away with this is beyond me. The damage it causes is very real and deep. I had no option when I tried to leave to delete my personal details and photos. I can only surmise that be2 keep them up there on public display to encourage and hoodwink members into staying.

And if this has happened to me it will have happened to other people. I wonder how many others are suffering the pain of a possible break up, or the pain of assuming that their partner is dating or chatting to other people behind their backs.

If I could prosecute these unethical, devoid of all morals, dirty, money grabbing b*s I would. If I could throw them in to gaol.. I would. But I can't
But I can really really curse them... SO I DO.

  • Be2 Customer Care's Response, Mar 04, 2019

    We're very sorry to hear your complaint, please make sure you contact us directly to resolve this issue as we cannot discuss private details on this public forum, you should contact us at cs and if you reference complaints board we will be able to help you quickly and effeciently. Thanks.

Feb 13, 2019

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